Monday, July 25, 2011

देखते देखते बीत गए तीन साल

देखते देखते बीत गए तीन साल
कुछ ही दिन पहले थे जो फ्र्शेर
अब कह्लान्येंगे सेनिओर
डरते थे जो रेग्गिंग से
अब नहीं हिचकिचाते हैं खुद लेने से
देखते देखते बीत गए तीन साल

थे कभी हम भी सिर्फ बच्चे
अब तोह सिर्फ ही बच्चा है
कभी छोड़ा था स्कूल
अब जल्द ही छोड़ देंगे कॉलेज 
सुनहरी यादें बन के रहे जाएँगी सब  
देखते देखते बीत गए तीन साल

हॉस्टल में हुडदंग मचाया था खूब
क्लास्सेस बंक बी की थी खूब
याद आएगा हमेशा देर से आना
और हर चीज़ पे सिस्टम को दोष देना
याद आएगा मेस का वोह बुरा खाना
कैंटीन का मएग्गी और नेसकैफे की नेस्टी,
देखते देखते बीत गए तीन साल

याद आएंगे वोह सारे १५० इम्तिहान
वोह रात बर जाग के पड़ना 
और सुबह सब कुछ भूल जाना
रेसुल्ट्स  का टेंशन
और पास होने की खुशी
देखते देखते बीत गए तीन साल  

थे बहुत यार स्कूल में 
हैं बहुत यार अब कॉलेज में
मुमकिन नहीं होता सबसे मिल पाना
जिंदगी लेती हैं कुछ इम्तिहान फ़िज़ूल में
पर दोस्तों अब क्या घबराना
है युग सोसिअल नेत्वोर्किंग का
देखते देखते बीत गए तीन साल

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anti-Ragging Affidavit: A Curious Outlook

For past three years I have been submitting an anti-ragging affidavit for getting myself register for the next academic session in my college.

The affidavit in bold letters read: Undertaking from the Students as per the provisions of anti-ragging verdict by the honorable Supreme Court that I have read and understood the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court of India on anti-ragging and the measures proposed to be taken in the above references. I understand the meaning of Ragging and know that the ragging in any form is a punishable offence and the same is banned by the Court of Law. Also, I have not been found or charged for my involvement in any kind of ragging in the past. However, I undertake to face disciplinary action / legal proceedings including expulsion from the Institute if the above statement is found to be untrue or the facts are concealed, at any stage in future. And lastly, I shall not report to ragging in any form at any place and shall abide by the rules / laws prescribed by the Courts, Govt. of India and the Institute authorities for the purpose from time to time.

Every time when I see my peers and other students outside the notary office fulfilling this impracticable yet noted exercise I ask myself a question… will a sheet of paper help in solving the menace of ragging? 

I know an affidavit is more than just a mere sheet of paper; it’s a legal agreement of yours with the state laws whose violations may get you in deep trouble. Still, the question remains intact, does the possibility of getting punish stops one from committing crime? If making laws would have served the purpose than our society would have been crime and criminal free. There would have been no need of police to grab the criminals, lawyers to get them convict and judges for announcement of punishment. Isn’t it? 

There’s also another question peeping in my intrusive mind. What’s the difference between ragging and a healthy introduction? Ragging in form of any violent activity can never be justified. But does asking a junior about his/her name falls in the purview of ragging? I won’t talk of other courses but as far as engineering is concerned majority of the students enrolled aren’t from the same city and hail from across the country with varied family and cultural backgrounds. And, thus seniors act as their guardians, friends, counselor and motivator in a new environment. There are colleges across the country where the institution itself organizes introduction party. Also, the same is true when you join a new workplace. So ragging and introduction can’t be seen with the same glasses.

I’m of the opinion that instead of framing laws government, lawmakers and institutions should devote more time and energy in creating an ambience free of criminality in the pensive minds of students.

Also, is ragging a one sided affair?

Yeah almost it is a one sided affair. I never heard something like a junior ragging a senior except in Munnabhai MBBS. But, have heard many-a-times a junior using the special power vested in his/her hand for settling personal repulsive disputes. The voice of the senior is heard only after his being expelled even when he did nothing offensive. Isn't such a callous law against the basic tenets of democracy? 

Summing up the post, laws without creating awareness will die out in affidavits like such.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

A New International India

Subhas Chandra Bose and many others were adamantly opposed to a standing army. Army’s not only eats away the countries money but also takes its blood. And it just keeps getting worse, politician may say that armed personal are there to defend our freedom but in reality they are fighting and dying to make the rich richer and create endless new enemies for the state. 

How can any government justify spending 2.8% of countries GDP on defense related purpose when still after 62 years of Independence we are looked down as a poor country? We have people been starving for millions of years and instead of giving them a better future our country spends billions for becoming a super power and competing in a mad race of power, fame and money.

Why don’t we declare India an international country? Isn’t it wise to drop the boundaries, all passport limitation and disbanding the army? India should declare that it is no longer a nation, that it belongs to the whole world. We truly know the fact that wining a war against China, Russia or America is out of the cards for us. As a matter of fact China already occupies thousands of miles of our land and India has not even the guts to ask them for the speedy return of that land.

Jawaharlal Nehru once said, "That land is useless, not even grass grows there." So if not even grass grows there and it is useless, why did we go to war in the first place? We should have told the Chinese that you can occupy as much as you can. Not even grass grows. We give it to you as a gift. Wasn’t that would have been more gentlemanly—to give it to them as a gift, rather than to be defeated. 

So when we cannot win the conventional war why not take some other course? We should declare that from henceforth we won’t be maintaining any army, will be sending all the troops to fields or factories and for doing public good. We have been attacked in our past, so our arms and armies don't help.

People will argue that in such a situation India will become an easy target for anyone to attack but even now we live in such a hostile environment where anybody can attack us—what difference does it make? Even the biggest powers have been attacked. We have seen powerful and mighty nations like Germany and Japan being defeated.

In fact, then to attack India will become extremely difficult because there will be a worldwide condemnation. A country, who declares itself defenseless, drops its arms and goes to the fields and the factories, welcomes everybody who wants to come, to invest and to bring industries. It will be almost impossible for anybody to attack India because the whole world will be against that attacker.

We will garnish so much sympathy and support worldwide that no country will dare to harm us.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hurry, Before the offer ends… a painful love story!

Disclaimer: This post is a work of fiction and any resemblance with living (girls) or dead (me) is purely coincidental. 

Once upon a time in the history of torturous high school board days blossom a love story with genuine fragrance of pure jasmine. Those were the tough days of pre board analysis when the school authority kept no stone upturn to bully the callow unadulterated growing minds. Repetitive test paper submission remainders were met with deaf ears. Principal piqued with the Raj successive performance called him one day in her office. For an hour she opened up the front with full vigor against the Raj only to be stopped by a melodious heavenly girly voice. 

Raj looked back to see his savior and was dazzled up by the beauty of Smriti. She was a year junior to him yet was the captain of one of the school four houses including his. Something strange happened that day; Raj spoke with none of his friends and preferred to be left alone. Everyone thought it was the effect of principal gospel but none knew that Raj was in love for the first time in his life.

Now his favorite recess sport was to hang in and around Smriti and admire her beauty for hours. He loved the way the gentle summer breeze drove her tingling hairs. Such news can’t be hidden for long and gradually every other student not only in his but also in her class came to know about Raj new found love, including Smriti. But never for once he dared to propose the girl of his dream for the sheer reason of not been able to sustain the pain of refusal. 

Even, Smriti liked Raj and admired his looks but waited for him to first express his divine feelings. Slowly and slowly the clock ticked and the time passed. Raj school years came to an end with his 12th board exam. It was the last day of his school; juniors gave a thrilling farewell party to the seniors.

Raj penned a poem, Your Poor Nerd, expressing his love, gathered courage, drank a cola and went straight towards Smriti with a rose in his hands and admiration in his soul. But all his dreams were shattered when he saw Smriti accepting a rose from his classmate. School ended soon and never ever after Raj tried to meet her. 

Footnote: Hurry, before the offer ends. The writer bears no responsibility whatsoever about the content and source, please bear with my ignorance.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rising Oil Prices

Government of India in order to bring local oil prices in an accord with the international market increased the diesel prices last week after a long hiatus. Last time the petrol prices were raised just after the commencement of voting in five states, raising many eyebrows and doubting government intentions. The government cannot solely be blamed for the opportunistic behaviour, as every ruling party in the country has followed the same way of thinking. 

"When it comes to political opposition, the ideology matters less."

Never missing the chance to bully the government, the opposition parties throughout the county used the stand of the government to cry out loud against the union wrong economic policies and took out protest movements to show the unrest in the minds of people. Majority of the protest sites were in the states ruled by the opposition parties and in other places they disobeyed the local administration orders thus overall disrupting the normal life of people. 

Do such protests yield any result?
Should government roll back the oil price hike?

As already stated, such protests are politically motivated and have no or little public support. Such protests are not more than the demonstration of power by the opposition. And in the recent case it looks like the power of opposition has slipped only to the states being ruled by them. A call for the full day closure of the country hurts the country economic stature badly which subsequently adds to the inflation and burdens the tax-payer. So in no way whatsoever protests like the last week yield desired results. 

Government of India by increasing the oil prices at this crucial juncture added nails to its coffin. Yet, it seems to be a much thought of process. Economically it’s a move to provide some air of relief to the debt ridden oil companies. Politically government knows that none of the opposition party including the NDA is in a better situation to demand for early parliamentary elections which are scheduled for 2014. And the government cleverly knows the fact that the Indian voter if once bombarded with lavish pre-election promises forgives the past mistakes. If the government rolls back the price hike then it will again become a laughing stock before the opposition.

So what’s the solution?

Amazingly, the production of oil from the Middle East over the years has increased still the supply lacks far behind the demand. In my earlier post on the petrol price hike I wrote on how to limit your transportation cost and switching to eco-friendly ways while travelling. Use of public transports must be encouraged and private vehicles must only be used at when utmost desired. Bicycles prove to be the cheapest and eco-friendly mode of transportation for small distances. Use of public transports and bicycles will surely help in reducing the burden on the refineries and will somehow assist in saving the ailing environment.

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