Word Rachit means "creation" and it truly defines me.

I love to travel and hate to sit around in the same spot for too long. I love to try new things and take chances. And being a strict vegetarian I don't like people slaughtering animals. Being the only child of my parents I'm bit tempered but that's the way I'm.

My motto in life: Don't waste your time in idly thinking, act on your ideas before it's too late.
Spiritual but not into idol worship, I'm an agnostic.

I love history particularly 'The great Indian history' and my favorite past time is reading.. it can be novels, books, newspaper( including old edition) and sometimes comic books too.

I'm a nocturnal man.. science call it as delayed sleep phase disorder. I can't tolerate injustice and hate when a person run away from his/her work which gets me into problems many-a-times. I'm a tea-alcoholic, which means I need at least 4 cups of strong tea daily to sustain myself( in winters the numbers can be as high as12 cups a day). I know I'm bit insane.

By utter luck I got into engineering and somehow passed it with flying colors. Thanks to the blogger in me that got me placed in an e-learning company and now swinging in between places for bread & butter. Studies took me to Punjab and work to far off places, but at heart I remain a Lucknowalla !

to be continued...


  1. LOL.... Rachit i can't believe i read it and liked it... though change your title, its not called confessions :P :P heehee :D Its more like about you... or more about you.. yeah thats right! :P


  2. TGITRC: Hi, welcome to my Weakest Link and thanks for your wonderful feedback. So, why not suggest a title? And, thanks again for liking my confessions..

  3. Ummm.. well then.. "discover the Rachit in me!!" or "discovery", can change the first few lines, can make it a bit funny... and it can also be "the one and only"...many more.. :) My thinking tank is low right now as i am sleepy, more later.. :P

  4. TGITRC: Confessions, I guess looks better. It's a medium through which I confess my wrongs and my goods. Though, I know I haven't written much. But, I promise to write more about me in future.

    And, thanks for coming back again and enriching my blog with your valuable comment. I guess at last my search for a loyal commenter ends at you.

    My other posts are also eagerly waiting for your feedback. Have a look at them too.

  5. rachit.. nice name..:) I didnt know the meaning before!!!:)

  6. Colours: Welcome to weakest link.. hope to see you much around.. keep coming back, and keep updating Weakest Link with your valuable comments. And, so how you like the name? boring? :)

  7. now! now! quite a few things in common here....!!!

  8. I really like the title Confessions :) It seems to say you don't easily open up to people or perhaps that you don't like to talk about yourself much or that you don't want to know people to know the real you and this was a great medium to let them know about you?

  9. Ira: I tried my best but failed thrice of commenting over your blog. :(
    Thanks for liking the title, hardly anyone likes it :) keep coming back.. weakest link awaits you :)

  10. Nice write-up..quite liked the way u expressed urself..:)

  11. Realms: Welcome to weakest Link... keep visiting :)

  12. Something nice about you is mentioned here.
    I was smiling on the last line "I study ...... Lucknowalla."
    LOL indicates you wanna say.. "don't think that i will be a punjabi(hard and rough in their tongue)if i live in ropar presently, i'll be a Lucknowalla (pleasing attitude)" always :P

  13. Nice to know you Rachit. We share the same native city :)

    1. I know I am quite late.. wasn't active at blogosphere. And, nice to know that you are from Lucknow :)

  14. Appreciate your thoughts! I enjoyed reading your blog.