Wednesday, January 26, 2011

India Burned

A happy 62nd Republic Day to all my countrymen. This post is about the pain and suffering which India witnessed and went through in all this 62 years of its being a republican state. 

1.       India burned when it was cut into two pieces, it was partitioned.
2.       India burned when its citizens acted like butchers, killing each other horrendously.
3.       India burned when its father of nation was assassinated.
4.       India burned when it was demarcated and states were formed on linguistic lines.
5.       India burned when merit took the backseat and caste became the primary criteria for imparting education.
6.       India burned when it became a tradition of amending Constitution for one’s vested interests.
7.       India burned when its people took to street demanding freedom.
8.       India burned when corruption charges were levied on PM.
9.       India burned when there were riots throughout the country.
10.   India burned when a foreigner guilty of remiss causing a holocaust was let free and provided a free passage out of the country.
11.   India burned when it was ransacked again and again by its citizens for selfish demands.
12.   India burned when “below the table” approach engulfed all the government offices.
13.   India burned when public money was used to disturb the proceedings of Parliament.
14.   India burned when its policy maker took it as an insult to cut down there illegitimate expenses.
15.   India burned when law and medicine slipped into the possession of powerful and wealthy.
16.   India burned when instead of opening education centers tons of public money was spent on the beautification of cities.
17.   India burned when Indians were not allowed to live in respective parts of the country.
18.   India burned when brutal laws were imposed on parts of the country.
19.   India burned when it was bombarded with terrorist attacks.
20.   India burned when conspirators were given a safe haven within the country.
21.   India burned when independent character of state institutions was compromised and endangered.
22.   India burned when half the population of it lived below the poverty line, making it even hard to get one time meal during the day.
23.   India burned when the gap between India and Bharat broadened.
24.   India burned when problems like child labor, illiteracy and crime against women aggravated.
25.   India burns when its citizens have to pen down such an article. 

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Monday, January 24, 2011


Don’t worry it’s not an engineering relation or any other mathematical formula; it’s just Petrol Price Hike.  

Few confessions before moving ahead, firstly I don’t own any vehicle run through petrol. And secondly, I’m yet to explore the joy of riding a bike. So, you might be thinking why I’m bothering much about the P2H. Again a twofold reply, firstly people who own vehicle aren’t the only people affected by frequent P2H. And secondly, I’m bit insane.

Coming back to the topic, the P2H. Petrol price hike causes a direct increase in the already high inflation rate, I read it somewhere. But, isn’t it interesting when a vegetable vendor complains about the P2H for causing the increase in the prices of vegetables? I guess, diesel was meant as a fuel for the trucks caring vegetables instead the petrol. He felt flabbergast after listening to my set of truck theory. 

Also, have you ever thought why only the P2H? What stops the government in not doing the same with its cousin brother, the diesel? What, you never thought on that? Or, maybe you never had the time for that? I was bit free during the PLC lecture and gave it a thought. So, here what my musing replied. Politicians, Bureaucrats, Big businessmen, and others who happen to make or influence law travel through their ultra rich and big SUV’s. They don’t bother about petrol, its diesel which matters them the most. Petrol, like onion, is a common men commodity.  And, like onion, it’s getting far away from them.

Another thought to it, abandon your personal vehicle, put its cover on and smash it in the garage for some time. Use public transportation in day today life. Broadly speaking, it will serve three purposes; firstly it will reduce the congestion from the Indian roads. Secondly, it will help in reduction of air pollution. And thirdly (most important), it will help in generating revenues which can help in stabilizing the petrol price for some time in future. 

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Words Unheard: The story of a Onion

Words Unheard, I guess, it’s the most appropriate topic for the article written hereafter. Onion constitutes the basic ingredient of Indian food and yet it’s far away from their reach. It’s the staple vegetable of India. But, the skyrocketing price of Onion has compelled the common man to keep a distance from it.

Isn’t it quite embarrassing on the part of the UPA government who are making all sorts of tall claims to curb the high inflation rate? Government yet again blamed the uneven weather for the current rise in Onion prices. But, isn’t it worrisome that a country like ours which needs to feed the 15% of the world population still depends on weather for the production of one of its most staple vegetable? The uncertain weather has always been a problem for agriculture so don’t you feel the government should focus more on unconventional means of farming rather than sticking to the dogmas?

So, why a sudden price hike? Government blames the high rainfall in the Nasik region which unfortunately is the Asia’s biggest Onion production region for the sudden spur in prices. But, a closer look will tell you that a close nexus in between the government officials and the middlemen holds the key to the whole price hike problem. Government knew that there will be a shortage of Onion in the domestic market in the coming days, yet it never banned its export. This shows its incompetency to predict the natural fallout of an event. Adding to the problem was the strike of trade unions in Nashik and Delhi. 

Now, the only respite for the country is to wait for the trucks full of Onions being imported from the neighboring country Pakistan. According to recent reports, government has asked the people to bear the price hike for at least 2-3 weeks more. Till then, people are left either with the choice of not eating a Onion or to buy one for Rs. 100 per Kg. 

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Girlfriend

Note: This post is a work of fiction; any resemblance to dead (me) or alive (Vivek S) is mere coincidence. It's a result of enigmatic conversation in between me and Vivek S. I never took his approval for publishing his name and for which I don’t have any regrets (but, certainly have fears of being killed).

So, have you given it a thought that why are you single? I guess you never, and until recently me too. Here are few points which may help you in solving your curiosity.

  •  You never had the courage to approach the girl you liked.
  •  You are always preoccupied with your work.
  •  You think more of the society than of yourself.
  •  You like the most beautiful girl of the college, who is always busy in accepting nominations (proposals), so ignored you.
  •  You neither failed nor topped the class, making it hard to get recognize.
  •  You have a strong liking for Mahatma Gandhi, simple living and high thinking.
  •  You love tension free life.
  • You love and value your money.
  • You can't talk idiotically for hours.
  • You can't handle the aftermath of breakups.
Lastly, ( and important of all) you are a fellow blogger like me. 

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tryst with Honesty

I studied way back in school that Honesty is the best policy. Not only my teachers, but also my parents taught me the same thing again and again. I’m lucky to be brought up in an environment which always stood up with the saying. So, gradually I was convinced and started thinking on the same lines. I was also told that the path of honesty is not a bed full of roses. It’s not easy to follow and it needs a strong determination and will power.

Earlier, I thought why people don’t stick with the path of honesty. It’s the simplest path to follow; you don’t have to conjure a story. Just do what is right. Then, I myself met with an incident. This post is all about my tryst with honesty.

This happened with me in the last semester, somewhat in the middle of September. I was busy preparing for my first internal exams. I guess, Industrial Electronics was the second or the third paper. Trust me; I was full of goose bumps as the syllabus was wide and hard. But, the whole night of studying made me confident to face the exam.

I was happy after seeing the question paper. I knew almost all the answers. But then, God had reserved something for me in advance which was just waiting to be bombed. Hardly, 5 minutes after I got such joyous feelings I felt something vibrating in my jeans right side pocket. Oh my God, I was dead, Shit. Such feelings came in me when I finally made it what was vibrating. I was sitting in the examination hall with mobile in my pocket. Wasn’t it great…! OOppss… What to do now? It was bit strange on the part of the examiner that till now she wasn’t able to find out what was making the burr sound.

I was now left with two options, isn’t that was great… I was in the middle of a tragedy and still viewing the whole thing objectively. So, the first option was to sit around quietly, make no noise and continue doing the paper until I get caught. Second one was bit daring; It was to stand and tell the truth to the examiner. You guess it wrong, I choose the second one. Yeah, I know you can call it as suicide and me a fool.

Why I choose the second option? Simple, that was something I have been brought up by. I have never been taught to run from my mistakes. I did make a mistake of not checking my jeans pocket and bringing the mobile inside the examination hall. That was something against the rule book. Also, till then I have met teachers who rate honesty more than any other thing. Hardly 5 minutes had passed, so I thought examiner would understand my point, would be pleased by my honesty and would allow me to continue with my paper. But, nowadays teachers are not the same which they used to be few years back. Teaching has become a profession and people get into it for the sake of money not for inculcating principles in the mind and soul of students.

My mobile was snatched, I got it later on (easily), and I was shown the doors. Luckily, we have three internals in a semester out of which only two are considered. I lost the respect for the teacher, I happened to met her once; She said, “I lost faith in you”. I replied, “Something very similar happened with me, I didn’t lost faith in you, but teachers in general”.

This incident got me puzzled and vexed up for days, I kept thinking whether honesty is of any use in this world.  But, then how can I leave something which my parents taught me? I’m still following the path of honesty… Let’s see what’s waiting next?

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Post inspiration:  Madam NK( ECE branch) 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Message cum Greeting

Hi, after several weeks of high intensity posts I'm back with a lighter one.

Please Note: This post is a work of fiction, any resemblance to living or dead is purely coincidental. Incidences described are merely for the sake of article formation. 

Like every year this time too my inbox was flooded with many of those New Year Greetings.  I won’t be getting into detail of each and every message(greeting). But, among them one message touched my heart. That was from my one time best friend. I knew you might be puzzled that how can Rachit use the word ‘one time best friend’, best friend is always a best friend( that’s why he/she is a called a best friend). But, then it’s Rachit life which is full of such weird notions. So, getting back and confining myself just to the message. From past 4 to 5 months I have lost all contact with her. Our relationship took a complete U-turn and we became acquaintances from one time best friend. I guess it’s all a part of life.

Uff, I’m sorry again, I won’t put my personal life in it all over again. So, that message obliged me to think for a while about the importance of New Year. Certain days and dates like Birthdays, Valentine Day, Friendship Day, and Anniversary in general have the calibre of bringing a positive change in people relationship. Many people will argue that there is no need of celebrating a particular day for friendship when we can express our love each and every day. I totally agree with them. But, don’t you think that in todays fast pace life we need an excuse even to disturb our most love buddy?

And, mind it; it can act as an adhesive for broken down relationships.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Afghanistan Current Position Part 2

I never thought of writing a second part but there’s an old saying “Never say Never”. This post is in continuation with my last post which was about Afghanistan Current Position. People doubted my integrity and took me as pro-Taliban. This post will clear there doubt and will help in creating a clear picture. 

In my last article about Afghanistan I never said that Taliban role as a violent organization can be justified. Violence in any form can never be justified. I only meant that USA and its allies should look for a better alternative for finding a peaceful solution to Afghan problem. Also, everyone know that Taliban was a brainchild of western powers who thought that such an organization would help them in their vested interest, mainly in fight against the yesteryear USSR. Taliban was formed on religious lines and so has religious upbringing. It’s always hard to break people with religious attitude.

One can easily find it on internet that from where such an organization used to receive its funds and arms supply. It seems quite perplexing that same organization for most of its upbringing received enormous funds from the very same sources that now condemned its activities because now the organization uses its own mind and tactics. Isn’t it confusing?

Lastly, forces were sent in Afghanistan to look for a specific person. If after nearly a decade of failed invasion the Americans aren’t able to locate Osama Bin Laden then they must retreat back. As far as Taliban is concerned I guess it’s upon the government of Indian Subcontinent and Central Asia to come up with a joint effort to eradicate its basic root cause.

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. 

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Quotation: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi  


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kashmir: The Troubled Frontier

Yesterday, I read a news article about the ongoing debate whether the Kashmir is an integral part of India or not. A noted novelist had made a comment saying Kashmir was never a part of India and now it’s the right time for Indian government to liberate it. This post contains mine observation regarding the mention topic.

Britishers brought in with them a centralized form of governance. They united all big and small princely states under one umbrella; in simple language they unified the great Indian Subcontinent. But, Britishers unlike Mughals never invaded India with a motive of being a part of it; instead they only wanted to loot its immense wealth. They can be compared with modern day Taliban. Only difference was that the Britishers were an organized army of robbers.

So, after World War 2 when the world power scenario changed and it became difficult (almost impossible) to rule India, Britishers came up with a new ideology. They could have transformed the power as was vested in the hands of Britishers. But, they went ahead with a new idea of handing over the power to group of people from each community or religion. It was not just the Britishers but also the Allied forces who never wanted to leave the great Indian Subcontinent. They knew that this land had all the elements to become world power again, which could be a trouble for them in future. As a matter of fact, they still control the politics of some countries of the region like Afghanistan and Pakistan. So, they coined the theory of partitioning the country on religious lines. It was left over to rulers of princely states whether to remain with free India or go with the new state of Pakistan.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel with his group of loyal administrators did a commendable job by making most of the princely states to remain with free India either by using political pressure or by force. But, the Maharaja of Kashmir was an ambitious and very arrogant man. He neither wanted to be a part of free India or the new state of Pakistan. In-fact, he wanted to divide India further by making Kashmir a third country to be formed beside Pakistan. But, soon he realized his mistake when the Mujahedeen backed by the Pakistani army attacked the princely state of Kashmir. He realized that it was better to be a part of a secular India rather than to be a part of a country like Pakistan which was formed on religious grounds. He signed the annexation papers and formally the state of Kashmir became an integral part of the Union of India. Later on, acting like a fatherly figure India gave few chunks of Kashmir to Pakistan in order to calm it down. As it is said, the greediness never goes away, so was the case here; Pakistan from the very moment of its formation wanted Kashmir to be an integral part of it. When it became clear that India has a better military then that of the Pakistan, they went ahead with the new setup. And that was building, supporting and providing logistics for cross border terrorism into the territory of India.

Two points should be made very clear: Firstly, as hyped, if the Kashmir is set free as an Independent country, sooner or later the state of Pakistan back by the China would attack it and would enslave them. In that case only one country, the Union of India, can come to their rescue. Secondly, Kashmir will have to depend on India for its resources and daily needs. They will have to import it from the Indian government. In both the scenario, India can never be detached from Kashmir.

In recent media reports I heard some of the Huriyat leaders crying about the double standard of Indian government for the Kashmir. Indian Government never treated Kashmir as an integral part of India and seen it as an outsider, they said. But, they kept mum on the special privileges and autonomy which only the state of Kashmir gets. They cry about the army Special Power Act but never for once they condemned the militancy. Also, the people who think that partition is only way for a permanent solution of the Kashmir problem must for once look at the state of Pakistan.

Lastly, Kashmir was, is and will always be an integral part of the Union of India.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Afghanistan Current Position

This article contains the objective outlook of what I perceived about the Afghanistan problem.

After going through many sources available across the internet I felt, defeating the Taliban militarily with current strategy of coalition forces is unrealistic. It will be very tough job for them in near future even to retain their current controlled areas, which will substantially need addition of more forces.  So the idea of moving out forces from Afghanistan looks a distant reality.

Also, the USA should dictate a political solution to Afghanistan problem rather than militarily by gaining confidence of various Afghan factions. The basic ideology behind the Taliban should be understood first. It’s sad that nearly after a decade of war still the NATO forces look them as terrorist. They should be treated as extremists who have certain fears regarding the power sharing. This can be solved politically by making them a part of democratic process. 

It seems the Afghan government is not fully dedicated in clearing out the Taliban. They receive huge amount of funds from the various world organizations for rebuilding process and fighting the insurgent groups. And, if the Taliban gets wipe out then there will be a substantial reduction in the inflow of funds which the Afghan government fears off. It also looks, as if though the Americans are not interested in getting out of Afghan. The Afghan has a very important strategic location as it is a part of central Asia which has vast amounts of natural resources particularly the natural gas. So might be Americans are interested in ruling the vast Afghan natural reserves.  

The idea of partitioning the country on the ethnic lines can be disastrous as propagated by few high profile people in the coalition establishment. It can create a new theme of nationalization among Afghan people in which Taliban can be looked as a patriotic organization who is against the international and coalition party’s action of destabilizing the country.  It could also create a lawless state along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border which could provide a safe haven for Jihadis groups which can prove fatal not only to western powers but also to neighboring countries like India and Iran. 

The Taliban is taking control of more and more of rural populace and the Afghan government administration is getting restricted to only urban areas.  For the Americans, the idea of withdrawal of forces in the summer 2011 looks impossible rather it will be necessary to send in reinforcements to counter the rising insurgency and withdrawal of European forces.

Recent attacks on the foreign people in Afghanistan who are there for rebuilding process has led to increase in fear among several countries day by day. This matter should be looked into seriously.

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