Wednesday, January 26, 2011

India Burned

A happy 62nd Republic Day to all my countrymen. This post is about the pain and suffering which India witnessed and went through in all this 62 years of its being a republican state. 

1.       India burned when it was cut into two pieces, it was partitioned.
2.       India burned when its citizens acted like butchers, killing each other horrendously.
3.       India burned when its father of nation was assassinated.
4.       India burned when it was demarcated and states were formed on linguistic lines.
5.       India burned when merit took the backseat and caste became the primary criteria for imparting education.
6.       India burned when it became a tradition of amending Constitution for one’s vested interests.
7.       India burned when its people took to street demanding freedom.
8.       India burned when corruption charges were levied on PM.
9.       India burned when there were riots throughout the country.
10.   India burned when a foreigner guilty of remiss causing a holocaust was let free and provided a free passage out of the country.
11.   India burned when it was ransacked again and again by its citizens for selfish demands.
12.   India burned when “below the table” approach engulfed all the government offices.
13.   India burned when public money was used to disturb the proceedings of Parliament.
14.   India burned when its policy maker took it as an insult to cut down there illegitimate expenses.
15.   India burned when law and medicine slipped into the possession of powerful and wealthy.
16.   India burned when instead of opening education centers tons of public money was spent on the beautification of cities.
17.   India burned when Indians were not allowed to live in respective parts of the country.
18.   India burned when brutal laws were imposed on parts of the country.
19.   India burned when it was bombarded with terrorist attacks.
20.   India burned when conspirators were given a safe haven within the country.
21.   India burned when independent character of state institutions was compromised and endangered.
22.   India burned when half the population of it lived below the poverty line, making it even hard to get one time meal during the day.
23.   India burned when the gap between India and Bharat broadened.
24.   India burned when problems like child labor, illiteracy and crime against women aggravated.
25.   India burns when its citizens have to pen down such an article. 

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  1. That was a very heartfelt post. As a fellow citizen, I share your anguish.

  2. Zephyr: Thanks for visiting Weakest Link. That was the Chronicle of the Great and the World largest Democracy "India" aka once Bharat and few decades back Hindustan.

  3. hmm.. thats true.. our country has suffered so much and yet we keep on complainig abt evrythng... its time to unite and move ahead together.
    btw.. i guess its 61st republic day...
    our India had first republic day in 1950.. umm.. i maybe wrong...

  4. Deepika and the rest of India I'm sorry if it's the 61st Republic day. The time has come for a second change, the first one was in 1947. This time it won't be freedom( we are blessed to be born with it) but revolution. Economical and Political revolution to be precise.

  5. The last line said it all :) Nice!

  6. It is very sentimental post. I have got very senty. It shows the other face of India.

  7. Sad part is that it continues to burn..Fell helpless.Governance and leadership deficit and loss of morals leading to corruption are 2 main reasons...Leadership and governance is showing improvement in Bihar and Gujarat...While states like Maharashtra and Karnatake are dying a slow death.

  8. Neha, CFPSD, Alka: Thanks for visiting Weakest Link and providing your valuable feedback.

    It has always resulted in a revolution whenever a common men gets tortured in history. And, I feel we are heading towards one slowly and slowly.

  9. very touching post... sometimes you just feel so helpless about our country... but got to move ahead right?

    Nice blog you have here! keep going :)

  10. Chandana welcome to Weakest Link and thanks for your valuable feedback. But, in which direction we are moving too? That's the question I have asked here. Keep coming back...!