Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Girlfriend

Note: This post is a work of fiction; any resemblance to dead (me) or alive (Vivek S) is mere coincidence. It's a result of enigmatic conversation in between me and Vivek S. I never took his approval for publishing his name and for which I don’t have any regrets (but, certainly have fears of being killed).

So, have you given it a thought that why are you single? I guess you never, and until recently me too. Here are few points which may help you in solving your curiosity.

  •  You never had the courage to approach the girl you liked.
  •  You are always preoccupied with your work.
  •  You think more of the society than of yourself.
  •  You like the most beautiful girl of the college, who is always busy in accepting nominations (proposals), so ignored you.
  •  You neither failed nor topped the class, making it hard to get recognize.
  •  You have a strong liking for Mahatma Gandhi, simple living and high thinking.
  •  You love tension free life.
  • You love and value your money.
  • You can't talk idiotically for hours.
  • You can't handle the aftermath of breakups.
Lastly, ( and important of all) you are a fellow blogger like me. 

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  1. hehe.. well,
    > You love tension free life.
    >You can't talk idiotically for hours.

    get the best points award!
    lol, and yes, we bloggers are too busy for some sane stupidity.

  2. Will add few more points.

    Deepika: yeah, we blogger's are already committed to blogging.

  3. Whew! Those are really nice signs of guys who have no gf. lol. But seriously, not all bloggers don't have gf, eh.

  4. WTFW: Yeah the lure attracts some.

  5. Most of the things are right.. you see... :) but i didn't get the blogger wala thing, what does that mean probably? That bloggers are busy people or are interested in someone more sensible and artistic? :)I was expecting more actually..:P

  6. Tanvi: I'm good at sequels and may be someday I can come up with part 2 of No GF with more vibrancy.
    And, that blogger wala point toh bus likh diya..:P
    I just wrote it anyhow... nnn I don't know about other bloggers but I'm the least busy person in this Earth, always free to do some stupid acts.

  7. Rachit,
    Risible and amazing post, all your points are in a way right...thanks for writing :)..I'm inclined write on "We have no boyfriends" after reading this.....will be on my blog soon! take care!

  8. Gargi: hehe.. thanks for being the follower and commenting over here :) I'm waiting for your next post than.. seems interesting and engrossing.

    I must promise you this that weakest link will keep you hooked with it, you can't ignore the temptation of coming here over and over again.
    Keep coming back :)

    I hope you may also like my another blog @

  9. Hey, It's my pleasure to read good stuff...
    Before I proceed for the corresponding post, I need your commendation to write as it's indeed your idea why people are single :P

  10. Gargi: Do I have its copyright? hehe.. I really don't have.. :P umm I should have it anyhow :P :)

  11. Rachit- Wrote a post my blog....Though I made it very different respecting your views :)

  12. Gargi: That was amazingly true..:P It seems this comment button has all turned into a chat box :P

  13. haha....supercool...some things stand for me as well..but yeah make it for bf, not a and yes blogging is something which is awesooome :D
    btw. Rachit.
    thnks for dropping by at "yarn of words".:)

  14. Loved it...awesome...You poured out my heart here. :)

  15. Aakriti: thanks... and pleasure was all mine :)

    Anshul : thanks and welcome to Weakest LINK:)