Friday, August 10, 2012

Long Time

Today, unexpectedly life forced me to think why I was born? Don’t know the reason why such weird thoughts sprang up in my brain. Thought much… I did… yeah thought much… I was a near about good student, loved geography… & physics too (quantum still fascinates me to the core)… that made me go against my parents wishes when I took science as majors. Don’t know what made me choose engineering as a career path… still those were my life revolutionary days. Revolutionary... by work & by thoughts... really… I know the 13 letter word revolutionary by both meaning and essence. Don’t teach me that !
Back then, I use to have dreams of bringing on a change… something that would catapult new ideas, bring in new avenues for growth and above all motivate people for sustainable and cohesive development. Breaking the past, those were the days when nights were spend thinking IDEAS and days visualizing their flow. Cherished them !

What I am unto now? Have I lost track? Is my present strong enough to hold my future? Aren’t I’m ruining my past? Revolution… where it stands now?

My mind isn’t able to answer my soul hundred such questions. It wants to be free… free of questions… free of floodgates… that oppose its flow… flow of those beautiful thoughts that once I cherished.

…. will continue

Disclaimer : I'm a human being... I ramble too, at times !