Saturday, March 9, 2013

Long Ago

Long Ago I met her,
She was in her teens, so did I
Charm & laughter did the magic
Love kindled, feelings blossomed

Several happy days & nights passed
Coffee talks with instant message

Intrinsic souls, Freebirds were we…
Flying high unto the mountains
Diving deep into the oceans
Entangle & untraceable

Alas! one fine day
I woke up, dreaming all along
Long Ago I met her...

Monday, January 28, 2013

India without Indians

While reading an e-paper something dubious struck me- India celebrated its 64th Republic Day on 26 January 2013. Was it true? Did India really celebrate its Republic Day on that specific date? I searched Google, opened Facebook and looked for some more e-papers. Surprisingly,  India celebrated its Republic Day on 26 January 2013 and even called dignitaries from other (neighboring) countries as state guest to witness the ridicule. 

Still, I wasn’t convinced; this time I looked for better alternatives and browsed quality blogs. Now, I found the missing link that connected all the dots. India without Indians celebrated the republic day. Politicians, Bureaucrats, Businessmen and Government officials were all present while Indian Flag was unfurled except the Indians.

Three questions are bound to arise in your mind. Aren’t the puppets of democracy mention above Indians? Why aren’t the Indians celebrating their own Republic Day? What are Indians unto at by skipping Republic Day? The answer is simple and precise. Pumpkins don’t waste such beneficial moments and other present were duty bounded.

And, for Indians, it wasn’t a momentous day. For them it was yet another day to fight with all odds to win their daily bread. Indians were scattered in either hunt for living or busy fighting for justice. Few intellectuals among them were speaking for liberty of expression, belief and faith, and others demanding equality of status and opportunity.  In all they weren’t celebrating Republic Day. Indians were busy adapting themselves with increasing level of corruption, crimes and religious intolerance. They were happily engaged with either cricket or bollywood. 

Sadly, they weren't celebrating their own Republic Day!