Sunday, May 29, 2011

Real Beauty

Finally, I have joined the gang of bloggers trying to win over the deal. It’s great to see lots of creative and innovative output all over the blogosphere surfacing. Without wasting much time of yours I will hit straight on the topic.

What’s real beauty for me? The answer was bit perplexing for me or rather the prize money attached to it was profound enough to make it confusing. So, I thought of better going for a survey and making a consensus out of it. I asked three fellow students from different branches of engineering to help me out in my search for the real beauty. Here’s the list of what I came up with in the end.

My dearest friend from the Mechanical engineering completely astonished me when he replied that for him the real beauty lies in the shape of the supersonic jet engines. For almost half an hour he bombarded me with his knowledge on the various dimensions of engines. I requested him to pardon me for a while and straightway went towards a computer freak from the Computer Science branch.

He told me that for him real beauty is all about intelligence. He told me how he dreams about programming a robot based on the artificial intelligence. He even showed me his research work. I was flabbergasted. The third person in the row was from Instrumentation engineering. And, I must confess that I wasn’t interested a bit in knowing his reply. Yet, I went to him and asked the same question, what is real beauty for him? I was touched by his simplistic yet futuristic answer. For him it was the satisfaction he gets after automating a process control industry.

I know you might be thinking why the hell I’m talking about other people. But, my reply lies in the answers above. For me real beauty lies in the charm and charisma of my work. It’s the satisfaction which I get after completing my duties as a son, as a student and above all as the loyal citizen of my country. Real beauty for me is the random spark of energy which shines in the face of a person when he gets appraised for his good work. It’s the power which runs emotions back in their mind to keep doing the good work.

Real beauty is all about that minute stint of hope which a person gets when he suffers the most. It’s the glow in the face when we pray for the safety of our near and dear ones. It’s the enlightened body of a student when he sits in an examination hall and prays to God for letting him know each and every answer. Real beauty is all about the excitement in the eyes of a person when he wants his favorite team to lift the cup in a cricket match.

It’s the joy in the face of a boy when his long lasting proposal gets accepted. Real beauty is the feeling of happiness when a father lifts his newly born child for the first time. It’s the gentle touch of a mother. It may vary from the degree of chivalry in an army man to the passion which binds scientists together to work for a common cause. It can be the feeling of delight when swift autumn winds blow over your face or the enjoyment you get after playing in those first splashes of Monsoons.

Real beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Those One hour ..., Part 2

I’m not able to sustain the pressure of continuous trauma. It’s too perplexing; the horror and the power attached with her trembles even the hardest node. I’m ending this life of being a carrier to her dreams.
It all started on a chilly winter night of January. Being a deputy engineer in a leading telecom company meant him to frequently check the communication cables and network running across the length and breadth of the country. On that fateful night he was waiting for a train in a small town in the state of Punjab. He could have used much faster bus service but then when it’s in your destiny it has to happen in anyway; whether you hate it or like it, you have to accept the truth.
It was utterly cold, chilly night. He thought of waiting on the platform itself as his train was running an hour behind the scheduled time. His inquisitiveness led him to look for someone with whom he can pass the next one hour. Except few stray dogs he could not find anyone. But then as he was looking on either direction of the platform he saw someone sitting on the extreme corner. After moving closer he found that the person was a woman probably in her early twenties. He was bit amazed to see a young woman in such a secluded and lonely place. He greeted her in Punjabi, thinking the girl might be from some nearby village. The girl remained unmoved.
It was bit disappointing for him to see that the girl wasn’t interested in any of the talks with him. He served her a cup of hot tea and asked whether he could sit on the same bench. The girl still remains motionless. Taking it in negation he moved back and started rhyming a Hindi song.
He was all startle to see the same girl sitting on the bench where the man luggage was kept. Yet, he thought its good for him as the girl seems to be interested in talks now. He sat next to her and started talking about his job, his hobbies, reason of his being there while sipping tea and asked the girl to tell him about her. She stood up and said something which would change the life of his henceforth. She told him that he is a blessed with supreme powers. He is among the chosen few who can interact with spirits. And, through all this years she was only waiting for a companion who could feel her. And, asked him not to assume her as any other human.
He laughed and took all this lightly; he thought may be this was all for MTV Bakra. His laughter was cut short when the girl showed him her inverted legs and hands. She even took out her eyes and presented it to him. He started trembling with fear, horror and terror could be seen in his eyes. He wanted to scream but his vocal chords were all struck with fright. He was sweating hard even in the cold weather. It was now the girl turn to laugh, loud enough to shiver his senses. 

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creativity- Gone Forever ???

“I was born intelligent, but education ruined me”
For years it was just another satirical quote on our public education system which I hardly notice and understood. But, believe me its shadow conceals something deep for which a person needs to uncover the layer of pseudo-intelligentsia from his eyes.
I remember once my cousin brother made an inverted painting of ship when we were still in knickers. He explained that it’s just a normal ship only travelling inside the water. I guess that day he might had been engulfed by soul of innovators behind submarines.
Creativity plays a major role in sharpening the behavior and shaping the future characteristic of a child. Fortunately, we all are born creative. Unfortunately, the refinement process which we undergo in later stages of life kills the basic notion of being creative.
All around the world the public education system is much or more the same; it’s livid and morbid designed only to make us a human machine. Quite amazingly we spend two forth of our life learning how to be perfect and in the process we forget the basic definition of being perfect. Idiotically, our mind is alluded to became captive of the notion that mistakes would result in failures which would subsequently end our life.
How ironic is that? Ask any scientist about the number of failures he met in his career and the answer will astonish even the hardest human being. Creativity might lead to mistakes which may further bring on failures but failures are the only door to invention and discoveries. You cannot find a new way to your home unless you look for alternatives. Following the same path will only lead to same results.
We had a great legacy of Gurukul system of education in our country where students enrolled were being mould according to individual creativity. It never emphasized on creating junks of students who are good for nothing. Unfortunately, in a mad race to out-due our western counterparts we got the system changed and now like rest of the world we too are following a global system of public education, made only to create a new class of clerks in post- industrialization era.
“Success comes from bad experiences and a bad experience comes from failures.”
Today, I felt being deluded when the teacher coordinator rejected a minor project report of not only mine but the whole class citing reasons that were hypothetical. We were asked to look unto her words as axiom and follow the century old regime. Her remarks were quite naïve and pungent when she ordered us to reallocate the font size and modulate the content of the report. It was a serious blow on the creativity of students.
As a matter of fact, the so called brilliant students getting top ranks will one day have to work for a college drop-out who was busy nurturing his creative outlook out of those goosy lectures. 

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Those one hour.. Part 2: I'm still in search for an effusive creative spark.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Those One hour ..., Part 1

It was a cloudy morning with mild breeze caressing the soft cheeks of her. There was no trace of Sun in the sky which made the January morning chillier. She was in the town for a week almost after a gap of ten long years and was waiting for the Chandigarh Express, going back to the place where she had been living for all these years after she left Lucknow. 

She was sitting all alone in the extreme right corner of the platform as her train was late by an hour. It made her think about the swift changes which her hometown went in past ten years. Everything changed, from her neighbors to childhood friends, from her school to college, even the platform where she was sitting had changed a lot. Glimpses of her past were swinging in her mind. 

Her tryst with past was cut short when suddenly someone took her name. She was amazed to hear her name as it has been long since she left Lucknow and hardly anyone knew about her visit.

She looked around and was stunned to see him. 

It was he, her husband; they haven’t seen each other since ten years and almost know nothing about the other one. Her eyes went wet due to sudden outburst of emotions deep hidden in her heart for all this years. The time stood still, moving trains stopped and everything for her came to a standstill. 

They studied in the same college, met accidentally, their love blossom and one day the only son of the college professor proposed the only girl of a government employee. They got entangled on the eve of Christmas ignoring initial resistance from both the families and lots of melodrama. 

Five years later she left her husband house without even letting him know for once. Things were not going soft from last one year and finally she took the drastic step. His business cost him much, it has eaten away all his property and now it even ate away his marriage. Tirelessly when he came home he found the doors locked. Today, he had suffered huge losses which have broken away all his hopes he once had. He wanted peace and looked for solace in his wife’s arm. But, she was gone forever, never to return. 

A week later he got a legal notice asking for divorce. He was a broken man, who refused to fight anymore. He tried his best to console her but all went on to deaf ears. Willingly he gave whatever little he had left with him to her. That day in court was the last time they both saw each other. She left for Chandigarh the very next day. 

The concerned authority announced that Chandigarh Express was going to arrive soon. 
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