Friday, May 27, 2011

Those One hour ..., Part 2

I’m not able to sustain the pressure of continuous trauma. It’s too perplexing; the horror and the power attached with her trembles even the hardest node. I’m ending this life of being a carrier to her dreams.
It all started on a chilly winter night of January. Being a deputy engineer in a leading telecom company meant him to frequently check the communication cables and network running across the length and breadth of the country. On that fateful night he was waiting for a train in a small town in the state of Punjab. He could have used much faster bus service but then when it’s in your destiny it has to happen in anyway; whether you hate it or like it, you have to accept the truth.
It was utterly cold, chilly night. He thought of waiting on the platform itself as his train was running an hour behind the scheduled time. His inquisitiveness led him to look for someone with whom he can pass the next one hour. Except few stray dogs he could not find anyone. But then as he was looking on either direction of the platform he saw someone sitting on the extreme corner. After moving closer he found that the person was a woman probably in her early twenties. He was bit amazed to see a young woman in such a secluded and lonely place. He greeted her in Punjabi, thinking the girl might be from some nearby village. The girl remained unmoved.
It was bit disappointing for him to see that the girl wasn’t interested in any of the talks with him. He served her a cup of hot tea and asked whether he could sit on the same bench. The girl still remains motionless. Taking it in negation he moved back and started rhyming a Hindi song.
He was all startle to see the same girl sitting on the bench where the man luggage was kept. Yet, he thought its good for him as the girl seems to be interested in talks now. He sat next to her and started talking about his job, his hobbies, reason of his being there while sipping tea and asked the girl to tell him about her. She stood up and said something which would change the life of his henceforth. She told him that he is a blessed with supreme powers. He is among the chosen few who can interact with spirits. And, through all this years she was only waiting for a companion who could feel her. And, asked him not to assume her as any other human.
He laughed and took all this lightly; he thought may be this was all for MTV Bakra. His laughter was cut short when the girl showed him her inverted legs and hands. She even took out her eyes and presented it to him. He started trembling with fear, horror and terror could be seen in his eyes. He wanted to scream but his vocal chords were all struck with fright. He was sweating hard even in the cold weather. It was now the girl turn to laugh, loud enough to shiver his senses. 

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  1. Scary stuff....interesting nevertheless.

  2. haha..omg! this is getting after so long u came bk with d second part wo bhi itna scary :O i thot it ws supposed to be some romantic story :(


  3. It was all 'coz of my semester exams that it took me almost 2 weeks to pen down a post.

    Alka N Sarah: It isn't scary, do you wanna me to pend down Part 3? I promise you, it will take out the nerve out of you :P :O :D Keep coming back :)

  4. wooo Scary.. but i really love this kinda stuff..
    keep posting

  5. is scary mannn....

  6. Jyoti: Lovely to see a new follower cum friend on the list. Welcome to weakest Link and thanks for following my blog. Keep coming back :)

    Ifranuddin : Thanks for the appraisal. :)

  7. i generally stay far far away from all things related to thrillers and horror... but this one is good! waiting for part 3!

  8. yeah I'll
    and I'm waiting for Part-3

  9. TGAFA: Thanks for dropping by, I can't really commit for the third part as of now. Keep coming back :)

    Jyoti: Thanks again for following my blog once again in a new better advanced way :D And, sorry I guess the third part won't ever. Aren't two parts more than enough. And, why not you go through site map, you will surely find something worth reading. :)

  10. Ashwini: thanks.. the purpose gets solved :)

  11. Heehee :D thats funny :P lol rofl :D Rachit whats up with you man? :P heehee :D first one is romantic, second horror, third a reality bite? :P Oh! I can't join the pieces of this puzzle :P Third one now again :P

  12. Tanvi: oh you on rampage.. mission accomplished :D