Sunday, May 29, 2011

Real Beauty

Finally, I have joined the gang of bloggers trying to win over the deal. It’s great to see lots of creative and innovative output all over the blogosphere surfacing. Without wasting much time of yours I will hit straight on the topic.

What’s real beauty for me? The answer was bit perplexing for me or rather the prize money attached to it was profound enough to make it confusing. So, I thought of better going for a survey and making a consensus out of it. I asked three fellow students from different branches of engineering to help me out in my search for the real beauty. Here’s the list of what I came up with in the end.

My dearest friend from the Mechanical engineering completely astonished me when he replied that for him the real beauty lies in the shape of the supersonic jet engines. For almost half an hour he bombarded me with his knowledge on the various dimensions of engines. I requested him to pardon me for a while and straightway went towards a computer freak from the Computer Science branch.

He told me that for him real beauty is all about intelligence. He told me how he dreams about programming a robot based on the artificial intelligence. He even showed me his research work. I was flabbergasted. The third person in the row was from Instrumentation engineering. And, I must confess that I wasn’t interested a bit in knowing his reply. Yet, I went to him and asked the same question, what is real beauty for him? I was touched by his simplistic yet futuristic answer. For him it was the satisfaction he gets after automating a process control industry.

I know you might be thinking why the hell I’m talking about other people. But, my reply lies in the answers above. For me real beauty lies in the charm and charisma of my work. It’s the satisfaction which I get after completing my duties as a son, as a student and above all as the loyal citizen of my country. Real beauty for me is the random spark of energy which shines in the face of a person when he gets appraised for his good work. It’s the power which runs emotions back in their mind to keep doing the good work.

Real beauty is all about that minute stint of hope which a person gets when he suffers the most. It’s the glow in the face when we pray for the safety of our near and dear ones. It’s the enlightened body of a student when he sits in an examination hall and prays to God for letting him know each and every answer. Real beauty is all about the excitement in the eyes of a person when he wants his favorite team to lift the cup in a cricket match.

It’s the joy in the face of a boy when his long lasting proposal gets accepted. Real beauty is the feeling of happiness when a father lifts his newly born child for the first time. It’s the gentle touch of a mother. It may vary from the degree of chivalry in an army man to the passion which binds scientists together to work for a common cause. It can be the feeling of delight when swift autumn winds blow over your face or the enjoyment you get after playing in those first splashes of Monsoons.

Real beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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  1. your definition of BEAUTY is really beautiful.
    As u r well aware of it (after the survey u did) that every single being has his/her own definition of beauty.
    many are able to justify, few not !!

  2. Indeed, what you and others have said are all true... beauty for me are the all the love we see in this world and how wemake all these beauty the things we do in our lives... thank you for the wonderful read... you have a lovely day.


  3. great are indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder.

  4. Jyoti: Thanks for such nice words, and yeah beauty is a comparatively relative term.

    Kelvin: Welcome to Weakest Link and thanks for following my blog. :) Keep coming back, there are lot more stuff waiting for you:)

    Sub: its in the smallest pickups of joy in day today life.

  5. Welcome to the world of bloggers,
    your view about beauty is really true,
    best wishes
    - विवेक जैन

  6. Beautiful post on beauty which lies in the eyes of the beholder.....

  7. gosh u made me cry dude....its such sweet and beautiful post..very touching :)

  8. Good Work =) Beauty lies in a small lie to see your dear ones Happy :)

  9. Beauty lies in the moment when you father looks up at you, and see that you are grown up now :) Tears of happiness well up his eyes. :)

    Beauty lies in knowing that a person can breathe in the toughest of times, and when you palpate the chest of a person to help him breathe. It lies in the moment when you see a person walking and laughing after being in the OR for six hours...

    Beauty for me is life... nice and wonderful post Rachit :) :) I wish you would have had asked a medical student that question :P


  10. Vivek Jain: Welcome to Weakest link and thanks for commenting over here. Will love to see your more often :)

    Alka: Ma'am thanks for commenting over and yeah beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. :)

    Kiran: hehe.. was it so bad that you wanna cry after reading it :( uff, hehe.. thanks for such pleasant and soothing comments. :)

    Priya: where have you been for long sis? Its great to see you here, keep coming back :)

  11. Tanvi: Its great to see you here after quite a long time. Even the spark on my eyes when I see your comment is all but real beauty, isn't it? :) And, ohh certainly if in future I have to go for any research I will for sure disturb a medico in middle of her/his anatomy class. :P

  12. Lol :D hehhee :D By the way the look, feel and love on your blog is so clearly seen :) :) And plus the 100 followers :D :D congratulations dude!


  13. Rachit, I really loved this post.

    "For me real beauty lies in the charm and charisma of my work. It’s the satisfaction which I get after completing my duties as a son, as a student and above all as the loyal citizen of my country. Real beauty for me is the random spark of energy which shines in the face of a person when he gets appraised for his good work. It’s the power which runs emotions back in their mind to keep doing the good work."

    What a profound thought. Your answer was soul touching. Your blog is indeed becoming one of my favourite places to drop by. :)

  14. Tanvi: Thanks.. :)

    Rachna Chhabria: thanks ma'am for such lovely and kind words. It's always a pleasure to have followers like you.

    have a look @ new blog of mine :

  15. wow...real beauty is a beautiful mind that thinks beautifully...and here is one:-)

  16. u r a integrating factor rachit......keep gowing....

  17. Suruchi: Thanks for the appreciation :) But, I need a great blogger mind honest feedback, not something flattering. I hope you understand :)

    Roboit: Welcome to weakest link:) Thanks for such an engineering feedback :P

  18. very appropriate! the work part, it's so true... how beutiful is the experience when someone appreciates our efforts!

  19. Ha!! I must say you did your homework and to add to it.. it did pay off... wonderful!!! i always agree that there is no limit in the ways u can see the real beauty, but its really nice to read some new views :) thanx for commenting on my blog too :)

  20. Anuradha K: Welcome to Weakest Link and its an honor to have you as one of its follower. Thanks for that :)

    And, yeah respecting one's work and bringing out the creative beauty not only yields happiness but success too :)

    Keep coming back :)

    Purple H Sam: Thanks for those good words. Keep coming back :) lots in store for you :)

  21. nice post and nice blog. love the title!

  22. Confused : thanks for commenting over here, wish to see you here more often :)