Thursday, March 31, 2011

I do...!!

I pray...
sometimes I do pray,
.... I pray to forgive me,
.... for all the sins I committed
... for all the wrongs I did.

I cry,
sometimes I do cry,
... I cry to let the feelings flow,
... to show my love,
... to express my anguish.

I dance,
even at times I dance,
... I dance to profound my happiness,
... to express my joy,
... to enjoy my success.

And, I write,
often at times I do write,
I write to pen down my emotions,
... to pen down my feelings,
... to let the world know about a WEAKEST LINK  :)(:


  1. Every part of this poem is beautiful and so well written!

  2. Vyankatesh: ohh its great to see you here.. n mystical? Why so? Nevertheless, thanks :)

    Saumya: Thanks.. keep coming back. :)

  3. That's really written well :).

  4. Writing can be cathartic...lovely poem.

  5. Rachna: Thanks :)

    Alka: and more often it's rejuvenating.. :)

  6. Shail : thanks :)
    keep coming back:)

  7. Wow Rachit. You write so wonderfully well :-)
    Loved the poem for the truth that it reflects, some hidden, some visible. Keep writing!!

  8. Nidhi: Thanks for such a pleasantry comment... :) There are more such posts waiting to be read by you. Keep coming back :)

  9. written very well. loved it.. :)

  10. Poonam: great to see you here.. :) and thanks for such lovely words. Keep coming back.. there are many other posts waiting for your valuable view.. :-)

  11. woow... its precise and nice ... very very nice :))


  12. Ritika: Thanks :) there are many other poems and posts waiting to be read by you and get acclamation. :) Will be an honor and more of a pleasure to see you here again. Always welcome to be on the friend list. :)
    Keep coming back

  13. lovely... and the nicest part is i can relate to each and every line =)

    thankyou for visiting my blog bdw... keep visiting =)

  14. Crimson: Thanks again for such lovely motivating words. Keep coming back :)