Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Ray of Hope

I see a dim light at the Horizon
A faint one…
Still, a light of Hope

Calling me to rise above
Asking me to be optimistic
Telling me to keep calm
Instructing me to be innovative
Even, letting me know creativity

Annoying me with her passiveness
Yet, loving me
Supporting me
Giving me a shoulder to cry,
A partner to dance with,

Don’t know where the winds will blow
I guess it can make me
I guess it can ruin me

Yet, I won’t stop looking at it,
I won’t stop playing with it,
I promise to sail around,
To rise above the mountains 
And make this world mine… :)

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  1.'s nicely penned. go ahead and make this world yours. :)

    word verification word is: inkyari :D

  2. Preetilata: Thanks Ma'am.... Inkyari.. :)

    Bhargavi: Thanks

    Anushree: Life showed me pessimism where ever I went, I retaliated back with my optimism...:D

  3. Nice and an optimistic one !

    Keep Writing and sharing :)

    Take Care.

  4. Fatima: Welcome to Weakest Link..:)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here... keep coming back.. :D

  5. Beautiful.... and you'll surely make the world yours...keep going.. :)


  6. Tanvi: hehehe you back here.. :) WL was waiting for you yaar..:D

  7. very beautiful.... quite opposite to what I have been writing.. beautiful !

  8. Avantika: thanks... and opposite? so why being a pessimistic?? enjoy life and have a optimistic outlook dear :)