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Hi, I am Rachit and I'm the creator of "WEAKEST LINK". Its a medium for me to express my joy and my agony. I pen down mine experiences, my emotions and my thoughts into beautifully crafted articles.

You might be thinking why I choose "Weakest Link" as my blog title. To some it might look weird but Weakest Link is the most appropriate title for anything which I coordinate. My life has always been through tough paths; I have always been into troubles and have faced many setbacks and turmoil. But always in the end some or the other Weakest Link saved me. And this blog is all about those experiences and the follow up action which I took after those weird conditions. So "Weakest Link" suits best as the blog title.

Weakest Link is full of articles having diverse subjects like patriotism, life, poems, love, youth, international affairs, environment, etc. Few of my articles have also been published in other notable online networks. I'm thankful to Ritu di , who inspired me a year ago and asked me to go online with my own set of poems, Gagan Agrawal, Aastha Mathur and Anju Nair for their guest posts.

A heartiest thanks to Madam Nitum for letting me know mine shortcomings and helping me to get over them.

You will surely enjoy reading my work and the feedback provided by you in the form of comments will help me in improving the "Weakest Link".

with regards,
Rachit Sharma

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  1. Rachit, i rather find Weakest Link a very apt blog name :)
    Weakest, goes unnoticed but has the strongest impact, a lesson i learnt in life.
    It was nice reading your posts.

    Love & care


  2. Bhargavi: Welcome to Weakest Link.. Keep coming back.

  3. pretty interesting thought behind the title! i liked it...both the name and ur reason to choose it. most of the time in life, its one of the very last threads that holds us back and gives us the requisite strength to move ahead. never to underestimate its power :))


  4. Sarah thanks for such lovely words.. keep coming back.. Weakest Link always awaits readers like you.. :)