Thursday, March 31, 2011

I do...!!

I pray...
sometimes I do pray,
.... I pray to forgive me,
.... for all the sins I committed
... for all the wrongs I did.

I cry,
sometimes I do cry,
... I cry to let the feelings flow,
... to show my love,
... to express my anguish.

I dance,
even at times I dance,
... I dance to profound my happiness,
... to express my joy,
... to enjoy my success.

And, I write,
often at times I do write,
I write to pen down my emotions,
... to pen down my feelings,
... to let the world know about a WEAKEST LINK  :)(:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


From past few months there has been a vibrant change in me which has altered my way of thinking significantly. Sometimes, it confuses me and more often it bewilders me to re-think on my past actions. And, at other times it motivates me to do better and guides me to be more productive in future. I really find myself in tough paths while dealing with such an ideological tremor. Yet, now I can sense the positivity behind this entire shift. Now, I don’t get angry or irritated even if someone continuously tries to make me so, rather I focus on the good aspects of it( mind me, everything has some or the other good things attached).  

Is it I’m getting too much self-centred? Is it what people call being egoistic?

I guess the answer is NO. 

This all is just because I’m getting closer to myself. I have started acting the way I want and not what others want from me even if it hurts someone. I took birth not to make everyone happy so why should I follow someone else norms? I don’t know when and how this realization came in me but I want to keep with this self realization for long, till the end of my life.

Over the past few months a thought sprang in me that I’m not inferior to anyone. May be, at times I may not be the best, than too it doesn’t make me less competent. Yet, this hasn’t stopped me in extracting the good qualities from others. I’m really loving it and enjoying each and every moment of the divine me

Friday, March 25, 2011

Magazine Editorial: What & how to write?

Over the span of writing an editorial for the college magazine in two different section viz. Technical and English I felt a need of few guidelines and help from an expert which could help me in my endeavor. Like always, I surfed internet for the support and searched many a blogs but couldn’t find a site which could provide me with some relief.

Yet, anyhow I pen down editorials for both the section and soon they might get publish. 

This post contains 5 necessary points I felt every Student Editor must be careful of before writing down an editorial. 

  • Look for a quotation to start your editorial. But, be careful and vigilant in choosing the theme for the quotation. Usually, editors tend to deviate from their prime theme and end-up quoting something out of the text.
  • Give a creative name to the magazine or to your respective section. Don’t flatter much and be concise and clear in naming your editorial. Name, like the quote, must not be out of the text and should clearly define and explain the motive behind bringing out a magazine or the section.
  • Next on the down-line comes the word of thanks for the group of individuals who really made the endeavor possible. I’m talking about the students who provided you with their artistic work for the magazine. It’s their hard and creative work which ultimately gets publish. So, by the virtue of ethical workmanship you must thank them all.
  • Now it’s the turn of the editor to showcase his/her feeling on and about the magazine. They must pen down their set of hardship and the level of creative work which they happen to bring on in the ongoing section.  
  •  Last and always the least comes the part where the editor must thank the college administration for providing the monetary and moral support because for bringing out a knowledge-based publication one needs a considerable effort and costs.
Post Inspiration: Upasna Kakroo  
Sincere Thanks: Ma'am Neeraj Bala (ECE Deptt.) 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is That YOU...??

I hear a Sound,
feel a rankle,
It Stimulates me,
more often,
It wakes me....,
Yet, I see no one there...!

It's been quite long since you left,
I'm waiting for you..,
I'm waiting to feel your tender touch,
waiting to listen your mindless giggles;
My heart pumps only for you,
My mind thinks only of you...!

I know,
you are far gone,
But..., then WHY....???
every-time the winds blow my hairs, 

I ask myself...,
Is that YOU...??

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rural Entrepreneurship

While researching over the topic I found “Entrepreneurs” are people who create and grow enterprises and “Entrepreneurship” is the process through which entrepreneurs create and grow enterprises. I guess the definition above suits best for a management class or the government files. Personally I feel, “Entrepreneurs” are people who have the passion and zeal to bring a qualitive change in the society through their mind boggling ideas.  And, “Entrepreneurship” is a process or more of a pathway which they take to fulfill their dreams. 

More than half of the Indian populace live in villages. Indian villages have a huge hidden potential in the fields of traditional arts and crafts, food industry and the like. Most of the rural households are involved in some or the other kind of agricultural service provider units. India's rural economy is primarily agricultural based, but the rapid rise in its population with consequent pressure on land has led the planners to lay greater emphasis on industrial development.

Rural Entrepreneurship may focus on areas like food processing which may include variety of products from various sectors comprising agriculture, horticulture, plantation, animal husbandry and fisheries & marine products. Another area which may be looked into is fruit based beverages. Products like syrups and squashes of orange, mango, lime, pineapple, grape, apple, etc. besides their jam and jelly are very popular among the masses. 

The best example of a rural entrepreneurship may include that of an Oil industry. Crushing of oil seeds to obtain edible oil for human consumption has been an age-old village industry in India.  Another example of rural entrepreneurship may include the pottery, which is traditional industry of rural India, providing employment to many artisans. 

But, one question might be creeping in your mind. That is, what good rural entrepreneurs are doing for the development of our country India? For answering this question we must first understood that there is a huge difference in the standard of life between the two India, let us call them with two different names to make the demarcation easy. The urban, which is more developed, can be called in as the India and its rural counterpart which needs an urgent development can be called as Bharat. So, rural entrepreneurs are doing their bit in order to fill the divide between the India and the Bharat.

Policies like micro-finance are filling the empty pockets of villagers to start-up their own small scale businesses besides giving them a financial security. Rural Entrepreneurship has the power of making rural populace self sufficient which may help in reducing migration of people from villages to cities, thus reducing congestion of resources in cities and towns. 

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Ray of Hope

I see a dim light at the Horizon
A faint one…
Still, a light of Hope

Calling me to rise above
Asking me to be optimistic
Telling me to keep calm
Instructing me to be innovative
Even, letting me know creativity

Annoying me with her passiveness
Yet, loving me
Supporting me
Giving me a shoulder to cry,
A partner to dance with,

Don’t know where the winds will blow
I guess it can make me
I guess it can ruin me

Yet, I won’t stop looking at it,
I won’t stop playing with it,
I promise to sail around,
To rise above the mountains 
And make this world mine… :)

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Thursday, March 3, 2011


At times, I should have shown my care for you,
Should have given you the freedom,
you always want...!

Should have taken you out for the dinner
a luxuries ride...!
At times, I acted like a nerd,
Killing your dreams, desires and passion

Forgive me, for the wrongs I did,
For the words I said,
And even for the things I never did...!

I should have said I miss you,
Should have laughed with you,
smile in your joys,
And, cried in your pains...!

Now when you are gone,
Life doesn’t excites me any more,
It pinches me hard
And strucks me badly, 

All ‘coz I just forget to say I LOVE YOU. 

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