Friday, November 19, 2010

Globalization and Indian Festivals

Last week, I celebrated Diwali and performed the Chhat puja with pomp and show then the previous years.

But, festivals have changed now.. 10 years back when I used to be a small kid, we had two types of festivals in India.. one with pan India presence like the Diwali and Holi and other with limited presence like Chhat puja, Lohri and Onam.

That was something ten years back; Liberalization of economy in the early 90's brought big MNC's into the Indian market. Advertisement became the need of the day. Manufacturers started luring the customers with added gifts. Diwali, Holi and Christmas Dhamaka became common marketing ideology.

Competition increased manifold with each festivals and so do the reduction in MRP of products during festi occasions. Then, the companies took the smarter step, sensing the market demand. They globalized the second type of festivals. This brought in narrowing of the line between the two types of Indian festivals.

Lohri, a festival of state of Punjab which was traditionally celebrated with singing Geedha and performing Bhangra is now celebrated with loud remix music across the country.. Now people in Tamil Nadu also celebrate it. The same happened with Chhat puja which was traditionally celebrated across the bank of a river in the Hindi heartland is now celebrated in Mumbai inside a swimming pool.

Even the government sensed the change in thinking and declared a holiday for Onam in the state of UP, far away from the place of it'sactual evolution.

How globalization brought up this change?

Hindi speaking heartland missed the aftermath effects of liberalization of economy. Whereas many new industries and ventures came into existence in other states post liberalization. More and more people were now required to work in this industries and so skilled labor from Hindi heartland migrated to other states in search of jobs. Other state people welcomed them with open heart..  as they brought in prosperity. But, they also took there tradition with them. As the time passed there population in other states rose. They started contesting in local elections and took active part in local activities. And, this is the reason why now Chhat puja is celebrated in Kerala.

Market analyzers sensed this change and started marketing type two festivals on the same pattern as of festivals with pan India presence.

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  1. commendable

    right a bit different though
    u can write better


  2. Thanks Sanchit.. the posts subject depends upon the ideas... next time will be here with a new different vibrant idea.

  3. Hi Rachit,

    Selecting this post for the Jan issue of Kadzilla's Lounge. Will need some editing though. As Sanchit said, the topic and the crude ideas of the post are indeed commendable, but the writing style can become a bit more fluid.

    I usually let the posts sit in my drafts for a few days before I publish them. I've realized that if I read them again after a couple of days, I automatically get ideas to improve upon the writing... maybe re-order the paragraphs, or change a phrase somewhere. 2 or 3 revisions like this make a lot of difference in the final published post. Do try it out sometime.

    Cheers! :)

  4. @Kaddu.. Thanks again for your valuable feedback. I will definitely see to it that all mine next posst are backed out with some good ideas and themes.
    Yeah, I did edit few of mine posts but later felt its wrong on the part of ethics and self improvement. A particular post don't only show the conceptual approach behind it but also showcase the level of writing methodology. When I go back and check a post I wrote months ago, I feel the change and improvement which has came in me over the time.
    Waiting for your Jan issue.

  5. Thanks all, I have edited most of my posts now. Please have a look on the new revised posts.