Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Hard Nut to Crack

Trekking high to the mountains of Kailash at the abode of Lord Shiva finding solace I happened to bounce back on many of the life hardest dark realities which I confronted in my last post. This time I won’t ride the personal cart and will try to discover an accord with country irresolvable disputes.

Our country Preamble provides us the liberty to worship any religion of our choice in a way which suits us the best. Over the centuries many different religions were embraced by the state, many of which like Buddhism and Jainism were formed in order to demulsify the corrupt practices in the main Hinduism religion.  Other major religion practiced in the sub-continent is the Sikhism which again finds its root deeply penetrated in the country’s biggest religion, Hinduism. Islam and Christianity are the only two other major religion which were brought up in the sub-continent with the advent of foreign traders and still after years of emulsification are looked down as something extrinsic. 

I’m not a religious fanatic but a simple question sometimes haunts me that when majority of religions in India can be seen as the branches of the primary tree Hinduism than why time again and again only the saffron clad people are exempted from the government and other social organizations sympathy? Why aren’t they included in the government religious reforms? Why only there schools of worships are tormented by state associations for disturbing the secular fabric of the country? 

Another perplexing topic swinging in my mind is the flexible nature of our constitution which provides RIGHT TO LIVE even to a person who brutally killed thousands. Such is the apathy of political class in troubled states that once a terrorist surrenders he gets a government job with all criminal cases registered in his name omitted irrespective of the fact that the same person killed hundreds of innocent people and many of our brave soldiers died fighting against him. 

Have you seen recently a full page advertisement in the dailies letting you know about the government ambitious project? All such initiatives come with a deadline as to complete the project in the set amount of time. But in our great corrupt country hardly ever a project met its deadline. Even after completing the project many loopholes exists telling us about the miserable state machinery. 

While heading for the Mt. Kailash I witnessed shoddy affairs of the booming telecom and energy sector. I encountered many hydro-electricity projects on the way but none able to supply electricity to the nearest village even for few hours. While the rest of India is connected through an enhanced communication network the towns there were grasping even for the slightest of signal. Parliamentarians start visiting the villages and towns in your constituencies asking for breath of growth and development or you may have to face lakhs of Anna.  

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Dark Reality

I don’t know why I’m unto this, it’s been quite long since I penned down something personal like the present post. May be its all because of positive vibe the Kailash Pilgrimage infused in me. 

I’m unable to answer the perplexing question which my soul keeps on bouncing back again and again that why it’s always me who has to face the burden of darkest realities of the life? Why can’t I sit back and enjoy my success? Why people remember me only at the time of need? Why it’s always that the people I care for backstab me? And, why I can’t be me at times

It’s been pretty long since I cried; I believe boys are born with a hard shell which keeps their eyes at bay from being moist. Yet, today I want to scream at the fullest of my voice. I want an explanation from the Almighty today for all my grief. May be the reservoir of pain has reached its extreme limits which provokes me to behave insanely. I know I can’t be always right but then why I’m always wrong? 

I’m still trying to locate the sacred knowledge which can fill the vacuum and provide my soul some solace. The hunt for the treasure house of truth lies unfulfilled. I want to start afresh but the past haunts me. Sooner or later I will be over with this intense phase and will move on with life because at the end of the day show must go on.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reservations: A Weakest Review

Have you ever been a victim or a beneficiary of the government of India’s policy of reservation? You have reached the right place if your answer is in affirmative and for all others, please don’t waste your time in experiencing one over here. The idea of the post came after I watched Prakash Jha directed full of social and political drama movie Aarakshan last weekend.
Framers of the constitution of India in order to provide equal opportunities to the oppressed lower caste people came out with a questionable and short-sighted idea of providing them with a tool known as reservations. It reserves certain number of posts in public sector units and in all public and private educational institutions for the lower castes.
Reservations over the years changed its prime facia from being  given only on the basis of caste initially to particulars like sex, state of domicile, rural people, religion, defence background, sports, NRI, etc making it into the eligibility criteria to avail one now.
Reservations should be based on economic status instead of caste-based-reservations.
Constitution makers in order to avoid widespread resentment created a speculated deadline of ten years to implement reservation with full vigour to wash away all the inequality perpetuating in the society. But due to corrupt vote-bank political practises each successive government in the centre has only increased the speculated time period and even after 65 years of Independence the inequality exists.
Ironically the same constitution guarantee each and every Indian right to equality which is fully undermine by the right to reservation. People supporting it often cry foul of reservations being instrumental in delivering social justice but sadly none government dared to review the actual impact of such policies. Not only reservation schemes weaken equality laws but also it bore from within the quality of education.
Reservation is a tool to meet narrow political ends.
Over the years caste based reservation have wrecked the social fabric of the country instead of providing a environment of harmony and peace as envisaged in the constitution. Reservations cause friction among social groups. Sadly there are instances where castes not included in the reservation fight and clashes with government to also get admitted and enjoy benefits of reservations.
Reservation system with rising unemployment has created a large scale civil unrest in the minds of higher caste people. More and more students from higher castes are leaving the country for foreign universities which has aggravated the problem of brain drain. Half of India living in the villages devoid of schools, hospitals and basic infrastructure don’t need reservations for higher education but socio-economic development in the grass root level.
A year back the women's quota bill was introduced in the parliament thus increasing the competition for victimhood status. Interestingly in few states reservation exceeds even beyond 50% mark thus making it hard for general category to strive for air of progress. 

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression has no geographical limitation and it carries with it the right of a citizen to exchange thought with others in India was a landmark Supreme Court judgement. Freedom of expression is not only important for individual dignity but also it caters to accountability in a politically democratic country like ours. The right lets an individual to express his/her views and opinions freely without any hesitation. 

Yet at times we encounter situations where we felt infringement on our fundamental right. Not only societies, groups or individuals try to curb our voice but also government and elected representatives leaves no stone upturn in order to suppress our rightful stand. 

If you are a boy and on to it a student than your life would have been regulated by two monstrous individuals. One a girl who happens to be your girlfriend and the other the cruel college in which you try your best to study. It’s hard for a boy to understand that why he can’t be right before his girl? Why his every move needs a scrutiny? And, why he can’t use his freedom of expression? 

On the other hand his college admin strive their best in functioning in a more or less barbaric way curtailing all little freedom of expression he enjoys. He can’t use social networking, video sharing and a plethora of sites because out of 1 crore sites in the virtual world except his college site all others are being blocked for no realistic reason in support. 

Even, being a boy you can’t express your feelings to someone you like from the opposite sex again because someone damned came up with Majnu bhagao Gang which happens to be a direct attack on an individual right to expression. Also, it’s hard to digest the fact that people in Thailand, a country smaller than Madya Pradesh (I may be wrong in statistics) boasts of enjoying all sorts of freedom of expression. People can wear any type and size of dresses without any restrictions. How good it would have been for boys living there :D

I happen to bounce back on few of the latest regulations which even the government is considering for checking the fundamental right of expression. The authorities in India are considering making it a criminal offence to insult Mahatma Gandhi after a new biography sparked fresh speculation about his sexual preferences. Also, the government has sought to control the free flow of information on the internet, especially on the social network websites.

So, may be my post confront the college, girlfriend (Please note: I’m single) and government thoughts who may come up with strict laws against the post.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Survival Challenge

Campus placements have been the most important part of every engineering student's life. As soon as one enters in his last year, not only his parents but also his extended family and friends start waiting for him to get placed. Everyone dreams of getting into a core industry with a double digit salary. The helpless student is bombarded with questions related only with his placement. The pressure starts taking its toll and the same student who few months back never used internet for purpose other than Skype starts online job hunts. Now aptitude seems to be more important than attitude. 
The same student who preaches one night study for three long years starts preparing for companies written exams way before the speculated time. If that wasn’t enough to torment a young technical mind, there comes a hell amount of competitive exams like CAT, Gate, CSIR and others. Adding to the ongoing stir in the meta-biological activity of a student are the major projects which carry with themselves the power to re-shape aggregate percentage. 

On the other hand, parents after spending their hard earned money takes campus placements as a matter of pride and honour. Any news of their ward getting a campus placement is directly proportional to their social prestige. So now it’s not only about winning the game but winning the game with a six to end the match. Mere placements won’t satisfy them, it’s the campus word attach which makes all the difference. 

Here comes the role of seniors, the same students who once took your introduction and more profoundly ragging. They stand like a father figure protecting you from the harsh bitter reality of the professional world outside the four walls of the college. They guide you and more of let you know about the do’s and don’ts of looking for a suitable industry. The last year tests all the networking power which you boast off hitherto. 

Yet with all the life deep sarcastic realities touching and moulding the soul, the student keeps on with a wide smile of his which he gained over the years of tough path and narrow blocks. He never misses to catch the glimpse of first year girls and ask them for a formal cum informal introduction. He continues to bunk most of his lectures and sleep in rests, completing his 8 hour of sleep which he missed last night as he was dedicatedly playing Counter Strike. 

Dedicated to all those 3.5 lakhs fellow final year engineering students other than the chosen few ( IIT’s and NIT’s) who will soon be churning out action plans for facing the life biggest challenge- the survival challenge. Prepare well and do wonders in your life. 

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