Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reservations: A Weakest Review

Have you ever been a victim or a beneficiary of the government of India’s policy of reservation? You have reached the right place if your answer is in affirmative and for all others, please don’t waste your time in experiencing one over here. The idea of the post came after I watched Prakash Jha directed full of social and political drama movie Aarakshan last weekend.
Framers of the constitution of India in order to provide equal opportunities to the oppressed lower caste people came out with a questionable and short-sighted idea of providing them with a tool known as reservations. It reserves certain number of posts in public sector units and in all public and private educational institutions for the lower castes.
Reservations over the years changed its prime facia from being  given only on the basis of caste initially to particulars like sex, state of domicile, rural people, religion, defence background, sports, NRI, etc making it into the eligibility criteria to avail one now.
Reservations should be based on economic status instead of caste-based-reservations.
Constitution makers in order to avoid widespread resentment created a speculated deadline of ten years to implement reservation with full vigour to wash away all the inequality perpetuating in the society. But due to corrupt vote-bank political practises each successive government in the centre has only increased the speculated time period and even after 65 years of Independence the inequality exists.
Ironically the same constitution guarantee each and every Indian right to equality which is fully undermine by the right to reservation. People supporting it often cry foul of reservations being instrumental in delivering social justice but sadly none government dared to review the actual impact of such policies. Not only reservation schemes weaken equality laws but also it bore from within the quality of education.
Reservation is a tool to meet narrow political ends.
Over the years caste based reservation have wrecked the social fabric of the country instead of providing a environment of harmony and peace as envisaged in the constitution. Reservations cause friction among social groups. Sadly there are instances where castes not included in the reservation fight and clashes with government to also get admitted and enjoy benefits of reservations.
Reservation system with rising unemployment has created a large scale civil unrest in the minds of higher caste people. More and more students from higher castes are leaving the country for foreign universities which has aggravated the problem of brain drain. Half of India living in the villages devoid of schools, hospitals and basic infrastructure don’t need reservations for higher education but socio-economic development in the grass root level.
A year back the women's quota bill was introduced in the parliament thus increasing the competition for victimhood status. Interestingly in few states reservation exceeds even beyond 50% mark thus making it hard for general category to strive for air of progress. 

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  1. that was quite a strong review...and i agree with you...and i know that most young gen will...but our words are not going to reach govn's deaf ears as long as it has effect in's all dirty politics...

  2. Rightly said but Rachit nothing is going to happen as Subhrasis said...There should be no quote, get a seat on merit basis.

  3. a good read. of all the things am against the most for women quota! why do women need any special treatment?

  4. very true....i so deeply believe in resrvatn based on financial status....huh but god only knows if nethin is gonna change ever....

  5. Perhaps, reservation should be on different norms altogether, and the one who created it is gone. But now, the question is who bells the cat and invite wrath of public.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. one has the will to change the reservation system bcoz it effects their vote bank, and I or you or any individual for that matter can't do any just have peace and try to survive in the system as we have been doing since decades....

    Best wishes,

  7. very true....but hardly things would change for good..soon the general class would become the new minority..

  8. Reservation iw way past his shelf life..I guess.. is not helping the cause for which it was put in place.


  9. What you say is correct. Who is listening to us anyway? For their cheap electoral gains, politicians will keep milking reservations.

  10. i agree with u.but i disagree too. reservation by cast i dont think is wrong. now tell me one thing have u ever meet a general cast's child who is selling small items in trains. or the people who travels in general compartments belong from a higher cast.if u find then very few wud be there that is also for small distance.i see many people belongs from general category i hardly see anyone who is starving or spending their life below upper middle class family. if one or two u find out of 1 thousand then it can be neglected. if we discuss about Doctors then the number of doctors belonging from lower cast are very few. if they get reservation n become doctors.n then ques arises what after that? u say they wont be able to become good doctors or engineers. so what? hamari country me dhang se kaam krta kon hai? at-least their children will get better opportunities ,lyfstyle n will b educated in convents schools. isnt. first we need to balance our economy. after then reservation sud b based on finical conditions.

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  12. the government has always been so judiciously 'unjudicious' on this issue of reservation. i second ur thoughts..but inspite of all thats been said and done..nothing has changed. and indeed we have suffered much due to it.
    although i m postive that things would change..but lets c after how many decades ;/


  13. Reservation is a topic that u can never justify to the ones who r "reserved". they will blow ur heads away in thousand pieces if u said anything offensive or odd about it.
    Personally I feel that reservations are great hindering factors and have zero benefits to the mankind as a whole designed only to serve the dirty politics.

    your review is aptly produced.

  14. Reservations if any should be based on economic status instead of caste.
    Over time the percentage should get reduced and only two generations should get its advantage. No more.

  15. Sub: Dirty Politics.. pretty shit.. but things will change for the good pretty soon.. :)

    Saru: thanks:)

    Chintan: Must be no reservation for anyone. :)

    Vaisakhi: so true:)

    BA: someone needs to be courageous to do so.. hope so it happens soon :)

    Irfan: surviving attitude has taken us deep into the shit hole.. Now, be the change or feel the burn :)

    RoF: welcome to WeakestL , keep coming back :)

    Kunnu: very true:)

    Rachna: time has come to listen us :)

    SuW: be the change :)

    Sarah: lets c :)

    Jyoti: thanks :)

  16. This was a strong post.. I really agree with you.. I am not really against reservation but I believe reservation should be given on basis of economic backwardness instead of any cast system...
    BTW.. thanks for stopping by my blog... It means a lot to me... Hope to see you around :) :)

  17. It's my first time here and I've been blown away. Pretty serious stuff here. I've seen the comments and I believe that there is still hope. Any one of you can be the change, if you put your mind into it. :) The fight will be hard for sure. But it will be worth it naa.

  18. You're awarded :)


  19. Madhulika: Thanks and welcome to weakest LINK.. hope to see you much here.. :) And even you can be a change worth of :)

    Aasiyah: Thanks for the kind words.. and welcome to the Weakest LINK.. :)

    Soumya: thanks yaar... you got me blown away :)

  20. Reservation as an idea sounds very convincing... I would propose a cross check on whether it has really helped the lower class in the last six and half decades.

    One NGO in kerala checked on the amount spent for the welfare of SC/ST till now by RTI. When they divided the amount by the total number of SC/ST people in the state, result was over 1 core. If the welfare funds were directly handed over as cash each person would have got 1 crore rupees. Its obvious that someone ate a lot of money here...

    So I believe instead of beating around the bush in dark, let us have a cross check on whether the measures taken for public benefit, reservations and other things are actually worth or not.

  21. One of my friend already left this country last week for USA and another will leave in next 6 months and the common reason in reservation, they want neither to waste their talent here nor they want their next generation to suffer this reservation as they suffered!! Fortunately they scored well in GRE, TOEFL as there is no reservation in these exams and they were happy to participate in these and one of them said to me that he is happy because for the first time in his life he appeared in a fare exam!! Now I am thinking to follow their footsteps to USA!! Currently I am pursuing MCA and after 2 years I'll appear in GRE, TOEFL!!!! I had dream to work in DRDO but after facing severe problems due to reservation I don't think I'll given a chance to serve my country!!!! All these are true incidents and I'll see how our Govt will run this country efficiently with inefficient people???? Corruption is the result of running this country with inefficient people which can be clearly seen now!!!! Reason of corruption is when inefficient people being posted in efficient jobs they need to do corruption to save their post as they don't know their work which is happening in India!!!!

  22. Harish: Reservations bisects a society on the lines of caste, creed & religion affecting not just the mental outlook but inflecting the region prosperity also. Welcome to Weakest Link :)

    debmalya: And, then GOI proclaims lavishly about the number of educated Indians working outside serving other economies. All bullshit... the only way to teach this politicians a lesson is to boycott the polls.
    Welcome to Weakest Link :)