Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression has no geographical limitation and it carries with it the right of a citizen to exchange thought with others in India was a landmark Supreme Court judgement. Freedom of expression is not only important for individual dignity but also it caters to accountability in a politically democratic country like ours. The right lets an individual to express his/her views and opinions freely without any hesitation. 

Yet at times we encounter situations where we felt infringement on our fundamental right. Not only societies, groups or individuals try to curb our voice but also government and elected representatives leaves no stone upturn in order to suppress our rightful stand. 

If you are a boy and on to it a student than your life would have been regulated by two monstrous individuals. One a girl who happens to be your girlfriend and the other the cruel college in which you try your best to study. It’s hard for a boy to understand that why he can’t be right before his girl? Why his every move needs a scrutiny? And, why he can’t use his freedom of expression? 

On the other hand his college admin strive their best in functioning in a more or less barbaric way curtailing all little freedom of expression he enjoys. He can’t use social networking, video sharing and a plethora of sites because out of 1 crore sites in the virtual world except his college site all others are being blocked for no realistic reason in support. 

Even, being a boy you can’t express your feelings to someone you like from the opposite sex again because someone damned came up with Majnu bhagao Gang which happens to be a direct attack on an individual right to expression. Also, it’s hard to digest the fact that people in Thailand, a country smaller than Madya Pradesh (I may be wrong in statistics) boasts of enjoying all sorts of freedom of expression. People can wear any type and size of dresses without any restrictions. How good it would have been for boys living there :D

I happen to bounce back on few of the latest regulations which even the government is considering for checking the fundamental right of expression. The authorities in India are considering making it a criminal offence to insult Mahatma Gandhi after a new biography sparked fresh speculation about his sexual preferences. Also, the government has sought to control the free flow of information on the internet, especially on the social network websites.

So, may be my post confront the college, girlfriend (Please note: I’m single) and government thoughts who may come up with strict laws against the post.


  1. "Freedom of Expressions" a blessing :)
    and yeah I agree that there is partiality at some places.. ones u mentioned very well :P

    but as always, there r some insane n lunatics who just cant see things in a good way and they try their best to ruin it.

    Full of expressions post !!!

  2. your point of view was more intended towards girls lol. hmm i think if you express her ur feelings in a right way u wont hav to face any type of majnu bhagao gang. thiland has a diffrent atmosphere than our country. soon gona to write a post over it.take that post as a comment on your blog. see ya later.good luck

  3. Erm, I recently got out of a five year relationship where the guy used to tell me what to wear, eat and how to talk and whom to. So freedom of expression is not curtailed only by girls.

    Nice post.

  4. Rachit...hehehe :D yeah guys need freedom expression... Well everyone does in fact :P :P And yes girls, well :P I am one! hehhee :D Kind of diff post, you'll be getting varied reviews for this one.. :) I liked it! :D


  5. hehe i completely agree wid u n tanvi...guys need freedm of exprssion in many situations where they dont...:P...intresting post...very diffrnt...enjoyd readin it...:)

  6. lol @ 'majnu bahagao gang' ...c'mon guys already have a LOT of freedom of else they were flirting around with 20 girls at d same time? :P
    and in India free advice is sooo common...everybody has it in their genes to give one!


  7. monstrous girlfriend? Well, Guys are the ones who turn them into monstrous :D....kidding
    And some feelings are better off unshared when it comes to guys :)
    An Interesting post though!

  8. LOL, it indeed is a nice insight about the dual edged sword the single boy is wielding.

    Also, the Thailand info is also good, but did you also know that Thailand has the highest rate of casualties where women cut their cheating partner's genital organs as revenge? Balancing is always there buddy :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Jyoti: Yeah at times people do misuse them :O Thanks :)

    SUWords: Will love to read that :)

    Priyanka: Few years back, I met a girl who experienced similar dilemma, life takes it hard both the ways, thanks for following my blog. Keep reading :)

    Tanvi: Oh doc thanks for your kind words :P

    Vaisakhi: Girls please don't make Weakest Link a mahila mukti morcha office :D

    Sarah: 20 girls?? ah, lucky boy :P, some jerks like me don't have even one :D

    Gargi: Feelings, sort of? and why no new post by your side?

    BA: Is it?? India is better bro then :P

  10. LOL Rachit, Thankfully you have your blog for expressing your views...

  11. This post comes at an opportune time...hope you enjoy the freedom from now onwards..

  12. excellent article
    nothing is more important than freedom of expression.

  13. Debatable topic. I will get back with the other side of this :P

    P.S: Absolutely love BA's comment on this. Beware :D

  14. gal gives me lot of space...:)

  15. Don’t you think this is freedom of expression? You are able to give vent to your emotions on such a popular portal….

    Well, at the end of the day what matters I guess is, a stitch in time saves 9!!

  16. hhha nice post
    majnu bhagao gang?!! poor things :(

  17. Saru: :)

    Alka: hope so :)

    sm: and who else other than a blogger can understand the fact :)

    Soumya: M waiting :D

    Sub: lucky man :D

    Deeps: exactly, I agree with you:)

    Sujatha: really :(

  18. We as a nation are bound by rules and regulations, with excessive policing on gen nex. Rather being given the freedom to soar, they are given a list of what they cannot do. Sad....

  19. Rachit,

    Things are going to go better. India is poised for greatness. Anna Hazare is only a start. Keep your hopes high :)

  20. Purba: But than who follows the rule :D

    Ashivini: Glad to see you here again.. and India poised.. is it??

  21. Great post! The easiest way to release tensions in life is the freedom to express. :)

  22. This is completely true. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech goes hand in hand with each other. Sad that some countries have this but people are limited to how much they can express or say about things.