Friday, March 19, 2010

Your poor nerd

Hi my life, my angel
I am nothing more than an average boy,
Neither a hero; nor a villain
I can’t promise you a luxury life,
But, a life full of happiness, full of love
Because, I am not Sharukh, I am not Amir,
I am just your poor nerd!

Angel , I can’t gift you a golden ring,
But promise to gift you a life full of lovely swing,
I can’t promise a lunch in the Oberoi,
But my fully burned pizza’s are all for you,
Angel, I can’t promise you a mertz ride,
But yeah,
we can have a long silent walk, speaking with only our eyes
because, I am not Birla, I am not Ambani,
I am just your poor nerd…!

Love will be the only thing between us,
Only words spoken will be love, love and love,
This lines aren’t like DDLJ,
Because, I am not Guljar, I am not Javed,
I am just your poor nerd !

This post ( poem) is dedicated to the mania of single-sided love stories.

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  1. good......nice..appreciating :)

  2. Cute, lovely and sweet..... If that is so, then i would like to fall for a nerd.. :P :)


  3. heheheehehe..... blush..:P
    blogging can be fun...:D

  4. Hey...OMG!!!I have written so many of these kinds my self u knw..:) and I can totally understand..its such a sweet and a lil funny poem:)
    PS: happened to read ur first operation story..hope u are doing well now:)

  5. Aakriti: Someone very close once called me a nerd, good for nothing and I replied I'm your poor nerd. The very same day I pen my first poem, YOUR POOR NERD. :)

  6. awww...thats shooo sweet and romantic:)and hey thnks my new follower;)

  7. Aakriti: Romantic?? I liked that girl but she said I'm just a nerd for her. :( well never mind.. :D
    I guess you may like Sudden death and those one hour too, take my suggestion and have a look at the site map it will help you while surfing the blog. Keep coming back :)

  8. Ahaan :D One can easily fall for these lines of a poor nerd ;)
    It's sweetly honest and not-so-cliché type romantics but better than that. :D
    Awwww wali sweet :P