Friday, March 25, 2011

Magazine Editorial: What & how to write?

Over the span of writing an editorial for the college magazine in two different section viz. Technical and English I felt a need of few guidelines and help from an expert which could help me in my endeavor. Like always, I surfed internet for the support and searched many a blogs but couldn’t find a site which could provide me with some relief.

Yet, anyhow I pen down editorials for both the section and soon they might get publish. 

This post contains 5 necessary points I felt every Student Editor must be careful of before writing down an editorial. 

  • Look for a quotation to start your editorial. But, be careful and vigilant in choosing the theme for the quotation. Usually, editors tend to deviate from their prime theme and end-up quoting something out of the text.
  • Give a creative name to the magazine or to your respective section. Don’t flatter much and be concise and clear in naming your editorial. Name, like the quote, must not be out of the text and should clearly define and explain the motive behind bringing out a magazine or the section.
  • Next on the down-line comes the word of thanks for the group of individuals who really made the endeavor possible. I’m talking about the students who provided you with their artistic work for the magazine. It’s their hard and creative work which ultimately gets publish. So, by the virtue of ethical workmanship you must thank them all.
  • Now it’s the turn of the editor to showcase his/her feeling on and about the magazine. They must pen down their set of hardship and the level of creative work which they happen to bring on in the ongoing section.  
  •  Last and always the least comes the part where the editor must thank the college administration for providing the monetary and moral support because for bringing out a knowledge-based publication one needs a considerable effort and costs.
Post Inspiration: Upasna Kakroo  
Sincere Thanks: Ma'am Neeraj Bala (ECE Deptt.) 

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