Thursday, March 3, 2011


At times, I should have shown my care for you,
Should have given you the freedom,
you always want...!

Should have taken you out for the dinner
a luxuries ride...!
At times, I acted like a nerd,
Killing your dreams, desires and passion

Forgive me, for the wrongs I did,
For the words I said,
And even for the things I never did...!

I should have said I miss you,
Should have laughed with you,
smile in your joys,
And, cried in your pains...!

Now when you are gone,
Life doesn’t excites me any more,
It pinches me hard
And strucks me badly, 

All ‘coz I just forget to say I LOVE YOU. 

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  1. Your poem is full of emotions

  2. Breakups are really difficult.

  3. Lovely Rachit.... emotions, tears, and love overflowing here :) :)


  4. nicely penned.

    but what with those colors??

  5. Talha : Welcome to Weakest link, hope you enjoyed reading posts here. I look forward for more such visits. Weakest link always look for followers like you. Thanks for your valuable comment.

  6. Tanvi n Preeti: I was lost in the mist of time, it took me a year to pen down my emotions into something poetic and rebellious. I hope you really like it.

    An interesting thing to share.. I started my blogger journey 'coz of the love of poems. But, somehow the passion, zeal and emotions dried up. Our life gets choked in between black and white for most of the time. This is an attempt to revive that zeal and passion in a broken heart and put colors to dreams.

  7. The zeal can be seen... :) Nicely done rachit :)

  8. Tanvi: the words sprang in my mind when I was taking a quick bath... :P

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  10. Honestly Rachit, I have no knowledge about poetry...for me it either touches my heart or it doesnt....this one does.

  11. Alka: It's more or less same with me.. I'm not a poetic man. Neither I have the expertise nor the luster to be one. Thanks for dropping around this wonderful comment.

  12. beautiful!!...its so pure and straight from the heart !!

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  14. Anushree: Thanks...:)

    Keep Coming back... Weakest link awaits you..:D

  15. Very powerful poetry Rachit.. loved that! so genuine, pure and strong :)

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  17. hey job..!! itz really vry tuching...:)made me memoriz sumthn vry special out of ma lyf...:(

  18. Avantika: Thanks dear..:) keep coming back... weakest link always awaits you..:D

  19. Rabia: Welcome to Weakest Link.. it was waiting for your precious comments...:D

    And, memoirs? Same here.. all this articles are glimpse of my personal life...:)

    Keep coming back..

  20. maja aa gaya bhai......tremendous piece of writing

  21. Shivam: Thanks bro... keep coming back.. :D

  22. Good Work! Sometimes realizations make you a good writer/poet ;) Let your emotions flow through apt words :) All the Best :) One more thing, will be looking out for more good ones in future :)
    "Tanhayian bhi aapse baat kiya karengi, unhein lawzon mein pirona bhi apne aap mein ek Talent hai" ;) Keep posting new ones! :)

  23. Priya: Thanks Priya... yeah self realization are the best inspiration for a blogger, but I'm afraid this wasn't a result of any self realization. This was something which happened to come on instantly while I was playing an internet game.

    Keep coming back.. also there are many other posts waiting your arrival, read them too... :)

  24. Must be a born Poet then ;) It's good keep doing your work! :)

  25. Priya: Thanks again for coming and commenting over here...It's always great to see you here.. :)
    and nops.. I'm not a born poet and even I don't take myself as a poet. I just pen down whatever evil comes in my mind.. :)

    Keep coming back.. :)