Wednesday, March 30, 2011


From past few months there has been a vibrant change in me which has altered my way of thinking significantly. Sometimes, it confuses me and more often it bewilders me to re-think on my past actions. And, at other times it motivates me to do better and guides me to be more productive in future. I really find myself in tough paths while dealing with such an ideological tremor. Yet, now I can sense the positivity behind this entire shift. Now, I don’t get angry or irritated even if someone continuously tries to make me so, rather I focus on the good aspects of it( mind me, everything has some or the other good things attached).  

Is it I’m getting too much self-centred? Is it what people call being egoistic?

I guess the answer is NO. 

This all is just because I’m getting closer to myself. I have started acting the way I want and not what others want from me even if it hurts someone. I took birth not to make everyone happy so why should I follow someone else norms? I don’t know when and how this realization came in me but I want to keep with this self realization for long, till the end of my life.

Over the past few months a thought sprang in me that I’m not inferior to anyone. May be, at times I may not be the best, than too it doesn’t make me less competent. Yet, this hasn’t stopped me in extracting the good qualities from others. I’m really loving it and enjoying each and every moment of the divine me


  1. Well said! If you are a god fearing person fear HIM and leave the rest... World is really jealous of your success, they will underestimate/demolish you.. So just chuck them out of your life! Be Yourself!

  2. Priya: yeah.. absolutely we should know how to chuck the odd one's out from our life before they do the same with us. It's always a treat to see you here.. :)

  3. We all should live for our own selves and shower the requisite love whenever required, thats not called selfishness. and secondly, I think what u r going thru is acclimatization to life ( that according to me each one of us undergoes on regular basis) to emerge as a stronger and more successful being! so keep living and smileee :))


  4. Sarah: Great to see you here after a long time.. and how can anyone differ from what you just said... :)

    Weakest Link always awaits your presence.. :)Keep coming :)

  5. nice thought. i havbe always beleived that one must beleive in one's inner self and never lose his/her space to be just her/him....for what ever the reason. beleive in God and yourself to make this life worth while.

  6. Nitu: great to see you here and yeah absolutely irrespective of the fact that quite a sometime one's own decision and beliefs may go wrong than too he/she will be guided with an inner satisfaction that the thing whether right or wrong was accomplished by them.

    Keep coming back :)

  7. self-reflection can be an engaging and at the same time exhausting process.

    Highs and lows, insecurities and fears...all become more bearable and more manageable if we are aware of them, I guess.

    restless and struggling to know myself, but still on this project.

    happy blogging.
    thanx for dropping by my blog.

  8. Amropali: Thanks for dropping by here, it was nice to see you here. Keep coming back :)

  9. A very self motivating post Rachit.. Once in a while its nice to write such posts it reminds us of our worth and we feel on the top of the world.. but its good. Liked this post a lot.. I have written such posts a lot :)


  10. Tanvi: glad to see you back here.. and yeah its always good to write about you.. :)