Thursday, September 22, 2011

Those One Hour : Part 3

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The light turned red of the second floor OT at the Swami Vivekananda Polyclinic. With every passing moment her heart sank, thoughts crumbled and dreams shattered. Things were going all smooth for Raj and Sneha, a happily married couple with a girl child Smriti until the dreaded disclosure. 

Raj was an entrepreneur who had his hands laid out on many ventures and was making high fortunes because of his exceptional intelligentsia and energetic hard-work. Sneha was an investment banker with a multinational company prior to giving it completely to Smriti care. With few hiccups in any other marriage life things were turning out to be all together pleasant till an hour back. 

Raj life had only two passions, making high fortunes and loving his family unconditionally. Sneha equally loved Raj with utmost devotion and cared for Raj as her second child beside Smriti. Raj never asked Sneha about her past and took her as she was. Sneha too forgetting all about her past devoted her complete life to her small family.

But, her past was waiting to haunt her present. Sneha while being an investment banker in Tokyo was in a relationship with a colleague. Investment banker life involves uneasy working hours, long schedules and high work pressure. Away from her home with none for emotional support she looked to him at times of joy and sorrow. To ease out her mood now and then she got into physical relationship with her boyfriend. Sneha’s parents were against her relationship and when deserted by her boyfriend she succumbed to her family pressure of marrying Raj. 

Present Day:

Raj was working in his office attached to his house when he received a notification about a new mail from an unknown mailer id. Taking it to be a customer query mail he clicked the notification. The mail contained a video of her wife in sexually explicit act with someone unknown to him. 

Raj couldn’t believe his eyes, in dismal and pain he went straight towards her wife who was in the kitchen at the other side of the house. On his way to Sneha his legs slipped through the stairs while his mind was preoccupied with hundred mutinies. Down to ground with thousand wounds Raj only words that he could utter were “Why Sneha”?

It’s been an hour since the OT light has turned RED.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Once, Once & Once

Once I had a dream ,
A dream to shake the world
From the ruptures of silence
Of achieving the unattainable
& Creating a new Ethiopia !

Once I was strong ,
Compose the veracity lyrics
& Fight the serpent :))

Once it was all about me ,
Thoughts were chaotic ,
Nights were spend visualizing
& Days crawling over the dreams !

Once I was a learner ,
Passion was an obsession
& Success was an unseen necessity !

Once, Once & Once
I was with you

Friday, September 9, 2011

Myths of being an Engineering Student

  • The biggest myth being deep rooted in the neural network of students preparing for an engineering entrance exams is that after completion of 4 years of engineering course he/she will be a proud member of the community of manufactures i.e. will be crowned an engineer. But, in reality only 6 months of industrial training suffixing the engineering is all that it takes to be an engineer. 
  •  Engineers are highly paid breed of humans. In contrast, a fresher gets a lower pay package than a diploma holder in a production plant provided you aren't from the herds of " MERE PAPA KE PASS BAHUT PAISA HAI " students.  
  • Engineering and management studies are related. In reality, engineering has nothing to do with management. A lucrative salary is what attracts people to management studies.
  • Engineers are absolute nerds and geeks who just can't do anything but study. In reality they are the ones who study the least in all their 4 years of graduation.
  • Engineering student makes lots of assignments which help them getting closer to their subjects. In reality it’s only the girls who make all the assignments on due date, boys believe in the art of copying. An assignment only helps in getting closer to the opposite sex.
  • The one who passes with maximum marks is the one who knows the concept of engineering the best. In reality such students are the one who have mastered the art of mugging. The one who actually knows the concepts finds it harder even to get grace marks.
  • Engineering has the most rigorous semester system having no loopholes. In reality, major part of the semesters is spent bunking is needs an immediate revision. 
  • 100% placements are all but a trap to get the new admissions.
  • An engineering student will know how to repair TV, radio, mobile etc. In reality engineering has a vast network of branches. You can’t expect an instrumentation engineer to debug computer software’s. 

NOTE: Students preparing for Engineering Entrance Exams please never get occupied by the stray magnetic thoughts of getting a GF once you land up in any of the engineering colleges. Better choose other degree courses instead of ruining your dreams.