Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hurry, Before the offer ends… a painful love story!

Disclaimer: This post is a work of fiction and any resemblance with living (girls) or dead (me) is purely coincidental. 

Once upon a time in the history of torturous high school board days blossom a love story with genuine fragrance of pure jasmine. Those were the tough days of pre board analysis when the school authority kept no stone upturn to bully the callow unadulterated growing minds. Repetitive test paper submission remainders were met with deaf ears. Principal piqued with the Raj successive performance called him one day in her office. For an hour she opened up the front with full vigor against the Raj only to be stopped by a melodious heavenly girly voice. 

Raj looked back to see his savior and was dazzled up by the beauty of Smriti. She was a year junior to him yet was the captain of one of the school four houses including his. Something strange happened that day; Raj spoke with none of his friends and preferred to be left alone. Everyone thought it was the effect of principal gospel but none knew that Raj was in love for the first time in his life.

Now his favorite recess sport was to hang in and around Smriti and admire her beauty for hours. He loved the way the gentle summer breeze drove her tingling hairs. Such news can’t be hidden for long and gradually every other student not only in his but also in her class came to know about Raj new found love, including Smriti. But never for once he dared to propose the girl of his dream for the sheer reason of not been able to sustain the pain of refusal. 

Even, Smriti liked Raj and admired his looks but waited for him to first express his divine feelings. Slowly and slowly the clock ticked and the time passed. Raj school years came to an end with his 12th board exam. It was the last day of his school; juniors gave a thrilling farewell party to the seniors.

Raj penned a poem, Your Poor Nerd, expressing his love, gathered courage, drank a cola and went straight towards Smriti with a rose in his hands and admiration in his soul. But all his dreams were shattered when he saw Smriti accepting a rose from his classmate. School ended soon and never ever after Raj tried to meet her. 

Footnote: Hurry, before the offer ends. The writer bears no responsibility whatsoever about the content and source, please bear with my ignorance.


  1. Ahh..teenage, romance and infatuations... Short and sweet story.

  2. ahh Poor Raj!

    cute lil story, reminded me my school life..ahh teen-age...there is nothing like this phase in life..good work:)

  3. buhahahahaha!!!! so indian so filmy! =p

  4. Okay wow wow awesome heehee :D Nice one :D :D
    Raj the name rings heeheee :D


  5. LOL, poor Nerd :D

    Humourous post :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Alka: lovely days :)

    Mishi: your story? share with us:)

    Crimson: I'm an Indian :D

    Tanvi: Raj, the name rings?? read the disclaimer.. :P

    Tarunima: thanks:)

    BA: a petal once used the term nerd as a pejorative but the fellow took it otherwise. :)

  7. hi Rachit...
    the story will remind many of ur readers of their teen age period....

  8. haha....super filmy n entertainin....poor raj...srry "Poor Nerd"...:P....nice post...

  9. Irfanuddin: even it reminded me of my school days :)

    Vaisakhi: Raj aka sweet simple school boy is truly a poor nerd. :)

  10. much was the discount going on btw ;) amusing post and so true with guys ;)

  11. Rachit...
    the post reminded you of ur school days or the memories of those days made you to write this post???...:P

  12. i too late..has Raj been picked up already???????????i got stuck up in trying to b simran:-)

    fun post!:-)

  13. Gargi: So true with boys? I love the girls who dare to speak their minds. And Diwali is near, bonanza may be on the cards. :P

    Ifranuddin: hehe, you will get me kill for sure. :D

    Suruchi: Well after 3 crushes and two failed love stories Raj is again looking for a jasmine. :P Thanks:)

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  15. ...very simple it may seem yet very effective when read... i believe you managed to pull the individuality of the characters here: Smriti and Raj... especially Raj who suffered from lack of confidence and courage to express himself to the girl of his life... definitely a woman like Smriti would not want a man who has low self-esteem... this story proves the saying: "No guts, no Glory!".. thanks for the read. I enjoyed it though i would prefer to have it in much longer version to emphasize more the characters and the scenes and the rest other elements that might be in significance...(:

    Good day!:)


  16. Wipro: Thanks for your praiseworthy words :) Keep coming back :)

    Windowlad: Thanks:) and initially the post was about Raj and his 3 crushes but during the course I lost devotion and published only the first part. :(

  17. I missed reading your posts... its good to be back again :)
    The story u narrated is a commonplace... u can site it in every school and college.

    Poor chap.... Gathered guts, but it was too late !!

  18. It's life after all, and this is pretty true.
    I mean I can't relate with it but have surely witnessed a hundred of them myself ;)
    Nicely written :)

  19. Jyoti: Glad to see you back :) Weakest Link missed you. And yeah, every now and then we experience something similar yet we love falling it all over again. :)

    Risha: Thanks for following my blog :) Keep coming back :) So you never had such lovely proposals:? Or, you fell for the boy itself in your first one?

  20. Ohh, I bet!!
    Have enjoyed these times like anything in school. Had experienced a couple of them, yeah. No flaunting. ;)
    And well, I did fell in for one, but not the first one. I never wanted to cut short on the excitement that comes along, you know!! :D

  21. I saw you networking with my beautiful friend risha and eventually ended here.
    Quite true the stuff is :) You've painted the characters very well :)
    Happy Blogging :)

  22. Risha: Monsoons surfaces our romantic side. :)

    Ayushi: Thanks for following my blog. And see networking help, Weakest LINK got a new follower. Visit site map for ease in surfing. :)

  23. You really bet rachit, This girl has had all the male attention one could ever ask for ;)

  24. Aayushi: what was that? Nevertheless, girls get all the attention and in this particular case my blog too. :)

  25. yeah true.. that's the basic nature of human being.

  26. Jyoti: Agree :)

    GN: Thanks:)

  27. I like the message in the end so true HUrry before its too late .. I to beleive that one shud say whats in the heart .. lest you have to live with the thought WHAT IF ..

    lovely story ..


  28. BIkramjit: Thanks:) And yeah.. jo dil mein hai khul ke bol do :D

  29. Firstly, a great story and a nice catchy way of putting it.
    Now, though I agree that Raj is at fault for not having the guts for a long time, I believe it happened for the good that they did not end up together... a girl who can't wait and allow the other person to get enough time to express his love, does not really love him....

    Having said that, in a real situation things are different than the ideal i just pointed out...

    Loved reading this... and will end like everyone here : Poor Raj! :p