Monday, July 11, 2011

A New International India

Subhas Chandra Bose and many others were adamantly opposed to a standing army. Army’s not only eats away the countries money but also takes its blood. And it just keeps getting worse, politician may say that armed personal are there to defend our freedom but in reality they are fighting and dying to make the rich richer and create endless new enemies for the state. 

How can any government justify spending 2.8% of countries GDP on defense related purpose when still after 62 years of Independence we are looked down as a poor country? We have people been starving for millions of years and instead of giving them a better future our country spends billions for becoming a super power and competing in a mad race of power, fame and money.

Why don’t we declare India an international country? Isn’t it wise to drop the boundaries, all passport limitation and disbanding the army? India should declare that it is no longer a nation, that it belongs to the whole world. We truly know the fact that wining a war against China, Russia or America is out of the cards for us. As a matter of fact China already occupies thousands of miles of our land and India has not even the guts to ask them for the speedy return of that land.

Jawaharlal Nehru once said, "That land is useless, not even grass grows there." So if not even grass grows there and it is useless, why did we go to war in the first place? We should have told the Chinese that you can occupy as much as you can. Not even grass grows. We give it to you as a gift. Wasn’t that would have been more gentlemanly—to give it to them as a gift, rather than to be defeated. 

So when we cannot win the conventional war why not take some other course? We should declare that from henceforth we won’t be maintaining any army, will be sending all the troops to fields or factories and for doing public good. We have been attacked in our past, so our arms and armies don't help.

People will argue that in such a situation India will become an easy target for anyone to attack but even now we live in such a hostile environment where anybody can attack us—what difference does it make? Even the biggest powers have been attacked. We have seen powerful and mighty nations like Germany and Japan being defeated.

In fact, then to attack India will become extremely difficult because there will be a worldwide condemnation. A country, who declares itself defenseless, drops its arms and goes to the fields and the factories, welcomes everybody who wants to come, to invest and to bring industries. It will be almost impossible for anybody to attack India because the whole world will be against that attacker.

We will garnish so much sympathy and support worldwide that no country will dare to harm us.

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  1. That's a very witty thought... Drop the armies... but I am lil bit at contradiction here.
    Army is a country's first line of defense... Don't u think it'll be too experimental to try something like this.

    I agree war never do any good either side !!

  2. woooww,

    this is a very very thoughtful piece. infact nations like US, Russia, China, Pakisthan, Iran and UK should also think the way you think.

    its a very thoughtful read indeed. Hats off to you for being very thougtful.......

  3. interesting and lateral viewpoint. but India is currently the greatest arms inporter in the world. In an idea world, no country would have any weapons!

  4. Jyoti: I have already mention that attacking India with arms is much more easier than without arms. Look at Japan, it has no army of its own and yet its a world power. :)

    Stalker: Thanks for your appreciation:)

    Confusedyuppie: Our nation maker can use money effectively for the purpose of solving problems like poverty, malnutrition, education and health. Good to see you here, keep coming back :)

    Kochuravi: Thanks:) Keep coming back :)

  5. finally someone who thinks like i do...great post...totally agree with you...if all soldiers puts down their arms, there would be no war...

  6. So thoughtful and appealing indeed!
    Great post, Rachit :)

  7. Was that a satire? Or are you kidding me? Sympathy? India? Next thing you'll say is that let Pakistan and China take claim of all of India, nothing would grow here after that, at least not minds.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. Sub: :)

    Simran: Thanks :)

    BA: Even now we can't fight with China and Pak being a nuclear state it will be a suicide to harm them, that's why in 2003 after parliament attack despite of moving army at the border for more then 6 months Vajpayee government never dared to order for a march. Instead of spending huge sum of money on something wasteful our government should use it for social reforms.

  9. Sympathy is not good.. and your post is a perfect piece of satirical writing :)


  10. Great thought.

    Future is going to be all about cyber wars, biological weapons....

  11. Tanvi: can't say much, thanks for commenting over here:)

    Alka: quite true :)

  12. Rachit: hmmm...Nice experimental thought but I don't quite agree with it...We all have gates in our house for security purpose, not that those gates are stronger or something( Most of the times you can just jump in ;), but atleast it gives perception to people standing outside that some barrier is there if they want to get in. If you think this on country level, this really makes a big difference...I would rather think of getting back the black money to India from Swiss banks for poor people and education...ooops don't wanna write a post here. tc

  13. I liked your satire the most :)
    Thoughtful post indeed :)

  14. Wow!! Great thoughts...

    Our dear father of the nation said "Be the change you want to see in others". So I'd say you should start by dropping the boundaries of your home / room and declaring it public property / national property / international property. I'll let you call anything you want to, but you should immediately drop all your claims to it, and let other people use it as they wish. After all, going by your logic, you cannot fight anyone who is stronger than you, so you do not have the right to boundary. And that way you will gather so much sympathy from others that it will become impossible for others to trespass into your room!!

    Who told you Japan does not have any military?? They have renounced their right to declare war on any nation and had to reduce their military power due to covenants imposed on them after losing in WW II, but they very much maintain an army for self defense and peace keeping roles.

    When one is surrounded by bullies, like India is, you don't just open your doors and tell them 'take what you can, I am oh - so peace loving'. That scenario exists only in movies and Utopian novels. What one actually does is to fortify and become stronger.

    BTW, do you have any idea how much does each of developed nations spend on defense as %age of GDP? You'd be surprised by some of the figures. I don't know what countries you have been reading about, but you seriously need to read more about Israel. It'll give you some new perspective.

    And in the entire recorded history of earth, when has defenselessness of one stopped any person / nation from attacking any other nation?

    Beggars also live on sympathy. How much sympathy they actually get is for all to see.

    Get real.
    We don't live in Utopia.

  15. u have pointed out some really imp facts..thts actually the reality many ppl deny to accept

  16. Gargi: Yeah, I understand the point that n our houses we do have boundaries and doors yet we don't carry guns loaded with bullets to keep intruders away. A neighbor respects your privacy as you do his without any nuclear war. :P

    Ayushi:Keep coming back :)

  17. Gagan bh: Its a pleasure to see you here! Its about India not any individual home. I said the same to Gargi on the comment above. And Japan maintains an army for UN peace keeping force, another matter of discussion that why something like peace needs an army.
    Also, Its true we don't live in an imaginary world like Utopia yet we should always strive to make this world a better place to live. Why to follow other developed powers in a mad race? Why don't India coin its own term?

    Ok, I understand the risk involved in this, may be our neighboring countries may attack us but then our country is already up in the arms. More than half of our districts are moists affected, we witness a terrorist attack every now and then. So, a point is very clear that the conventional means aren't proving any good either to us or to our neighbors. Something more concrete is needed to be done.

    Meanwhile, visit.. I hope you will like it.

  18. Thanks for linking up with "the perfect line". I have added your link to my weekly Friends' Meetup Party. Hope you drop by and share with your friends :)

  19. witty stuff....but lettin go of army...give sympathy the reins of our country's is like hypothetical overconfidence to think tat we ll be safe wid our values and our merciful sympathetic lets u live wid a sense of safety...even if nothin is write just the sense of people wakin at the border for u turns out to be an "all iz well" thing...:)

  20. Mehreen : :-) I will be there .

    Vaiskahi: personal thoughts.. we have tried war and agony for years, lets give peace a chance. :)

  21. Your thoughts are revolutionary but are these really possible? Thinks again,and one day you will be able to bring the real revolution with a better and feasible model,
    Best wishaes,
    विवेक जैन

  22. thats a Good thought .. But sadly it does not work .. because if attacked by the time Other so called countries come to the rescue .. the damage will be done ..


  23. Vivek: Welcome to Weakest Link, and thanks for calling my thoughts revolutionary 'coz revolutions only have the caliber to mold societies. Keep coming back :)

    Bikramjit: Thanks and welcome to Weakest Link:) The fear may stop us from diving into the unknown sea yet once jumped we let it free. Keep coming back :)

  24. Rachit! award is waiting for you on my blog :)

  25. I also think somewhat along the same lines. Although, what you opine is utopian, but I wish we had more people like you. We could become the next Switzerland! :)

  26. Suraj: In today's news heard about Indian Government spending more Eighty thousand crores for fighter planes. May be the dream seems to be of a Utopia yet soon it will mater to all of us. Welcome to Weakest Link, keep reading :)