Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why always RSS?

Always I wondered why the secular sect of political parties gets tormented even by the slightest thought of RSS.

The inquisitiveness in me roused manifold when I saw a political debate over alleged RSS & Anna Hazare link in a 24*7 news channel. As propagated, it seems in general that RSS might be an orthodox right wing Hindu nationalist organization working for the welfare of only Hindus. But the facts available online give you an all together different picture. The policy of minority appeasement for the sake of individual political gains is the prime source for such a distorted image. 

Why always RSS and other Hindu organizations are seen with a layer of suspicion? 
Ironically, the same government that leaves no stone upturn in ridiculing the social organizations in the name of national security pleads in with the terrorist groups for an open discussion with no conditions. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the government of India that liberated Dadra and Nagar Haveli from Portuguese occupation but the social organizations like RSS that compelled the Portuguese officials to free Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli gave a boost to the freedom movement against the Portuguese in Goa. 

Even the former critic of RSS Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru appreciated the volunteer work of the Sangh during the Sino-Indian War in 1962 and had called them to take part in the Indian Republic day parade of 1963. Later in 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars too, the RSS volunteers offered their services to maintain law and order of the country and were apparently the first to donate blood. While in 1947 when the major political party shook hands with the Britishers and went ahead with the partition of the country, the RSS opposed the brutish Britishers and Muslim separatism. Sadly, none recalls it today. 

The so-called secular parties wastes no time whatsoever in accusing RSS for being anti-nationalist when many of the religious outfits in the country that are working to destabilize the Indian state are seldom checked and controlled for mere political gains . Google it and you will find that the sole motto of RSS is to revitalize the Indian value system based on universalism and peace with an immediate focus on Hindu renaissance, which would build an egalitarian society and a strong India that could propound this philosophy. The organization says, it aspires to unite all Hindus and build a strong India, which could contribute to the welfare of the world. The movement considers Hindus as inclusive of Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, tribals, untouchables, Veerashaivism, Arya Samaj, Ramakrishna Mission, etc. as a community, a view similar to inclusive referencing of the term Hindu in the Indian Constitution. 

When the country is suffering from illiteracy and poverty the RSS is taking a lead role in providing the education to people of rural India and socially backward classes living under the extreme poverty. The messiah of Harijans Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar while visiting the RSS camp at Pune observed that RSS volunteers were moving in absolute equality and brotherhood with no sign of caste differences. On the other hand government never misses a chance of creating differences in between different religions and castes. Even in the Jan Lokpall bill where the prime motto was eradicating corruption the government tabled reservations thus dividing the country based on religious lines. Dr Zakir Hussain the former President of India once said that the allegations against RSS of violence and hatred against Muslims are wholly false. Muslims should learn the lesson of mutual love, cooperation and organization from RSS. 

The country must understand the evil motive of the government in fueling a conspiracy theory against the social organizations like RSS. Hindus in particular and Indians in general must use their electoral powers wisely in keeping such political parties away from the power module who defame the nation with false allegations. The spokesperson of such political parties won’t gather courage to utter even a single word against the ones who beat up fellow North Indians or against the ones who cry out loud to divide the country for political gains. But never losses a chance to cry foul against the noble deeds of right wing organizations. 

A thought may creep in your mind that why the self proclaimed secular political parties are against such a nationalist social organization that has no political inclination?  
The fear accumulates from the revolutionary like foundation and working of RSS. Rough figures estimates that there are around 5-6 million RSS member throughout the country. Though the organization has no political upbringing yet the fear of political appraisal worry the political sleuths. Someday mass hysteria cause due to lowering of political standards may bring in revolutionary organization RSS as the central socio-political outfit making it hard for family politics to sustain.
Happy & Prosperous New Year
Note: I'm neither an active nor a passive member of RSS. 

Source: Wikipedia.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Can’t I Lie?

At times in life being distracted a thought frowns at me that “Why Can’t I Lie?”
Why the unbreakable thread of innocence binds me with sullen believe?

Lust engulfs,
She messages, “Isn’t it true love”?
Being puzzle I reply,
Why Can’t I Lie?

Examination torments,
Results suffer,
Parents inquire, “How’s marks”?
Being sorry I reply,
Why Can’t I Lie?

Company’s recruits,
Destiny blackens,
Acquaintances laugh, “Where’s going”?
Being perturb I reply,
Why Can’t I Lie?

Heart sinks,
Life camouflages,
God whips, “What’s happening”?
Being crushed I reply,
Why Can’t I Lie?

note: work of fiction

Monday, December 19, 2011

Past Perfect to Present Continuous

“The darker the clouds gets, the brighter I shine to outcast the shadow.”

Was the motto of my life till few months back… my life resonated with the path of optimism & positive vibe surrounded it until I came in last year of my degree. I never knew the life will take such a drastic shift and things will shape up so differently with twists & turns all around. But then the destiny plays an important role in a person life and when it comes to me it gets eternal supreme powers to disturb the balance of life.

A month back I was a carefree happy go lucky boy without compulsions and now the mere thought of future perplexes me. The pleasurable college days are far gone and now the wicked world awaits me with an iron rod. It’s not like I’m not getting offers, but the crest for the best haunts me. 

"Lately life has been a roller coaster ride with swings everywhere"

Even the only arena which somehow with unknown reasons accepted me i.e. the blogging world has become a bit intolerant with me as my last post was a disaster in terms of fellow bloggers comments. I always wrote post for the self satisfaction and will keep on doing till I get bombarded with creative thoughts.

"The more you ignore me, the better I do to survive."

There’s so much to write & read with so less time. I’m into my last semester of engineering which was quite a while ago the most awaited semester but now it seems the most dreaded one. The last sem is an off-campus sem where I have to undergo a 6 months long industrial training because a moron some 14 years back while drafting the law of All India Technical Education thought of exposing the young minds to the real world. Few months back the last sem appeared to be full of new experiences loaded with lots of learning, fun & a new life altogether. But now it appears as it would have been the best if the last semester would have never come up in such a fabulous student life. 

"Memories grow more meaningful with every passing year, more cherished & more profound."

Quite true are the above lines as now I miss each & every moment of hostel life. Someday for sure I will craft a post on my hostel life. I don’t know why I came up with this post in the first place, may be at times ramblings help. 

Will be back soon... happy blogging!

Friday, December 9, 2011

UP Future: Trouble Ahead

It has been quite a while since I wrote any political post. I can’t blame the present state of the country for not providing me with enough burning topics :P . Moreover, it was all my ignorance which kept me at bay from interfering in the political scenario of the country. But then it would be read as my negligence if I remain quiet about the recent furor caused by the political instability due to the upcoming state assembly elections in my native state i.e. Uttar Pradesh. 
Little bit of knowledge about Uttar Pradesh is essential before plunging deep in the woods. Uttar Pradesh holds the key to the Prime Ministerial seat at Delhi with the most number of MP’s from a single state. Also it’s the country most populous state, amazingly leaving behind many countries. And, importantly, Uttar Pradesh is the second to largest state-economy in India, after the Indian state of Maharashtra. Yet it’s the perfect example of crumbling state machinery in neglect. 

UP presently is governed by the Dalit centric political party BSP which sprang the last assembly election with full majority using its unique Sarva Jan Sahay slogan. Interestingly, after coming into power it wasted millions on building large monuments and parks instead of social and industrial development that subsequently can be seen as the last nail in the coffin of a dead poor state. It’s saddening to hear when someone after ruling the state for four long years proposes to divide it into four individual identities on the behest of proper development. 

Don’t worry the other major political parties aren’t far from paralyzing the already weakened state. The grand old INC that turned itself into a lucrative dynastic career opportunity left no stone upturned in crippling the state. When the self proclaimed future PM of India begged the state people in a recent rally to bring his party into the power so that they can revive the derailed development projects I felt cheated. It’s making fool of the public when someone asks for five more years after ruling barbarically each and every nook and corner of the country for almost four decades. And adding to the humiliation is the leading figure who reportedly doesn’t know what his cabinet is unto. 

I’m not pro-BJP. How can I vote for someone with mixed ideologies? They draft proposals with full vigor in their tenure and oppose the same while in opposition.

Does that happen to make me a communist? I never heard of them in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Are they really campaigning in the state? Do they even have a office here? Ah, then whom to vote… perplexing question. Isn’t it? It’s best to remain at home then to vote for someone undeserving and unqualified. 

Why not boycott the whole election fiasco? May be that will force the government to take some bold decisions. 

Note: I know there are other political parties like SP & RLD active in UP. But, did I have to waste your 2 minutes more in making you read about them? Also, views expressed are personal.

Will be back soon !