Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today I Cried

Today I cried
I cried to show my pain
My love & my hate
M broken & m lost

Today I cried                  
I cried for the tormenting exams
For the sleepless nights & playful days
I cried ‘coz marks won’t matter now
No teachers & no tutor

Today I cried
I cried for the wonderful days gone
For the hard days to come
I cried ‘coz once I was a student
Loving restrictions

Today I cried
I cried to let the feelings flow
Unraveling the hidden me
I cried ‘coz once I dreamt
‘coz once it was only about me


  1. hey !!
    very lovely n well expressed the phase u r goin

  2. crying is good sometimes as it washes away the sorrows of our soul and makes us feel light

  3. Omg.....u speak my thoughts and my feelings Rachit..this sem has been a gruesome one for me and m waiting for it to get ova soon...
    But hey dont u worry my frnd...we gotta cling to 'hope' to look forward to..we gotta overlook the darkness to see a bright sun shine and then take that glimmer and tread our days forwrd..
    Hoping all this is for the good...well as they say " Everything happens for the good" sure the good isn't seen at that moment but lets believe that soon we will see that it was all worth it my frnd..

  4. lovely lines Rachit....very well expressed...student no more...welcome to the new phase of life...:)

  5. wow Rachit.that was lovely and Emotional! so your student life is over?

  6. Bursting in tears is more better than to get suffocate with the pain..
    But yes..You must observe the positiveness around to get feel with energetic mind set and determination..
    All the best!

  7. Beautiful would be an understatement

  8. awwww...we hate not being students and going into the ruthless world outside-but such is life!
    hopefully...this would be the end of tears and time for fresh new beginnings:-)

  9. wonderful one..... may be i shall feel the same way soon...
    well its gud that you cried and let out your feelings...

  10. loving restrictions they r indeed..this student life is so very beautiful and care-free. Its actually hard to express in words the feelings one goes thru..but then life has to move on- one phase after another :)
    Dont worry, its gonna be alright dude!


  11. Welcome the our world...Very touchy poem!

  12. Jyoti: Thanks .. :)

    AS: yeah it does.., but it just a thought.. i never creid litreally :P

    Rahul: Thanks and welcome to the weakest Link.. hope to see you here more often :)

    Aakriti: Good to see you back here... and yeah everything happens for a reason :)

    Sub: Lets see how the new phase welcomes me.. still looking for job though :(

    Mishi: its pretty much over as the next sem happens to be the last sem dedicated to fulltime industry training.. so the present sem is the last incampus sem. Hows you :)

    Deepak: thanks buddy:)

    Simran: and thats why I cried :)

    Red Handed : Thanks :)

    Suruchi: lets see how the new world awaits me.. with open arms or high ego's ::O

    Haritha: I never cried litreally.. it just the metaphor expressing my feelings.. :P thanks :)

    Sarah: Thanks sarah for such lovely words..

  13. Saru: hehehe.. thanks for such a gala welcome :)

    Rachna: thanks :)

  14. Hi Rachit,

    leaving the college and frnds is one of the toughest moments every student has to face at some point of time! when the time comes tears cant wait any more..

    we miss all the fun and the crazy things we all do being students..

    anyway, welcome u to the next phase of your life..wish u all the best..

  15. College life is the best life ever....Your tears are worthwhile for college life getting over! But life is about moving on and proving yourself in the next role too:-)

  16. BP: thanks for such an open heart welcome.. yeah it hurts but its a part of life.. you can never run ouf it :)

    Gargi: thanks gargi... can understand it:)

    Seema: thanks n welcome to weakest Link.. hope you will love reading other post @ Site Map

  17. hey! long time! pretty cool it is! =)

  18. Right from the heart!
    Deep writing :)

  19. It is okay to let go of emotions...I can cry at the drop of a hat...But hope and pray that you never ever have tears in your eyes...Lovely weave.

  20. Crimson Coral: Hey hi.. hru? pretty long.. and thanks .... :)

    Juhi: thanks yaar.. :)

    Alka: yeah at times its good to let your emotions flow... :)

  21. Crying will wash away the pain.

  22. Crying is more real than laughter at times :)

  23. Purba: it does at times :)

    The BB: yeah... true words :)

  24. WOW! So beautiful and sweet!

    “…let the feelings flow..unravelling the hidden me..."


  25. Mega Smiles: Welcome to weakest LINK.... hope to see you more.. and don't miss to explore site map at the upper right hand side of the tab bar... it will let you know this place profoundly.. :)

    Weakest LINK

  26. i loved the last para a lot :).... but then, thats the beauty of life isnt it...

  27. Menachery: yeah.. the beauty is to live life as it comes... :) Keep coming back :)

  28. writer having a very deep thinking about love ........

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