Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anti-Ragging Affidavit: A Curious Outlook

For past three years I have been submitting an anti-ragging affidavit for getting myself register for the next academic session in my college.

The affidavit in bold letters read: Undertaking from the Students as per the provisions of anti-ragging verdict by the honorable Supreme Court that I have read and understood the directives of the Honorable Supreme Court of India on anti-ragging and the measures proposed to be taken in the above references. I understand the meaning of Ragging and know that the ragging in any form is a punishable offence and the same is banned by the Court of Law. Also, I have not been found or charged for my involvement in any kind of ragging in the past. However, I undertake to face disciplinary action / legal proceedings including expulsion from the Institute if the above statement is found to be untrue or the facts are concealed, at any stage in future. And lastly, I shall not report to ragging in any form at any place and shall abide by the rules / laws prescribed by the Courts, Govt. of India and the Institute authorities for the purpose from time to time.

Every time when I see my peers and other students outside the notary office fulfilling this impracticable yet noted exercise I ask myself a question… will a sheet of paper help in solving the menace of ragging? 

I know an affidavit is more than just a mere sheet of paper; it’s a legal agreement of yours with the state laws whose violations may get you in deep trouble. Still, the question remains intact, does the possibility of getting punish stops one from committing crime? If making laws would have served the purpose than our society would have been crime and criminal free. There would have been no need of police to grab the criminals, lawyers to get them convict and judges for announcement of punishment. Isn’t it? 

There’s also another question peeping in my intrusive mind. What’s the difference between ragging and a healthy introduction? Ragging in form of any violent activity can never be justified. But does asking a junior about his/her name falls in the purview of ragging? I won’t talk of other courses but as far as engineering is concerned majority of the students enrolled aren’t from the same city and hail from across the country with varied family and cultural backgrounds. And, thus seniors act as their guardians, friends, counselor and motivator in a new environment. There are colleges across the country where the institution itself organizes introduction party. Also, the same is true when you join a new workplace. So ragging and introduction can’t be seen with the same glasses.

I’m of the opinion that instead of framing laws government, lawmakers and institutions should devote more time and energy in creating an ambience free of criminality in the pensive minds of students.

Also, is ragging a one sided affair?

Yeah almost it is a one sided affair. I never heard something like a junior ragging a senior except in Munnabhai MBBS. But, have heard many-a-times a junior using the special power vested in his/her hand for settling personal repulsive disputes. The voice of the senior is heard only after his being expelled even when he did nothing offensive. Isn't such a callous law against the basic tenets of democracy? 

Summing up the post, laws without creating awareness will die out in affidavits like such.

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  1. Great Work and Congratulations !!! Cheers!!!

  2. I agree with you totally! They make us fill the forms and sit back with folded hands. While the real stuff is still going on.

  3. Perhaps, I've seen how indifferent we became when our juniors came. They don't come to us for guidance, and we definitely are not preachers.
    And regarding their accusing seniors just like that, it is a possibility, so we just minded our own business.

    Congratulations for being listed.

  4. ragging is such a disputed issue and not right in any form-for a youngster just stepping into the threshold of college life is very impressionable and vulnerable...and you are right. what good would signing of papers do except perhaps spread its awareness which in any case is done by media and even notices put around the colleges...

    congraulations on being included in the list and the award:-)

  5. Saru S.:Thanks:) Keep Coming back.

    Kushal A.:That's the real point. Thanks for commenting, keep coming back :)

    BA: Yeah,the attitude needs a change, have seen how students who never gave their intro's are so mercilessly calling juniors for an intro session. Thanks:)

    Vathuthashi: Its been long since you last commented. Thanks for coming back :)

    Suruchi: Notices and conferences won't solve the true purpose. It's a self introspection which forbids a students indulging in such inhuman acts. And, for that government should try to organize events at school level itself. Thanks:)

  6. first of all....congrats...:-)

    secondly, ragging is not bad...'harmful' ragging is...ragging helps juniors interact with seniors, people get to know each other, it helps you overcome fear, and makes you a smarter person...

    thirdly, a piece of paper cannot stop 'harmful' ragging...people hurt other people only because they are stressed... unfortunately our academic system creates that stress in the mind of the students...more should be done on reducing that stress that signing a piece of stupid paper...

  7. aah after a very long time visited your blog and its always a pleasure reading your blogs . indeed a very thoughtful post.A piece of paper can't stop ragging. Otherwise their are many law made by government if people keep those all in mind no one will try to attempt any kind of crime.I remember my first year when we were disturbed by some MBA's later we complained. and then they said sorry and ask us to take our complain back.

    congrats now u r in fourth year or chhoti moti ragging le lena ;)

  8. a very thoughtful and interesting post. i cant agree more ... its a matter of big concern for me as years are just whiffing past and soon my son would be ready for college ... i just cant stop worrying ...

    and congratulations :)

  9. totall yagree with you, as you said the piece of paper wont stop ragging .. but then it depends what we take as ragging

    initial days and seniors asking you to do a silly things is not ragging I went through , we did to juniors I dont mind that , I think it is healthy as it intoduces people ..

    YEAH things have gone out of hand sometimes as i have read in the news people have become physical and torture etc THAT IS RAGGING.. and that i am totally against .. Anything that harms another is WRONG and shud be dealt with very hard ..

    but again as you say awareness is needed more .. the colleges are covering there back by getting a document signed thats silly , they shud instead create awareness ..

    a good post ..
    and congrats on the award and the mention in the list .. Kudos


  10. There is a very thin line between ragging and a healthy conversation/interaction. You can play around pull leg but any physical harm to the fresher by any means does not hold by the name healthy at all.

  11. Sub: Absolutely, thanks for commenting :)

    Some UW: hehe, I don't undulge in ragging.. just intro's here and there. Keep reading :)

    Celestial Dreamz: Don't worry, nowadays hardly any senior rags a junior. Thanks, keep coming back :)

    Bikramjit: A fool will only contradict you, Thanks.. Keep coming back :)

    Prateek: Welcome ! In three years I hardly saw any senior crossing his limits and yeah thin line should be maintained for betterment. Keep coming back :)

  12. first af all a big congo to u...
    ragging well didnt actually face it...our seniors were very welcomin and have become gr8 frnds...but at the same time we werent very pleased wid our jrns they dont approach us n we cant just try to bond wid them things need to be mutual...but yes tat doesnt mean we have raggin n all just leave things their way...n well so i cant comnt much abt raggin in particular.....neways nice write :)

  13. Very nice article, providing much to think over! Very rightly said, this is one of the several issues that needs to come out of paper..!
    Many Congratulations for the features and award :-)

  14. Vaisakhi: YEah something similar happened with me, I have very cordial relationship with most of my seniors but I hardly know anyone from the junior batch just 'coz I was bounded by law and threatened many a times by barbaric laws. Thanks.. keep coming back :)

    Arti: Welcome here! Keep coming :) Thanks:)