Monday, June 20, 2011

Obama V/s Osama: Clash Of Titans

A lot has been said and written about the concerned topic yet when Vanya asked me to pen down an article on the same topic I couldn’t resist her spark and so finally succumbed to her pressure.

It may seem easy to pen down an article on something eminent but the mere possibility of susceptible readers makes it difficult. The topic most talk about remain afresh into the minds of people and so anything said or done with respect to those topics are sure to get into an intellectual comparison which undoubtedly increases the pressure on a writer, in this case me, manifold.

Barack Hussein Obama II, or simply Obama, is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Obama, a law graduate is known for his civil right work he did in Chicago. Obama’s positive and combatant attitude led him to the post of President after losing the same earlier. He once said the three men he admired the most were Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King.

Being an excellent orator he knows the importance of 2W’s approach of good communication i.e. what and when to speak. It seems like other American Presidents Obama too has this peculiar habit of feeling that the world is not a perfect place to live which makes him force his so called idealistic goals and vision on the less perfect countries, often leading to disagreement and discord. Obama seem to be a sensitive man and take on things as a matter of pride which compelled him to finally trace, seize and kill Osama.

Obama and Osama names have much the same spelling, their undue desire to rule the world and their importance in the history classes makes them none but all similar to each other. Not only this but also several other similarities make them look-a-like. Few of their similarities were their never ending desire to succeed.

Osama, like Obama, was a great orator and knows exactly how to play with his words which made him a messiah of Islamic world and a saviour of Islam religion in general. He was deeply engrossed in his cause that the path he choose mattered less for him.

Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, or simply Osama, was the founder of the dreaded terrorist organization the Al-Qaeda. He wasn’t like the other terrorists and was much educated (it never means that I keep record of other terrorists’ educational background). He studied economics and business and even some reports suggest that he earned a degree in civil engineering and public administration. Like Obama, Osama was also inclined in charitable work from his university days and could be easily located interpreting the Quran and jihad in the college campus.

Both Obama and Osama considered each other as hardliner; whilst former accused the latter as misinterpreting Islam, the latter charged the former with conspiracy theory of eliminating Muslims, looting Muslim wealth and irreverence towards the Islam religion.

The only difference in them seems to be the iconic use of religion in Osama’s life. One’s the dearest of all in fight against the Russians dramatically became the most hated person for the Americans. Osama escaped the fury of two American presidents but yielded his breath to the motivational Obama presidential pledge where he promised to kill bin Laden and crush Al-Qaeda.

the article was also published at EPIC MAGAZINE, click here. 


  1. One has destroyed so many innocent lives but the other is trying his best to improve the life of his countrymen..... just a nudge of syllables here and there..

  2. Obama talks so much about Gandhi but I wonder if he really follows his steps :/

    But it's quite an interesting topic and post..I enjoyed reading it.. :)

  3. ...ah, i am really tired 'bout this talks actually... and i think i should agree with Alka... both played a different role in this world... one for meanness, the other for goodness... yet one has ended his play... interesting read i should say, though.(:

    Brightest blessings.


  4. interesting read...I still believe the 'Osama Image' was made by America (infact few powerful american, citizens of America are just like us) to keep controlling the world power...there is a lot of politics here, Opium, Peak Oil, Control over is more complex than what it is been made to believe...

  5. nice write,this indeed is a topic which created a furore some time back..

  6. Alka: Osama might be a religious fanatic but than the American acts of brutality and human right violation in various parts of world can't be looked down. Again they are both equal :P Thanks for commenting :)

    Sanjana: Thanks for the comment:) Keep coming back, have a look at the site map to know blog better :)

    Kelvin: Thanks for commenting, I guess the post might had hurt your feelings. Keep coming back :)

    Sub: Yeah, I agree with you, its all petty politics for self gain. Keep coming back :)

  7. Tarunima: Thanks for commenting, yet for the real news there is news not making news :)

  8. Can you believe it, that there is just a difference of few alphabets in their names, but such a vast difference in their nature, outlook and attitude.

  9. I have gone thru many of your previous posts Rachit...they are just awesome..yes,ur sitemap helped me..

    you have a pretty interesting blog that covers every topic!I enjoyed being here :)

    Keep blogging.. :)

  10. Rachna: I guess they both were same even their nature and outlook, its only the matter of wrong place where one was. Thanks for commenting, keep coming back :)

    Gowthami: Thanks for following my blog and such lovely words:) Keep coming back :)

  11. a very interesting read ... and the comments are interesting too ... well it's a matter of different perspectives and we form our perspectives based on individual experiences and exposure.

  12. Celestial: agree with you :) and the song was lovely, soulful, I was rhyming it only simce I visited your blog :D

  13. I am glad my blog made you musical :D ... and thanks for sharing your lovely posts too ...

  14. I think they both are same .. Obama did it as law, osama did without law..

    It is always like that A person fighting for liberation is both a terrorist and a freedom fighter depends which side you are on ...

    thats how life is for americans Osama was evil for others he is a hero ..


  15. Bikram: I agree with you :) Hope to see you more here.

  16. Both the individuals stand out in their respective fields..what differs is just the perception!
    Quite a debatable topic, it was...and I must say, you have well portrayed both the personalities.

    Keep writing, friend! :)

  17. Vinati: Thanks for being here :) Keep coming back :)

  18. have done justice to the topic...nicly written:-)

  19. Mishi: Thanks for following my blog and commenting over here:) Keep coming back:)


  20. nice post
    both made the history good and bad history

  21. Hay Rachit,
    Good analysis.

    Technically both of us have practically no use for our country.

    We have to fight our own battles and not depend on foreigners to solve them.

    Best regards,

  22. Interesting topic.. comparing two communicators par excellence.. Obama is known to be a great orator and Osama is known to be a great communicator...

    Very interesting topic, Rachit..Gets one thinking


  23. sm: Thanks for commenting over here :) Keep coming back :)

    Ashvini: Agree :) Keep coming back :)

    Raj: Thanks:) Keep coming back :)