Monday, June 13, 2011


Let me ease it out for all those who are still configuring what the title is all about, Scoliodentosaurophobia is the phobia of lizards. To be more precise it’s an extreme fear of lizards in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding it despite the fear, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational. 

Hey, what are you thinking? Does Rachit suffer from some weird spell phobia? 

It’s hard to accept the truth but even harder to hide (being a blogger), so before we move further into the post I must confess before the world of blogosphere that yeah I suffer from this strange Scoliodentosaurophobia. And, please don’t simper around. 

Whenever I see a lizard I just tremble, sweat excessively and get intense anxiety attack. I don’t fear of snakes or other reptiles but when it comes to lizards I freeze around. I know their zoological importance as devoid of lizards the population of insects will increase manifold without any checks and will create a severe problem. Yet, I can’t stand their presence. 

It’s a surprise for me when I found few species of lizards like Savannah Monitor, the blue tongued skink, etc. can be tamed and kept as pet. And people, I’m not the only one who suffers from the fear of lizards; a survey predicted that around 250,000 people in America suffer from Scoliodentosaurophobia alone.


Meanwhile, I’m into a new arena of entrepreneurship with my first start-up News Not Making News aka N2MN.  It’s just been a week since its inception and so quite hard to predict where it all will lead yet the joy of seeing your raw idea furnishing into a reality is immense. 





  1. I don't have a phobia of lizards but I am damn scared of them. Btw, congrats on turning an entrepreneur. Welcome to the Club and all the best.

  2. Rachna: Thanks for commenting over here.. I went through your company profile and pretty much liked it, will mail you soon with an article which will be published at n2mn. :)

    and than bloggers should have something in common, in our case it's n2mn and of course the dreaded lizards :P

    And, please let me know about news which really matters. :)

    Keep coming back ..

  3. I don't fear at all :)
    you'll find it weird but I've lost count how many times I have sliced its tale with ruler :D in school, college, home etc

    Lizard is a peaceful creature.... I really never understood why people scare of them :O

  4. i fear them but dont have a phobia over them... I'm claustrophobic though..

  5. I do suffer from it...eeeks cant stand the creepies.

  6. Jyoti: chheee... the very thought of doing anything like that trembles and frightens me up. And, I'm still waiting for the answer I asked you. Keep coming back :)

    Princess: Thanks for commenting over here, and wondering why phobia's have such weird names.:D Keep coming back :)

    Alka: Welcome to the club of Scphobia. :)

  7. @rachit: I've mailed u the details that day itself.
    check your inbox.

  8. I too have a fear of lizards. But I don't start shivering or sweating. I just ensure that it is removed at once.
    Good luck with your new entrepreneurship.

  9. ...lizards can be quite scary at times, indeed... i do have fears but not on lizards but on spiders... i have arachnophobia... and it's really tough since i always have an encounter with spiders in our house... it freezes me in so much fear so i see to it that i have an insecticides near me that if in case that spidy monster intend to attack me or even go near my place i'll no second thought to give him a spray... yay, really terrible...(T___T).

  10. Jyoti: I guess there might be some error in mailer address. Thanks though :)

    Rachna: Thanks Ma'am.., visit ! And, be a part of change, a revolution.:)

    Windowlad: May be we have some lizardosites to kill those lizards :( Keep coming back :)

  11. let me join your gang...the lizards have managed to squeeze out the loudest of squeals from me...n i can never really be at ease if i spot one around me n till it has ventured out of that room...god forbid if it were to just disappear out of sight..i would then have horrible imaginations of it being everywhere:/

  12. Not lizards yet. What is the fear of rats called?

  13. Suruchi: hehe.. the gang is increasing, loving that :D
    Saumya: I google and found that fear of rats is known as musophobia or murophobia. Thanks for commenting over here. :)

    News Not Making

  14. I have murdered enough lizard ... almost ab tak chhappan ... they dont mess with me ;))

  15. 1st of all i must admit that the name of this phobia is very difficult for me to pronounce.....

    anyways coming to the topic, let me tell you that i have bitten by it once, but nothing happened though i was a bit anxious for the next few hours..and after that incident i just get along with it so don't worry n try to come out of this phobia....

  16. Ashvini: hehe..serial killer, be ready they might be planning to bring an act in their parliament against you:) :P

    Ifranuddin: ohh hoo they bite you , uff :( Will try to overcome over this :)

  17. Ha ha! Btw, I had tagged you here. Please find some time and blog about you a bit more! Head over, to see the format!

  18. hey I fall into that 250,000 counts too ... so much for my efforts trying to be different! :P ... uhh ohh lizards eeek!

    a very interesting post.

  19. Nishana: thanks for tagging me up! Keep coming back :)

    Celestial Dreamz: hehehe.. just like me :) Keep coming back :)