Thursday, June 16, 2011

It’s all about Blogging Honey

It’s been quite long around eight months to be precise since I’m an active member of this creatively sane blogosphere and around one and a half year being passively present here yet I’m still a newbie. No matter how much water you extract from sea, it will never become dry; such is the case with blogging, so please stop doubting my intelligentsia. I learned a lot through my small world of blogs whether I was actively or passively involved still a lot remains yet to be conquered. 

"No matter how much water you extract from sea, it will never become dry"

What you think why a nerd like me started blogging? Is it for the sheer love of reading other people stories and at least imagining in my tender thoughts that somewhere in the world someone will be interested in knowing my mind? Mr. Intelligent you are on the wrong lane; blogging was suggested by my dearest di Ritu as an alternative to killing time instead of wasting it doing nothing. And, than I felt in love with it, from just a time pass it became a passion. 

Blogging changed me a lot, just have a look at some of my first posts and compare them with the newer ones and you will easily know the transformation which I underwent. I term Weakest Link as a personal blog because it all started as an online diary of personal thoughts and events. But, during the course of time the social thoughts took over their counterparts i.e. the personal and without my knowing it turned from a personal blog to plethora of social happenings. It energized my inner self and helped me gain a self confidence to let the world know my opinion on subjects which matters the most. 

Not only it helped me to gain self confidence but also it was the sheer force which drove me towards entrepreneurship. I started News Not Making News as a blog not as a website only because of my love towards blogging. People ask me there is nothing big and complex about the idea behind News Not Making News so how I think it will last the tough times? To all those intruding personalities, every big and successful enterprise started with a simple idea because it’s the simplest things in life that matters the most which we happen to forget the most. 

It’s not the money but the satisfaction of work which matters the most in life. I met many new friends over this wonderful blogosphere. I know them not by their education, profession, career or any other worldly thing but by their incredible thoughts which they pen down in the form of articles or posts. I humbly thank to all those exceptionally true blogger friends who draw such a vivid picture of their life through their wondrous posts. 

May be life hardest realities take away my cherished treasure, blogging, away from me yet the fire will always burn deep inside my heart.  

Happy blogging!


  1. hi, even i started my blog for the same reasons as yours:)
    Also i like the idea behind News not making news:))
    keep going!

  2. yeah u r right that blogging evolves u in a totally different person. I guess these changes are always positive.

    Keep blogging
    PS: I even have messaged u the code on FB.
    Gimme your e-mail ID

  3. blogging indeed is a wonderful experience with so many talented n serious people around....

    btw as i observed the link of NNMN given by you in the post is somehow going to my blog dashboard instead of NNMN, so plz look into and do needful....

    Take care and keep blogging....:))

  4. Hey Rachit nice read. It's really an afflatus for a neophyte like me :)

  5. Tarunima:Thanks for those inspiring words :)

    Jyoti: Keep coming back :) And I guess we should leave that thing :P

    Ifranuddin: Thanks sir, I changed the link now! And yeah blogging is wonderful :)

    Keep coming back :)

  6. Kalyani: eee that was tough:P Thanks for your comment :)

  7. Everytime I read about a story of someone's blog life, I wonder how satisfying it would be, to be able to see the transformation in yourself. To grow and keep growing.
    I should have been here long ago but never too late. Hope to hear more from you in future :)


  8. One of the most interesting blogs I've read so far.

    Gud luck and keep blogging

  9. best luck for ur next blogs. penning down ur emotions is the best way to know about urself an expressing ur mind and heart.

  10. Vathuthashi: Glad to hear such appreciative and nice words from you! Keep coming back :)

    Anu: Hey, long time, where have you been? Yeah, I agree with you, Keep coming back :)

  11. reasons and views maybe different but at the root level ...blogging makes us grow, learn and evolve in our lives. and ofkrs is soo much fun to interact with relatively 'sane' yet weird ppl all around :D
    keep blogging and ur dive in the endless sea :) good luck!


  12. Most people start blogging for the same reason as you stated in your post, and I truly agree to your view point..first you start with all of your personal happenings and then thoughts and then you even start blogging about political, social and cultural ideas and events..!

    I think blogging is the best way to nurture your thoughts and beliefs!

    Great post! :)

  13. Sarah: And than blogging makes us evolve as a person :) Keep coming back.

    Sanjana: Thanks:)

  14. Hi Ruchit,
    Wonderful blog and your post:)..
    The same thing happened with me too.One of my friend asked to write blogs and I replied..blogs? what I'll write?boringg..but because of her pressure I wrote a poetry and post it on my blog and I got wonderful comments. So, from that time I started loving blogging as you do :)
    Happy blogging to you too ..
    Take care!

  15. Simran :It's Rachit :P.. Thanks for such nice words! Blogging is lovable :)
    Keep coming back :)

  16. Blogging is indeed a very nice way to shell out our feelings and let go off the things we have in our mind :)
    Liked the post!
    You aren't a geek :D
    Keep blogging, so that I can keep reading!

  17. keep blogging Rachit!
    it proves to be the best-est of friends:-)
    and all the best for the new social venture:-)

  18. Juhi: Thanks:) If you promise to keep coming back than I promise to pen more such articles :)

    Suruchi: thanks for the comment and wishes :) you can help us too :)

  19. Hi Rachit!

    I started my blog on the suggestion(I should say by insisting) of my frnd...and I love it now!Haha this happened to be the reason for many bloggers I think..Whatever it is...Blogging really changes the way we think on some issues..and It's nice experience to be with some wonderful and intellectual people :)

  20. Aw...I really liked this post!! Can relate to this.. :)

    Each and every line is true.
    Hope you get more and more knowledge thru' blogs..:D :)

    Wish you all luck!


  21. Gowthami: Nice to see you here, and yeah blogging is great way to interact :) Keep coming back :)

    Madhumati: thanks for being here and following weakest link :) Keep coming back :) have a look at the site map, it will guide you thru Weakest Link .

  22. Why is this your weakest link ? is blogging your weakness ?
    Hope that the hardest of realities of life wont sway you away from blogging..
    cheers !

  23. Lehari: You will surely get the answer of your inquizitveness once you visit the about me page, thanks for commenting over here :) Hope to see you much around here :)

  24. Yes! Blogging is really really lovable! :)
    Wonderful post! Happy Blogging! :)

  25. Lavender: thanks for being here.. :)Keep coming back :)

  26. @ Rachit : I know I'm late in appreciating the "good job done" this time.....but yes,nicely dil se...huh!

  27. Gargi: Hi, Thanks for following my first entrepreneurial venture N2MN; visit its fb page too for more updates:)

    And yeah blogging is dil se and for dil se:)

  28. Blogging certainly helps one grow as a person. Keep blogging!

  29. Passionate post!
    Even my life in the blogosphere started in the same way... thanks to a few friends who were already into it.

    Keep blogging and may nothing take it away from you .:)


  30. Zephyr: Thanks for visiting Weakest Link, hope to see you here much around:) And yeah, blogging do helps.

    Janhvi: Welcome to Weakest Link:) Have a tour here, you may like it anyhow :)