Friday, June 3, 2011

News Not Making News

News Not Making News is a website dedicated in letting the world know about news which must have been the news but lacked crispiness needed to be in the prime-time. 

Commercialization of media in the last decade saw a monumental increase in the number of websites, news channel, print media, etc related with news. Yet the level of content which got published deteriorated significantly. All this led to the divergence of people from those news sites. Yet the importance of websites dedicated towards providing news in this technological era of sinking time frame cannot be ignored.

News Not Making News (from here on refer as N2MN) fills the void and works on providing the news which actually matters to the public. N2MN is completely news based website irrespective of its competitors who are more or less popularity driven. N2MN acts as a voice for the weakest section of the societies. It won’t talk of the alleged affair of a celebrity actor with his co-star or it won’t contain the news about a minister or a business tycoon buying a cricket team.

N2MN talks on issues of public importance which the younger generation has forgotten in the mist of commercialization. It lets the world know about the struggle of a farmer child who makes it to the IAS or cracks CAT despite of all the hardship which he and his family had to face.N2MN acts as a platform for the world to know about any scientific invention taking place in the villages of India. Don't take it as a other gossip column but a site committed to deliver only news. 

People are consistently looking for sites which can provide them with valuable news. They want to know more and more about their city, their state and their country in quick time. N2MN will cater to those audiences who go for internet for quenching their thirst for news.
Website Address: N2MN 
Website Author: S. Rachit
Team Member: S. Hasmeet
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  1. i appreciate your thoughts and efforts. all d best for this noble initiation. :)

  2. Thank u for giving us all such an amazing site:) being a journalism student myself, i have observed that nowdays, a news is considered newsworthy only if it has the sensationalization element or can create conflict. we al in desperate need of sites like N2MN were 'real' news is given priority over gossip.

  3. N2MN ..... nice efforts !!
    and India need it urgently.

  4. this makes great news:-)
    wish more people thought the same instead of watching any news being assaulted n killed several times by the news channel through mindless repetition of just one fact or unrequired post mortem...:-/

  5. Read its first post:

    Preeti: Thanks for the appreciation. Help me in building a site for the noble cause. :)

    Kiran: Thanks for bestowing the faith and providing me with courage. Help me in my endeavor. :)

    Jyoti: thanks.. now you have to visit 2 blogs. :)

    Suruchi: It's just a start, for fulfilling its cause of inception I need your help. Keep coming back not only to weakest link but to n2mn too . :)

  6. good thought here by you....
    certainly there are so many which just don't get to air bcoz of some reasons....

  7. Ifranuddin: Need your help. Mail me any news which you think getting choked off.

  8. oh this is wonderful! all the best to you.

  9. Ramesh n Celestial D: Need your help. Mail me any news which you think not getting enough limelight.

    keep coming back :)