Monday, June 6, 2011

India-Pakistan - New Solution?

Pakistan, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, declares itself to be a sovereign state in South Asia.  Geographically speaking it is located in a strategic position between South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. The two South Asian Giants viz. China and India borders the landmass of Pakistan, though its relationship with the latter is often disputed. 

India was partitioned on religious lines because of the widespread resentment created in the minds of Muslims by the Muslim League leading to the formation of Pakistan on August 14th, 1947 after gaining Independence from the British rule. The basic notion behind Pakistan was to create a pure land free from the infidels only for the Muslim populace. 

Thus, by accepting the demand of Pakistan the Indian leaders and the British anarchy accepted the demand of a separate land only for the Muslims. This led to a false impression that the new independent India thus chalked off will be a Hindu dominion state. 

Mohammad Ali Jinnah soon after the formation of Pakistan surprised everyone when he declared Pakistan open for all religious beliefs and won’t propagate any state religion, thus following the path of secularism. If secularism had to be preached in Pakistan than their was no need of asking for Direct Action Day which caused a homicide on the streets of Calcutta and elsewhere. Dramatic twists and turns in the political arena in Pakistan resulted in a declaration which finally made Pakistan an Islamic State. 

So, India was divided into religious lines in two different states, or rather three if Bangladesh is also taken into account. The declaration proposed by the Muslim league laid down norms for the partition of the country and subsequent population exchange. Pakistan kept no stone upturn to kill its religious minorities. Literally speaking, population exchange only occurred from one side of the border i.e. from Pakistan. 

Pakistan government not only created havoc in their country against the religious minorities but also incited tribals and Muslim’s from Kashmir region to kill their Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist counterparts living from centuries in the province. This led to new population geometry in the valley. Also, due to Indian government sluggish foreign policy for years, the number of Muslim refugees from Bangladesh route increased manifold which again led to change in population geometry in the eastern states.

India has the world’s second largest population to feed, still many of its citizens are illiterate and many others sleep under the open sky because they can't even afford a hut. Yet, India spends half of its GDP for defense related purposes seeking an excuse of troubled borders. 

There’s something very interesting in all these. India was partitioned on religious lines to make two separate nations viz. the Hindu and the related religions like Sikh, Buddhism, and Jainism dominant Hindustan and the Muslim dominant Pakistan. But the Indian Constitution called it a secular state thus going against the norms laid down in the partition which subsequently deems to be un-recognition of the partition itself. 

So, instead of having talks with Pakistan on Kashmir and other issues Indian government should un-recognize the independent state of Pakistan itself. It should proclaim whole of the Pakistan and the Bangladesh as the Indian Territory and should look into the matter not within the limits of foreign policy but under the acts of Home Ministry. 

Think it Over…!

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  1. Its much more complicated than it sounds...lets resolve our own problems first.
    But it makes me happy to see well informed and concerned youngsters like you presenting their ideas.

  2. good to read such posts ...... in this busy life we rarely think about such matters.. thanks for bringing it out.

  3. Alka: It may be more complicated than it looks but than actions will someday yield results. Thanks for commenting here. Keep coming back :)

    Jyoti: It's all 'coz of Ind-Pak problem this post was possible, so it's not ethical to thanks only me. :P Good to see you here, keep coming back. :)

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  4. well..the idea doesn't seems to feasible n practical one....butt, if it happens then there can be nothing better than this.....

  5. its kinda not right to just bash pak cuz the indians say they we are bad n we say that u are the cause of the issue. Things were bad at both the countries.we witnessed the sikh massacrae etc in india as well but i wont go into all this cuz its a waste to cry over what is being donee so just blaming that pak did this or that...its no use..its time that we stop blamming each other n move towards co-existence not towards another war.

  6. Irfanuddin: lets hope for it :)

    Kiran: I guess you might be hurt and I'm sorry. But, the reality will always be reality, you can't appreciate Direct Action Day and partition of a country. And, a big country with diverse culture and many religions has to face some problems and so is the case with India. Yet, we are growing with an impeccable pace.

  7. @Rachit: :) nah its oky i am not hurt or anything i am just saying that blaming each other wont give any positive results. There are tensions between both the countries n both of them blame each other. As u said you can't appreciate Direct Action Day and partition of a country.but if u see from our point of view partition was the best thing that happened to us so its just a matter of dfference of opinion. So whatever happened in the past, i dont really base my opinion on that cuz to me indians are good people. no indian has ever harmed me :)Now we should focus on the well being of both the nations :)

  8. Kiran: Subcontinent partition was the biggest human displacement in the history of the world resulting in both loss of life and property in a mass scale. Nevertheless, lets see where it all takes us.
    Keep coming back :)

  9. I like reading your posts. They always make interesting propositions. But, perhaps you could have contained this post to providing information, because the conclusion/ idea is downright funny. I am sorry for sounding a little rude here.

  10. Suraj: Nops, was all right. thanks for your commenting. :)