Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kashmir: The Troubled Frontier

Yesterday, I read a news article about the ongoing debate whether the Kashmir is an integral part of India or not. A noted novelist had made a comment saying Kashmir was never a part of India and now it’s the right time for Indian government to liberate it. This post contains mine observation regarding the mention topic.

Britishers brought in with them a centralized form of governance. They united all big and small princely states under one umbrella; in simple language they unified the great Indian Subcontinent. But, Britishers unlike Mughals never invaded India with a motive of being a part of it; instead they only wanted to loot its immense wealth. They can be compared with modern day Taliban. Only difference was that the Britishers were an organized army of robbers.

So, after World War 2 when the world power scenario changed and it became difficult (almost impossible) to rule India, Britishers came up with a new ideology. They could have transformed the power as was vested in the hands of Britishers. But, they went ahead with a new idea of handing over the power to group of people from each community or religion. It was not just the Britishers but also the Allied forces who never wanted to leave the great Indian Subcontinent. They knew that this land had all the elements to become world power again, which could be a trouble for them in future. As a matter of fact, they still control the politics of some countries of the region like Afghanistan and Pakistan. So, they coined the theory of partitioning the country on religious lines. It was left over to rulers of princely states whether to remain with free India or go with the new state of Pakistan.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel with his group of loyal administrators did a commendable job by making most of the princely states to remain with free India either by using political pressure or by force. But, the Maharaja of Kashmir was an ambitious and very arrogant man. He neither wanted to be a part of free India or the new state of Pakistan. In-fact, he wanted to divide India further by making Kashmir a third country to be formed beside Pakistan. But, soon he realized his mistake when the Mujahedeen backed by the Pakistani army attacked the princely state of Kashmir. He realized that it was better to be a part of a secular India rather than to be a part of a country like Pakistan which was formed on religious grounds. He signed the annexation papers and formally the state of Kashmir became an integral part of the Union of India. Later on, acting like a fatherly figure India gave few chunks of Kashmir to Pakistan in order to calm it down. As it is said, the greediness never goes away, so was the case here; Pakistan from the very moment of its formation wanted Kashmir to be an integral part of it. When it became clear that India has a better military then that of the Pakistan, they went ahead with the new setup. And that was building, supporting and providing logistics for cross border terrorism into the territory of India.

Two points should be made very clear: Firstly, as hyped, if the Kashmir is set free as an Independent country, sooner or later the state of Pakistan back by the China would attack it and would enslave them. In that case only one country, the Union of India, can come to their rescue. Secondly, Kashmir will have to depend on India for its resources and daily needs. They will have to import it from the Indian government. In both the scenario, India can never be detached from Kashmir.

In recent media reports I heard some of the Huriyat leaders crying about the double standard of Indian government for the Kashmir. Indian Government never treated Kashmir as an integral part of India and seen it as an outsider, they said. But, they kept mum on the special privileges and autonomy which only the state of Kashmir gets. They cry about the army Special Power Act but never for once they condemned the militancy. Also, the people who think that partition is only way for a permanent solution of the Kashmir problem must for once look at the state of Pakistan.

Lastly, Kashmir was, is and will always be an integral part of the Union of India.

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  1. Yes, I beholds the same opinion as you that Kashmir is integral part of India. But I agree that Govt. of India has never believed Kashmir to be a part of INdia. Its not because I have read a lot of history etc. In fact I have not read anything, I read very less. But I know it from the evidences we get everyday in our lives in our own places. Have you seen the lines for Kerosene oil in the heart of India like Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan etc? If this the scene of how people get their right in the heart of India, why do we believe that People of Kashmir would be getting their right? I had applied for Tatkal passport and it was supposed to be ddelived in one week, but I havenot recieved it after one month. If you go to passport office and ask for passport with right, you will be declared a vagabond and would be thrown out of the office. So why should I not believe that any one who asks for his just right in Kashmir, would not be decleared terrorist? Actually we have all, lovers of our motherland, have given a free hand to govt. to declare everybody a terrorist in Kashmir. We are doing it because we believe if we said anything in sympathy of the kasmiris muslims, it would be supporting the seperation of kasmir from iNDIA. bUT IF WE REALLY WANT TO SEE Kasmir as a part of India, we would have to support the genuine right of people living there. After all everybody loves to live, nobody wants to die. So if some is killed in name of being a terrorist, we need to think atleast whats that he wanted to say for which he didnt even cared for the life we love som much. Stop giving clean chit to the govt. and system and stand up and start to ask question. When you ask question, if will be frightened to keep quite ans sit down. Then you will know whats the problem.

  2. Hello, thanks for commenting over here.
    I know the level of corruption and mismanagement which has inculcated very deep in us. Also, the nature of work at government offices. The post above was to tell the rest of the world that Kashmir is an integral part of our country. But, it never was written to justify the atrocities which are committed by the government or its sister organization in the name of keeping peace.

    Soon, I may pen down a sequel to the above post. Hope that will somewhat mellow down your anger.

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  4. To a great extent I agree with the author's view which became stronger after having discussions at length with native Kashmiris. They are living in terrible condition, thanks to the Indian army which can/ does kill, rape and torture anyone with impunity. India, to me, appears as an imperialist nation which forced many states, especially in the north-east region to accede to its proposal. Precisely, that is the reason why we need to create and implement a draconian law like AFSPA in Kashmir and other areas. If Kashmir IS an integral part of this 'great' country called India, then why does it back out from its age-old promise of allowing the UN to conduct a plebiscite.

    Having said that, I also understand and agree that creating a free Kashmir may generate huge problems for us, owing to the hatred among its people toward India and Islamic fundamentalism.

  5. Suraj: India burns :( Keep reading.

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