Monday, January 24, 2011


Don’t worry it’s not an engineering relation or any other mathematical formula; it’s just Petrol Price Hike.  

Few confessions before moving ahead, firstly I don’t own any vehicle run through petrol. And secondly, I’m yet to explore the joy of riding a bike. So, you might be thinking why I’m bothering much about the P2H. Again a twofold reply, firstly people who own vehicle aren’t the only people affected by frequent P2H. And secondly, I’m bit insane.

Coming back to the topic, the P2H. Petrol price hike causes a direct increase in the already high inflation rate, I read it somewhere. But, isn’t it interesting when a vegetable vendor complains about the P2H for causing the increase in the prices of vegetables? I guess, diesel was meant as a fuel for the trucks caring vegetables instead the petrol. He felt flabbergast after listening to my set of truck theory. 

Also, have you ever thought why only the P2H? What stops the government in not doing the same with its cousin brother, the diesel? What, you never thought on that? Or, maybe you never had the time for that? I was bit free during the PLC lecture and gave it a thought. So, here what my musing replied. Politicians, Bureaucrats, Big businessmen, and others who happen to make or influence law travel through their ultra rich and big SUV’s. They don’t bother about petrol, its diesel which matters them the most. Petrol, like onion, is a common men commodity.  And, like onion, it’s getting far away from them.

Another thought to it, abandon your personal vehicle, put its cover on and smash it in the garage for some time. Use public transportation in day today life. Broadly speaking, it will serve three purposes; firstly it will reduce the congestion from the Indian roads. Secondly, it will help in reduction of air pollution. And thirdly (most important), it will help in generating revenues which can help in stabilizing the petrol price for some time in future. 

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Special thanks: PLC Lecture & Indian Government
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  1. As much as I hate to spend so much money on petrol for my bike, I just cannot get myself to use any of the public transport (buses and rickshaws) here in Pune!! I mean, I'd like to not ride in the things that cause so many accidents, thank you very much! :D Lol
    And ours is a small family so the price rise with the veggies hasn't affected us much, but I can just imagine...
    Great post!

  2. Petrol prices do affect me. :( all the pocket money is gone the day i land at petrol pump.
    And the logic is right or wrong.. Don't know but i know that those govt. Ppl are given a quota of petrol too for the transportation purpose... Sometimes even the vehicle.. So it doesn't bothers them whatever rise it takes. Affected ones are the mango ppl.

  3. Priya: Rate of accidents in personal vehicle are far more greater than in public.

    Deepika: Yeah, the politicians get some remuneration.

  4. There is further hike in the offing with the Egypt crisis looming large...