Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tryst with Honesty

I studied way back in school that Honesty is the best policy. Not only my teachers, but also my parents taught me the same thing again and again. I’m lucky to be brought up in an environment which always stood up with the saying. So, gradually I was convinced and started thinking on the same lines. I was also told that the path of honesty is not a bed full of roses. It’s not easy to follow and it needs a strong determination and will power.

Earlier, I thought why people don’t stick with the path of honesty. It’s the simplest path to follow; you don’t have to conjure a story. Just do what is right. Then, I myself met with an incident. This post is all about my tryst with honesty.

This happened with me in the last semester, somewhat in the middle of September. I was busy preparing for my first internal exams. I guess, Industrial Electronics was the second or the third paper. Trust me; I was full of goose bumps as the syllabus was wide and hard. But, the whole night of studying made me confident to face the exam.

I was happy after seeing the question paper. I knew almost all the answers. But then, God had reserved something for me in advance which was just waiting to be bombed. Hardly, 5 minutes after I got such joyous feelings I felt something vibrating in my jeans right side pocket. Oh my God, I was dead, Shit. Such feelings came in me when I finally made it what was vibrating. I was sitting in the examination hall with mobile in my pocket. Wasn’t it great…! OOppss… What to do now? It was bit strange on the part of the examiner that till now she wasn’t able to find out what was making the burr sound.

I was now left with two options, isn’t that was great… I was in the middle of a tragedy and still viewing the whole thing objectively. So, the first option was to sit around quietly, make no noise and continue doing the paper until I get caught. Second one was bit daring; It was to stand and tell the truth to the examiner. You guess it wrong, I choose the second one. Yeah, I know you can call it as suicide and me a fool.

Why I choose the second option? Simple, that was something I have been brought up by. I have never been taught to run from my mistakes. I did make a mistake of not checking my jeans pocket and bringing the mobile inside the examination hall. That was something against the rule book. Also, till then I have met teachers who rate honesty more than any other thing. Hardly 5 minutes had passed, so I thought examiner would understand my point, would be pleased by my honesty and would allow me to continue with my paper. But, nowadays teachers are not the same which they used to be few years back. Teaching has become a profession and people get into it for the sake of money not for inculcating principles in the mind and soul of students.

My mobile was snatched, I got it later on (easily), and I was shown the doors. Luckily, we have three internals in a semester out of which only two are considered. I lost the respect for the teacher, I happened to met her once; She said, “I lost faith in you”. I replied, “Something very similar happened with me, I didn’t lost faith in you, but teachers in general”.

This incident got me puzzled and vexed up for days, I kept thinking whether honesty is of any use in this world.  But, then how can I leave something which my parents taught me? I’m still following the path of honesty… Let’s see what’s waiting next?

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Post inspiration:  Madam NK( ECE branch) 


  1. Dont expect to go free after telling the truth. Karmanyev adhikarstey ma phaleshu kadahchana (Perform your duty without consideration of the fruits thereof).

  2. Hi Rachit,

    Strange ending ! Well i would say its not about the teachers mentality. They are ought to behave like this, coz they come across so many cheaters in daily life which on the other end deteriorates their "moral values" of treating right to right person.

    Their judgmental skills have degrade. In your case they overwhelmed legality over ethics. They really need to know that "Something can be legal but not ethical".

    But you carry on with your Honesty !
    Good Luck

  3. You know Rachit, we all face such dilemmas every day, when we think that honesty, kindness and truth are irrelevant...perhaps the world is not collapsing only due to such people. My funda is to have a clear conscience and sleep with a peaceful mind...Life is not fair to good people is a fact, a mystery....for me too.

  4. Rohit Bh: Will always keep that in mind, its great to have someone like you as a mentor.

    Rajvir: Yeah, the world is full of rogue people.

    Alka G: It's a pleasure to see you here.

  5. First of all Hey Rachit
    I also learned that Honesty is the best way to pick. Only i had to learn it the hard way...
    Just life showed me so.
    Anyway very nice article you've written.
    It's been a pleasure reading it.
    Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

  6. Very nice post! I've been in kind of a similar dilemma myself...caught with a book in the exam hall! How stupid could I have been, it wasn't intentional ofcourse!!
    But you just have to go through all your college/school years knowing one thing for sure: no teacher is ever going to trust any student!!

  7. Call Pak: Thanks for your comment.

    Priya: Nah..! I guess, its bit related to personality of a particular teacher. I really thanked my teacher 'coz she gave a theme to write on. And, a book in the examination hall... you must have a hard time then.

  8. Once you are a lier, nobody will believe you even you are telling the truth. I always believe in that, so as much as possible, as long as I can, I will tell what is proper no matter what the consequences are. Well, I don't want to be called "LIER" anyway.

  9. I commended you for being honest. Only few like you exist in this society. However, i agree of what lawyer said. Yes, it is nice to be honest but sometimes we have to consider if being honest would be a proper way to solve a certain surprisingly instances or not.

  10. Lawyer n Online P: Welcome to Weakest Link and thanks for your feedback.
    I definitely agree with you Lawyer.
    And, OP it's always not about winning, it's about the path you choose for wining.

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  12. Call Poland: Welcome to Weakest Link and thanks for your feedback. Keep coming back. Will love to see you in the follower list.

  13. Dude, i would say, you did right but did not fight enough.... If you were right, which you were you shouldn't have accepted defeat and left... because when you put your neck down and leave, it only points you did it! true or not, you stand responsible! In today's world you need to be a warrior, fight, struggle and stand up for yourself! Nice post!!
    Remember, always do what you did, 'cause i did the same and i won more trust of all my teachers.. :)


  14. Tanvi: thanks, for that wonderful feedback... I know, I should have stood up with my conviction. I was right and honest yet I made a mistake of carrying a mobile in an examination hall. It was onto the invigilator to judge me by my conduct, on which she eventually failed and shown me the doors.

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  16. MSL: Thanks for such a heartiest comment. Do come back... Weakest Link always awaits you...:D

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  19. Honesty is the way to go for me too... If you are not honest with other that means that you are not honest with yourself.
    It is always better to say the truth, no matter what will others feel like. This will liberate your soul and mind.

  20. I loved your story Rachit. Keep up the good work.

    P.S Honesty For The WIN! :D