Friday, February 19, 2010

My Name Is Khan...!!

My name is Khan is a splendid movie, must watch for all the movie freek(like I am). It conveys two messages, one directly and the other indirectly. Well, the direct message will be easily spread by the media and the other who will watch the movie that not all Muslim's are terrorist. But I am afraid about the second message. Its not deep hidden in the movie but quite contrary to it, its the most spoken thing in the movie. But we humans have this tendency to miss something which is most said to us.
So, my dear countrymen its the simple thing that after many years of new attitude in our world politics, we cannot meet the person who actually run them. Take an example of our country, many of the soldier's are dieing or rather put to death in various parts of our country, farmers are committing suicide and students hang themselves and if any one of us( by us I mean WE the INDIANS) want to meet our prime minister or even our MLA to let them know what are our problems and what can be done for removing them can never actually do so because of his some x, y or z security.
Thank God that Panditji is no more to see his fellow junior politicians so much frightened up by some rudely brother (or angry i must add here) comments.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Inclination never was so hard,
It never was so swift,
free from jerks and full of faith!

Inclination towards perfection,

towards the excellence!

It hadn't been so grown up,
hadn't been so personal.

It never had the zeal to flourish,
never had the love for triumph,
Neither, it involved the feeling of togetherness,
nor the joy of being alone!

Surprisingly, it aroused from rust,
peeked in from the mud.
Creating Ruthenium in me!

Dastan 1400 panno ki....!!!

huan kuch yun, ajeeb tha, gajab tha
hamein utani padi apni kitab
mokka bhi bada sangeen tha,
mausam bhi bada rangeen tha,
kitab thi networks ki,
jisme they hum jaraa kamjor.
aisa na tha ki aata na tha kuch,
bus mauj masti ke alam mein kabhi utha na paye they hum buk,

sessional hote to chod bhi dete ek bar,
per tha semester, kerte bhi kya yaar,
lagai humne theory-- merta bhi kya na kerta ka
kholi apni buk,
kholte hi hua hamara bheje fry.
kehne ko sirf the 4 chapter's per 1400 panno mein vo the ekatrit yaar,
iss tarah mbd se chakraborthy, aur chakroborthy se mbd mein ulje,
ki din se raat, raat se subah ho gai ,
kuch bhi palle na pada hamar.

Hillary bhai ko hui na Everest fatah kerne per itni khushi
jitni hui hame filter aur foster form padne per,
superposition aur laplace ne hila ke rakh dia humein,
per jaise taise course kiya khatm maine

socha kitna acha hota,
khol sakte parisha mein kitab
per kerte bhi kya janab,
na bhaddal aur na ptu rakta tha humse itifaq,

dosto le lo ek salah
agar nahi jagna chahte ho ullu ki tarah,
toh padha karo roj, ache vidyarti ki tarh..!!!!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Marketing spirituality

I am a member of my college Spiritual society and few days back was assigned a task of making literary people know about any such society. No guesses for why I have been assigned this task to publicise the society as the students nowadays are more inclined towards other events( I am not going to elaborate those events).
So the president of the society after giving me a full appreciation speech about how much he praises my worthiness and how much he knows about my social network around the college he assigned me this task. It may look easy task but personally going around the college and locating all those geeky fellows and making it sure that theirs no week point in your presentation is not an easy task.
But after all I am a resident of the India's most prestigious MBA institute, so some marketing skills I ought to have in me. I have finalize some tasks which I and group can do and let the students and other's in college take note of us. Till then keep guessing how much i have progressed.
If you are having valuable input to give which can help me then don't wait for any special day, instead go on and comment it.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

About Hiccups.. mine new blog

Two days back I started writing a book Hiccups and I choose a new blog to get the review of all my friends and foes. So friends just visit my new blog and have a look on what I am up to at nowadays.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

INDIA of my dreams

Well tomorrow i have to give a 1 min. speech on this topic so i thought of sharing it in my blog. In 1 min. i think i might be able to speak around one and a half page with full expression an zeal. So here I am

India of my dreams.. India the largest and biggest democracy in the world, an emerging technological hub and lots of development going on yet full of corruption. People still fight on the linguistic dimensions , education and medicines still remain for most country men unaffordable. Yet our PM says we are developing. Media busy in highlighting the previous day night parties and politicians busy on making the democracy "Gunda raaj".
I want India to be self reliable, free from any defects mention earlier. A country where surname doesn't depicts the caste of a person. No demarcations between fellow Indian's on the basis of language, caste, creed, sex, and work. Where its ministers can meet its people fearlessly. A place where education comes first. A Country where voters use their franchise on the basis of the leader's potential to help its people and not because he is a son of the ruling party.
Rabindranath Tagore expressed it beautifully in his words:
"Where the mind is without fear
and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been
broken up into fragments by
narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from
the depth of truth;c