Friday, February 19, 2010

My Name Is Khan...!!

My name is Khan is a splendid movie, must watch for all the movie freek(like I am). It conveys two messages, one directly and the other indirectly. Well, the direct message will be easily spread by the media and the other who will watch the movie that not all Muslim's are terrorist. But I am afraid about the second message. Its not deep hidden in the movie but quite contrary to it, its the most spoken thing in the movie. But we humans have this tendency to miss something which is most said to us.
So, my dear countrymen its the simple thing that after many years of new attitude in our world politics, we cannot meet the person who actually run them. Take an example of our country, many of the soldier's are dieing or rather put to death in various parts of our country, farmers are committing suicide and students hang themselves and if any one of us( by us I mean WE the INDIANS) want to meet our prime minister or even our MLA to let them know what are our problems and what can be done for removing them can never actually do so because of his some x, y or z security.
Thank God that Panditji is no more to see his fellow junior politicians so much frightened up by some rudely brother (or angry i must add here) comments.

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