Friday, February 12, 2010

Marketing spirituality

I am a member of my college Spiritual society and few days back was assigned a task of making literary people know about any such society. No guesses for why I have been assigned this task to publicise the society as the students nowadays are more inclined towards other events( I am not going to elaborate those events).
So the president of the society after giving me a full appreciation speech about how much he praises my worthiness and how much he knows about my social network around the college he assigned me this task. It may look easy task but personally going around the college and locating all those geeky fellows and making it sure that theirs no week point in your presentation is not an easy task.
But after all I am a resident of the India's most prestigious MBA institute, so some marketing skills I ought to have in me. I have finalize some tasks which I and group can do and let the students and other's in college take note of us. Till then keep guessing how much i have progressed.
If you are having valuable input to give which can help me then don't wait for any special day, instead go on and comment it.

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