Thursday, February 18, 2010


Inclination never was so hard,
It never was so swift,
free from jerks and full of faith!

Inclination towards perfection,

towards the excellence!

It hadn't been so grown up,
hadn't been so personal.

It never had the zeal to flourish,
never had the love for triumph,
Neither, it involved the feeling of togetherness,
nor the joy of being alone!

Surprisingly, it aroused from rust,
peeked in from the mud.
Creating Ruthenium in me!


  1. "The inclination of being loved,
    And the void your absence creates,
    The void which you left,
    And the memories of the feelings that I felt."

    I wrote this because of your wonderful lines which created a wonder a feeling of wonder in me!


  2. Tanvi: a work of self motivation...:D