Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Words Unheard: The story of a Onion

Words Unheard, I guess, it’s the most appropriate topic for the article written hereafter. Onion constitutes the basic ingredient of Indian food and yet it’s far away from their reach. It’s the staple vegetable of India. But, the skyrocketing price of Onion has compelled the common man to keep a distance from it.

Isn’t it quite embarrassing on the part of the UPA government who are making all sorts of tall claims to curb the high inflation rate? Government yet again blamed the uneven weather for the current rise in Onion prices. But, isn’t it worrisome that a country like ours which needs to feed the 15% of the world population still depends on weather for the production of one of its most staple vegetable? The uncertain weather has always been a problem for agriculture so don’t you feel the government should focus more on unconventional means of farming rather than sticking to the dogmas?

So, why a sudden price hike? Government blames the high rainfall in the Nasik region which unfortunately is the Asia’s biggest Onion production region for the sudden spur in prices. But, a closer look will tell you that a close nexus in between the government officials and the middlemen holds the key to the whole price hike problem. Government knew that there will be a shortage of Onion in the domestic market in the coming days, yet it never banned its export. This shows its incompetency to predict the natural fallout of an event. Adding to the problem was the strike of trade unions in Nashik and Delhi. 

Now, the only respite for the country is to wait for the trucks full of Onions being imported from the neighboring country Pakistan. According to recent reports, government has asked the people to bear the price hike for at least 2-3 weeks more. Till then, people are left either with the choice of not eating a Onion or to buy one for Rs. 100 per Kg. 

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  3. Rachit, this govt is too busy filling their personal coffers. Total apathy towards the issue of governance.They should have anticipated the problem, but who has the time...

  4. Alka Ma'am recently I read an article on the NIIRA RADIA. I was flabbergast after knowing her relationship with top politicians and business houses.

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