Thursday, June 9, 2011

Watch your actions

Yesterday while watching a Sunny Deol starrer movie, a dialogue of his co-actor caught mine utmost attention. The dialogue emphasized on mastering one’s anger before it becomes dreadful. And, I truly believe in managing and regulating our anger. Anger if not controlled becomes our worst enemy. It’s a two-sided sword which injures its user more than the person unto which it was angled. Even the top-notch MNC’s recruit counselors to look after anger management of their employees. 

Having being monstrously taught about transducers I felt the need of using one’s anger efficiently for some useful purposes. I was flabbergasted when I Goggled and found that research is being under taken at various universities throughout the world to transform the raw energy in a person while he is angry for producing power to light a bulb. Isn’t it amazing?  

Still, I’m lingering far away from the actual topic which I wanted to bring forward through this post. You don’t need to be a historian to see that at times world history has been changed and turned upside down just by the wrong actions of few lunatic and brutish people.

If the young British officer had thought twice before throwing Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi out of the train in South Africa than British government not only in South Africa but also in India would have left unhurt from the wave of Mahatma. Hitler was a great leader, orator and a patriot yet he committed suicide all because of his heinous crimes. He could have gained the reputation of a national hero if his actions would have been constructive. 

Before plunging into a deal one should always try to look into the consequences which may occur. It’s of no use to cry over spilt milk. Actions once have done leads to equal reactions.

 Do unto others as you would have loved others do unto you’.

The other day I was watching a video of Neil Pasricha of 1000 awesome things fame, where he gave a brilliant insight about the three A’s of life. Sitting examples from his personal life he articulated the importance of a positive attitude, awareness and authenticity as the three A’s of an awesome life. A successful person always has a positive attitude. He is someone who is more aware of his surroundings, work, family and future than any other person. His each and every action is authentic till the last limit and all this in unison makes him a noteworthy person. 

Change your attitude!
When you change your attitude,
You change your behavior;
When you change your behavior,
You change your performance;
When you change your performance,
You change your life!

By Walter Doyle Staples

Watch your actions, before it gets too late to repent...!

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  1. Agree that "before plunging into a deal one should always try to look into the consequences which may occur"...but the thing is once the anger gets over some one, he/she never remains in a state to think of its outcome.....

    So its always good to make a practice of never loosing your nerve in any situation, but again this not so easy.....

  2. Count till ten before releasing the anger works for me...
    An angry man closes his eyes when he opens his mouth.
    Valid post.

  3. Great post :)
    But at times, it is difficult to control our anger! But yes, it should not go to the extreme that it causes harm!
    When a person is angry, he does say the things that can ruin stuff forever!

    Really liked your post. Especially the quotes!

  4. wow..this space is pretty inspiring:-)
    and if anger could really produce god, my town would not have the load shedding(power cut) problem that leaves so many people angry...

    anger is often the worst enemy and if targeted right n reasonably, can solve problems too:-)

  5. indeed anger can prove to be your nearest enemy.... or its apt to say its the enemy within. Anger mgt is of vital importance.

  6. Ifranuddin: Its great to see you here up again. Keep coming back :)

    Alka: even I saw people doing that, I guess it works too. :)

    Juhi:Thanks for being here, there are many such posts waiting for your earnest comments. :)

    Suruchi: Thanks ! And yeah, you never know when the research comes out with fruitful results. :)

    Jyoti: Anger management is of vital importance. Thanks for commenting :)

  7. I am adding my bit...take few deep breaths and count till ten. Then if one is still angry..count till 20. I see a lot of road rage in Bangalore. Everyone is in a hurry and tempers really fly.

  8. anger...dont talk to me about that..hehe

  9. Rachna C: Well, I find it hard to control my anger in Lucknow's traffic. Will try to imitate your actions. :)

    R. Ramesh: same same.. :P :)

  10. well how to controll anger if some one very spl always breaks yor heart nd says you to talk after hurting....?????????

    reply this on text msg.......waiting...thnx....bbye...

  11. i often watch the video of Neil Pasricha cuz just really love how he explains what he has been through and how he got the idea of a blog etc. Yea anger is probably one's deadliest foe but most ppl realize this fact after the damage is done.

  12. interesting post..
    and like your blog too


  13. Karan: Hope you got the answer :)

    Kiran: Have you been to TED or Stanford entrepreneurship online source? If not than plz have a look at them, you will be enchanted to hear the success stories. Thanks for commenting over here:)

    Aakash: Thanks for following my blog, it's a great feeling to see that no. ticking :P And, believe me Weakest Link won't disappoint you. Have a look at the news revolutionary site @

  14. a g8 qoute that my father used to always remind me when i lose my cool..." temper is a very valuable thing, dont lose it here" only now i understand its deep meaning.