Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World Cup ’11: A Weakest Review

Finally, the most awaited dream of the every cricket fan of this country where cricket is practiced like the first religion was fulfilled when Mahindra Singh Dhoni smashed the ball for a long six into the crowd in his very own helicopter style. The wait is over and the cup is ours after 28 long years.

In between we had our chances of ups and downs but were never able to bring the cup back in our courtyard. Now, we are the champions for at least four years. Critics raised eyes on many-a-times on the decision taken up by the skipper Mahindra Singh Dhoni, but always his management of team kept all of them at bay. 

This cup symbolizes not only a great victory and teamwork but also it shows the world and the country the importance of small towns. The scenario in the country has changed, due to rapid industrialization and development once small towns have risen up to a level to get engrossed with a feeling of competiveness. These small towns will soon become the modern day Delhi or Mumbai and will shine like any other developed city. 

Winning Cricket World Cup 2011 was a very proud and yet emotional moment for the Little Master Sachin Tendulkar. Every record in the cricketing book is under his name yet he had to digest the painful fact that his team had never won the Cup. It’s not like as if though India had never been close to a World Cup win in between all this 28 years. In one of the occasion we reached the semis and then in 2003 we were the runner-ups as we lost to the much better side, the Aussies, in the finals.  

Indian team had the inherent advantage of playing on the home ground but tackling pressure in one’s own country was never an easy task. Also from the day one we were the favorites of not only the Indian media but also of the foreign media, which further aggravated the pressure. So credit must go to each and every member of the team and the management for the way they handled such an immense pressure. 

I know we won this cup just because of the sheer skill and talent of our playing eleven but, we must never forget the important roles played by many other players from time to time in making this dream come true. Contribution from players like Saurav, Srinath, Kumble, Kaif, Agarkar, Laxman, Dravid, Jadeja, Robin Singh, and Prasad to name few must never be forgotten. This cup belongs to all of them as much as it belongs to the playing eleven. 

I don’t know whether our PM would agree with this or not but certainly cricket provided him the much needed respite he was looking for from so many days. Cricket diverted even the attention of the sharp-eyed opposition for the time-being. Yet, our politicians never underestimated the power of cricket and used it wisely to suit their political career. 

One thing I love the most about cricket is its social influence. Nothing binds us as strongly as cricket does, which was quite apparent in this six weeks. Never for once I heard the Shiv Sainiks and their sister organization restricting a North Indian from coming to Mumbai for watching the finals. 

But then, I find it quite painful and hard to digest whenever I read news stating various state governments and PSU’s announcing gifts worth millions. Isn’t all this money the same which we borrowed from the World Bank? So the money which was in reality must have been used for the various development programs now is been used otherwise to make a multi-millionaire become a billionaire. Also, I guess most of our PSU’s are in a very bad taste and are undergoing the process of disinvestment to raise money. So from where the hell are they going to sustain the cost of liberties which they gifted otherwise?

It was really heartbreaking when I saw the whole stadium doing boo in Quarter final match against Australians when Ponting got out instead of raising their hands in unison for greeting such a splendid knock. Also, the jingoism associated with the Pakistan match and all those messages circulating hysteria backed by the corporate giants ebb the true sporting feeling of the cricket. The skyrocketing price of the tickets for the stadium baffles me up.  Words from my gatekeeper truly symbolize this, he says… “Yeh sab Amiro ke chochle hain bhai g”. 

To end this post I must again congratulate MSD for his brilliant captaincy, team management for backing and providing the team with the support they needed and all the players who made us proud. 

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  1. Yup, proud of our team...and the Captain.

  2. good job done by Indian team nd here by Rachit sharma

  3. Alka: yeah.. proud of being on the winning side.

    Vivek: Thanks.. weakest link always awaits for your presence. Keep coming back :)

  4. an awesome win for the team and for every Indian.
    ps: thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Nitu: Pleasure was all mine..

  6. Hey Rachit, the money matter!!! When these players are rewarded I feel bit disappointed! I feel half of the money can be at least given to those families of patriots who struggled and save our country. Yes, I do agree that entertainment sport is Cricket. Aren't we praising them too much in that case??? Rewarding with too much of things and making them lazy for the next games??? What you say about it??

  7. This is really an interesting topic. It’s definitely worth to read. I should remain in touch with you. Thanks.

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  8. no money for schools but we give money for cricket.
    yes India won world cup

  9. Priya: I guess, giving someone so much of many will never make him lazy. Instead, it will encourage him to be better next time. But yeah, we should use this money in a more better and profound way for the development of our country.

  10. SM: absolutely, I'm unable to digest it anyhow that when a cricket regulating body the BCCI and the ICC are doing there bit by rewarding the players then why our politicians and bureaucrats are jumping from their sleep-en beds and in a stupid race to out-due their counterparts are making all such tall claims of giving away millions of public money?

  11. Very well said Rchit this public money can be used more constructively elsewhere,but the question is where? Everywhere there is a chain of nexus, Nexus of politico-bureaucrat rats that voraciously eat away anything and everything down the chain, what reaches to the public is peanuts, anyways we are proud of our Indian cricket team they have given us something to cherish.

  12. SM: great to see you here again.. and yeah the nexus do exist everywhere and that was quite visible few months back when Radia Tape broke off. Yet, we have to be optimistic. Few days back I met a meteorological scientist and I was quite elated to see the level of enthusiasm and positive energy in and around him. So why not our government provide them the basic infrastructure. Keep coming back.. :)

  13. Great post! Great point of view... at times like this we are ruled by mostly emotions and less by pragmatism.. needless to say that the money matter is now a matter of the heart!! :)

    P.S thanks for following!

  14. Upasana: Thanks for that.. :) and yeah money is all which matters now and the way the money is being wasted in our country is a matter of concern.

    PS: No thanks for that.. your did a great job. I wish people liked and followed my blog too.

  15. Hi Rachit....Great post. You brought to light many important points: how cricket binds us together, of all the money heaped on the players. Sometimes I feel bad for other sports, which are more or less ignored. Thanks for your wonderful insights.

    Hope the comment is published. Its my third attempt at commenting on your blog. :)

  16. Rachna: Thanks for being here and for your valuable feedback after repeated disruption caused by blogger :)

    will love to see you here again and on the friend list. :)

  17. Wonderful post well congratulations for the victory!
    Nice blog following it and thanks for passing a golden comment on my blog. Its worth for me!

  18. Noor: Salaam-waleikum !! It's a pleasure seeing you here. And, it's always a treat to watch a match in between Ind-Pak.

    Thanks for following my blog.

  19. Thank you for following my blog its really nice to hear the views from across the border : ) congrats on the victory and i dont agree that it is the weakest review cuz i really enjoyed reading it : ) following u : )

  20. Kiran: Thanks for being here.. it will be really great to see you in the friends corner.

    Saumya: Yeah, our team really made us proud. It's always awesome to be on the winning side. :)
    Keep coming.. :)

  21. Hello Rachit...
    1st of all my congratulations for such a wonderful article and it can't be even weak for that matter so why "weakest"???,
    the way you have touched every corner of the game is nice... specially the due credit given by you to some of the senior cricketers like Sourav, Srinath etc , i think we have just forgotten their contribution to the Indian cricket....

    BTW thanx for the visit n comment at my Blog space, hope to see you more often there.

    Best wishes,

  22. Ifranuddin : Thanks for liking my work.:) And, everything I did, I do and will do in future stands for the weakest part of me. It's bit complicated and mystic. Will love to see you in the friends corner in the follower list. :)

  23. nice writeup.... its good to see the views from acrss the brder... :)

  24. My dad and brother were OBSESSED with this year' game.

  25. Sumaiya: Thanks for coming over here and following my blog. Will love to see more write-ups from you. :)

    Eeshie: Keep coming back:) Will love to see you in the friends list. And, yeah the games were intense and observing.

    Crimson: Thanks:) But it was only 'coz of you guys we won this cup. Keep coming back. :)

  26. Crimson: But than luck favors the bold :)