Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interactive Sessions cum Informative Seminars

What an awesome last week I had. I attended three mind-boggling informative seminars cum interactive session in a short span of just 7 days. 

Races are transformed and societies are revolutionized by a mere application of ideas which have the potential to bring on a renaissance. With the same vision and to bring on the spirit of entrepreneurship in the students of IET Bhaddal, Ropar the foundation stone for Incubation Cell was laid few months back.
Living onto its objectives the Incubation Cell organized an interactive session in association with TIE, Chandigarh Chapter. Notable entrepreneur and visionary Hitesh Mandani of Bulls Eye fame in his very own demeanor told the students about if’s and buts of entrepreneurship. He highlighted the importance of positive attitude in one’s life and career. It was all-in-all a great interactive session.
Another such informative and interactive session was organized by National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF) at Punjab Engineering College. NSEF works on the principle of inculcating the idea of social entrepreneurship in the young budding entrepreneurs which can bring on a positive change across the country irrespective of being so diverse in culture. For the very same purpose it conducts Idea competitions, seminars and conferences throughout different colleges and universities in the country.
I send in my idea there which happened to bewilder me from quite a sometime now. I got really delighted after knowing that mine idea was being selected for the final round to be conducted at PEC, Chandigarh. Along-with the Idea competition it was an interactive session too as I have already mentioned. It was an awesome learning experience to hear success and failure stories of people like Ajay Chaturvedi of HarVa, Osama Manzar of Digital Empowerment Foundation and Anirudh. Nevertheless, my idea failed to make an everlasting mark on the judges’ mind yet mine was the only idea which got critics acclamation.
Believe me; it’s quite motivating to hear about failures of successful people whom you look onto as your source of inspiration. In spite of many failures they never lost the hope and stuck with what they felt was right, cleared their obstacles and become successful later in their career.
Day before yesterday, there was a commercialized personality development session arranged by my college Training & Placement Cell. I used the word commercialized because the person presiding over the session was there to sell his brand i.e. he was the owner of a company dealing with grooming students in interview skills. He was a great entertainer and orator who in a small time of one hour enchanted us with few basic but important interview skills. The only fault with him was his unwillingness to bring forward the creative part of students.
One thing I learnt from all these interactive sessions cum seminars cum competition that only one thing can drive you towards success and that is your stubborn attitude to do good, to be good and to remain open-minded always. 

Click here to know more about IET Bhaddal Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

Inspiration :  Rohit Yadav
A word of thanks: Hasmeet Singh ( believing in me); Gaurav Sharma, Rajvir Singh & Prabhjot Singh ( for  supporting me); Madam Deepika Bhalla ( for her concern and support)

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  1. Absolutely correct. Its all about Attitude that carries you forward towards your goals!

  2. Congrats that your idea was the best. Sounds like a great learning exp.

  3. RV: Yeah I agree with you .. thanks for commenting over here.. :)

    Alka : Thanks Ma'am.. and yeah absolutely it taught me many a great things.

  4. Failures are the pillars to success my friend.. only if you have the courage to stand back up..

    Congrats on your idea getting a lot of critics attention :)

  5. thats great to learn. i cud relate it with a seminar held in my colg.before some months during a seminar we had Shiv Kheda among us. He is also an omg orator. once u start listening to him u wont wish to move outside or look here and there. congrats that ur idea got so many critics.may we know what was the idea.

  6. Upasana: Thanks for your comment:) and yeah, failures teaches you more then your success would..

    Anu: Shiv Khera.. Awesome.. which college you study? I have read all of his books.. :) You will soon get a new post here on my Idea... keep passion.. :)

  7. ok ok i shall keep passion. I like one of his famous line winners dont do different things they do things differently.i havent read all of his books but lil part of one his famous book i hav read .my daddy is his big fan and reads all his books.

  8. Anu: I'm sorry... I just wrote passions but i meant patience.. :)

  9. i love to attend seminars too and its really good to read about them as well.thx for sharing : )

  10. Its great that you were able to attend 3 seminars in just one week. What a learning experience you had. Thanks for sharing, Rachit.

  11. Kiran: Thanks for commenting over here.. keep coming back :)

    Rachna: Ma'am yeah, its always fruitful to listen self-made men. Keep coming back.. :)

  12. Magic Eye.. thanks for coming here.. keep coming back. :)

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  14. after I read some review article published this blog, it was quite interesting to read
    good overall

  15. R Japan: Thanks for dropping by, its a pleasure to have your comment here. Keep coming back :)