Monday, April 25, 2011

Corruption: Part 2

Enough has been said, talked and written about the Political Corruption. Even, the last post I wrote revolved much around the political corruption. Yet, it’s not the gravest of all types of corruption prevailing in our society.
I, myself cannot run away from the harsh reality of being corrupt. Sometime back a friend of mine wrote in his Facebook wall post that “hypocrites are the people who talk of corruption being a menace using a pirated operating system”. 
Like everywhere in the world in our county too we have a two way path to get the things done. Either we follow the traditional path of getting the work done through the fixed rules and regulations which will take its due course or we look for an alternative i.e. bribe the official, who in any case won’t object, and get the thing done in matter of seconds. The greatest tragedy of our country is that almost everyone wishes to follow the second shortcut path.
Even I’m not Raja Harish Chandra and have altered the corrupt system several times to suit my own needs. I had been asked several times for a petty sum of anything in between Rs. 50 to Rs. 200 in return of a confirmed seat by corrupt Railway Ticket Checker. The thing doesn’t end here, its people like me who succumbs to pleasure of having a confirmed seat which subsequently adds to corruption.
I can cite many such examples from my own life where knowingly or unknowingly I surrendered to the lure of corruption. Yet quite at times it’s the barbaric system which forces an individual to fall down for the shortcuts.
Once when I went to a local police station for personal verification which was must to get an internship at a renowned PSU, I was blatantly asked for fifty rupees. I refused to pay the bribe and asked the official to carry on with the set rules. I was shocked and felt petty after knowing that verification without bribe would take around a week time.
A friend of mine who happens to be an IIML Alumni is waiting for his passport for more than 3 months now which would have according to set mandate shouldn’t have taken more than 15 days. His only fault was to say a clear NO to an insolent official asking him for some financial favors.
What’s the solution than? 
Our whole system has been twisted and eaten up by such vultures. We need a revolution and for the same we need to bring in a fundamental change in our political system. The political parties running our country irrespective of whether right, left or secular are one and all corrupt. Such widespread loot and mayhem must be stopped. And, the only answer to all this is VOTING. We should effectively use the power of voting vested in our hands by our constitution makers and should vote for a deserving candidate irrespective of his caste, creed and religion. 

I'm sorry Bhaiya.. I took an abstract from your life... !
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  1. Voting makes sense only if there is choice between candidates. But it is a good option.

  2. Corruption in the Indian scenario requires internal cleansing of the system which might not be possible unless the cleaners join the system and lead by example.....

  3. Alka: Ma'am for the very same purpose the Election Commission of India wants to enact a law under right to rejection which will provide the voter the power to reject a candidate while voting.

    Ifranuddin: Sir, for the very same purpose a political party has been formed in Bangalore who contested the last Municipal Election there.

  4. ok...BTw how did that party performed in election??? (just to know about)

  5. Ifranuddin: Sir, I'm not remembering the name of the party but its a group of like minded engineers and doctors who got pretty much exhausted, like us, by our corrupt system. And, fortunately for us and the country the party fair good in the polls. Hope to see it as a pan all India party soon.

  6. nice to know that they performed fairly good....

    and no more "Sir" plz....only 'irfan' will do...plzzz

  7. yup u are absolutly right countries like ours need a revolution to wipe out all the corruption out of our countries. yes ppl are involved in corruption as well cuz we are the ones who are the bribe givers. great post : )

  8. I had to wait 6 months to get my passport renewed but I paid no bribe. I got it done after filing an RTI application. I feel that do not bribe has to be mantra if we want the change. Difficult as it may be, we can't have a little bit of bribing and eradication of corruption.

  9. Irfanuddin: Kzz.. no sir from here on.. :)

    Kiran: Thannks for that wonderful comment.. keep coming back.. :)

    Rachna: Yeah absolutely ma'am, I agree with you.. sooner or later the system will change if you stick to your principles. Thanks for coming here.. :)

  10. Revolutionary Post !!

    Seems like you are dead against Corruption...Thanks for visiting my blog....

  11. Rachit,
    I do not feel that there is a need to feel guilty about being a party to the corruption.If we are surrounded by dirt, some of it sticks with us too. Not condoning corruption but it is not possible to be untouched by it. If govt. can make a system where redressal can happen when someone asks for a bribe , we can hope to fight the corruption and live to see the day.
    We cannot but have pay when a BSNL employee asks for money to install a phone in office, an auto rickshaw asks for money to take you to home. Who do we complain to ? Should we fight with these guys , we cannot.
    But I have had my shares of fight wherever possible with all these corrupt people. I have won some and lost some. Sometimes I just get tired of fighting and give it up.
    This really is the biggest problem for us Indians

  12. you are right...i tried to say that in my posts too...but will voting definitely going to change things???who will you vote for when all are equally corrupt? difficult choice...

  13. Nikita: Welcome to Weakest Link.. hope to see you more here, you have such a nice blog.. and your comments are always welcome here. Yeah.. I'm dead against corruption, read my post Tryst with honesty. :)

    Ashvini: Welcome back.. yeah, you cannot clear the dirt without having few stains on yourself but then at time you have to make a boundary.

    Sub: Thanks for accepting my friend request at FB, its always fruitful to have people like you as friends cum motivator cum guide. And, watch out for Right to rejection, it will solve all your worry.

  14. we need to change our system

  15. in "india in slow motion"mark tully states that decision to handover an encroacher to police is not implemented because family of encroacher will be required to pay bribe to police to get him released.we live in an era where even cops are bad.

  16. Sm: welcome to weakest link.. and yeah we need a fast and stringent change. Keep coming back/..:)

    Anil Khanna: yeah, its the same old story everywhere.. amidst welcome to weakest link.. keep coming back.. :)

  17. Rachit, corruption is rampant everywhere and we encourage it because we do not want to wait, either in queues or for a long time to get our work done. Its easier to pay a small bribe and take the fast route out. Unless and until we change our attitude and mindset, the disease of corruption will continue to spread.

  18. Rachna: Ma'am, that is something which needs to be changed. It all comes around what goes by i.e a children learns from his parents the art of cheating, who in turn passes it on to his own children, and the cycle goes on and on. Somewhere down the line it has to stop and I guess, the time has came. :) Keep coming back ma'am. :)