Sunday, May 1, 2011

Those One hour ..., Part 1

It was a cloudy morning with mild breeze caressing the soft cheeks of her. There was no trace of Sun in the sky which made the January morning chillier. She was in the town for a week almost after a gap of ten long years and was waiting for the Chandigarh Express, going back to the place where she had been living for all these years after she left Lucknow. 

She was sitting all alone in the extreme right corner of the platform as her train was late by an hour. It made her think about the swift changes which her hometown went in past ten years. Everything changed, from her neighbors to childhood friends, from her school to college, even the platform where she was sitting had changed a lot. Glimpses of her past were swinging in her mind. 

Her tryst with past was cut short when suddenly someone took her name. She was amazed to hear her name as it has been long since she left Lucknow and hardly anyone knew about her visit.

She looked around and was stunned to see him. 

It was he, her husband; they haven’t seen each other since ten years and almost know nothing about the other one. Her eyes went wet due to sudden outburst of emotions deep hidden in her heart for all this years. The time stood still, moving trains stopped and everything for her came to a standstill. 

They studied in the same college, met accidentally, their love blossom and one day the only son of the college professor proposed the only girl of a government employee. They got entangled on the eve of Christmas ignoring initial resistance from both the families and lots of melodrama. 

Five years later she left her husband house without even letting him know for once. Things were not going soft from last one year and finally she took the drastic step. His business cost him much, it has eaten away all his property and now it even ate away his marriage. Tirelessly when he came home he found the doors locked. Today, he had suffered huge losses which have broken away all his hopes he once had. He wanted peace and looked for solace in his wife’s arm. But, she was gone forever, never to return. 

A week later he got a legal notice asking for divorce. He was a broken man, who refused to fight anymore. He tried his best to console her but all went on to deaf ears. Willingly he gave whatever little he had left with him to her. That day in court was the last time they both saw each other. She left for Chandigarh the very next day. 

The concerned authority announced that Chandigarh Express was going to arrive soon. 
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  1. Lovely!!I am sure today they will go back together and will live happily ever after :-)

  2. Sub: Thanks Sir, keep coming back..:)

    Nidhi: I really don't have any idea about that, it all depends on the creator mood. :) Keep coming back.. :)

    There are more other such posts waiting eagerly to be read by avid readers like you.

  3. awwww such a sad sad story but i really wish that the two of them get together again.

  4. Cheers to your newfound tryst with fiction.. keep writing more..

  5. i think there is nothing worst than separation between the couples, and i feel sorry for them.... may God bless them !!!

  6. will it be continued... i want to read something after it...
    i know not every story has to end in 'happily ever after' but i want this one to end in atleast a confrontation after 10 years..
    please do write that.

  7. Hmm.. waiting for next installment, nice read

  8. sad...aww:(
    waiting for the sequel

  9. Kiran: Thanks for your much needed comments... keep coming back :)

    Alka: Ma'am, it isn't sad.. its just about different faces of life.. even I'm eagerly waiting for them to reunite.. keep coming back.. :)

  10. Upasana: thanks for praising me.. I guess you will like Sudden death too, it much more dramatic done this :)

    Ifranuddin Saheb: Please don't ask me to remove Saheb, though I'm totally nerd in Urdu yet I love it like anything. And yeah, I agree with you on that.. divorce ruins everything,.. well I don't have any experience whatsoever in it.. :D

    Deepika: Even, I don't know what will the next edition hold. It just depends on my mood. Believe me, I never think, edit and then write.. I just follow the backward cycle. Thanks for commenting.. keep coming back :)

  11. Ashvini: Thanks for such nice words :) Keep coming back :)

    Solitaire: Hi, its your first comment here, I really cherish it.. thanks.. :) keep doing such good works :D
    and Oops, I made everyone felt bad.
    A request: ask God the next time you talk with Him to at least get me pass mine exams this time.

  12. ok..wating for the nexts part(s)! I m sure, whtever way u shape it..its gonna b a delightful read. so much trust by ur u better start thinking:P


  13. Sarah: Thinking ruins the plot dear, and I guess you won't like that happening in anyway. Thanks for your comment :)

    Ruby: Welcome to weakest Link :) Thanks for following my world and thanks again for appreciating me, everyone likes those words :P, :) Keep coming back.. visit site map.. there's much in store for you..

  14. Amazing piece even though it made me sad at the end. Like many I am waiting for next part too..:)

    Good Luck!

  15. Nishana: Thanks for following my blog and commenting over here.. your comments are always welcome here. :) And, you have a lovely blog too..

    Next Part... oops expectations are getting high, and again I'm out of ideas ( I'm on a bunk this days, so missing all those day dreaming.. ) :P

  16. will write my views after reading the next post.waiting anxiously for the second part..:)

  17. I'm glad you liked my blog.
    You write well. I'm looking forward to read more of your work!
    Take Care :)
    You have a nice blog too!

  18. Anu: Well will be waiting for your review then :)

    Phil: Welcome to weakest link :) and thanks for praising my work :) Keep coming back.. and look at the site map, there are many a things in store for you.. :)

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  20. Since you posted a sequel, I landed here to read the beginning and it's beautiful...:)

  21. Ummm.... I am on a rampage :P :P Great!