Friday, December 24, 2010

Sudden Death.... Part 1

I was surfing around and saw quite a few articles on death and after death phenomenon. I asked myself what if I die in next 24 hours? And got few replies from inner-self. This post will surely make you think on the topic "Sudden Death".

'Mujko pehchan lo mein hun don....' mine phone ranged.

I was fast asleep then and happen to ignore the call. I had slept only few hours back after watching a new Amir Khan movie and was not in a mood to get disturb. The phone ranged again.. I felt someone might be really interested in talking with me in this wee hour and so it was duty to pick the call. I picked the phone from mine study table and saw something very strange appearing on mine mobile screen. They were some group of symbols, I guess in Sanskrit instead of numbers.

'Is phone ka kuch kerna padega, phir se kharab hogaya' I told myself while ignoring those weird symbols.
'Hello, who's this' I picked the call.
'Do I know you'.. I inquired.
'Everyone know me'
'Please I'm feeling sleepy, if its a prank then we will play it in the morning'
'I'm the ultimate truth'
'What...??? Look man I'm serious, if there is anything serious then tell me or I'm going to hangup the call'.
'Wanna let you know the ultimate truth'
'Are you drunk? Are you someone from mine friend circle? Is it sort of joke? Tell me your name first or I hang up the call'.
'I had told you already I'm Vasudev, the ultimate truth, and wanna tell you something very serious'.
'I guess I don't know anyone by that name'
'Everyone knows me, I'm Vishnu'
'I guess you are out of your mind, tell me what made you disturb me now'.
'Rachit, you have only few hours left to live, you are soon to die... exactly at 10:56 pm'.
'That was a very good joke, I guess ,I can sleep now'.. I disconnected the call.
'You can't disconnect me, I'm the ultimate truth. You did quite a few good jobs and that's why I was compel to inform you'.

I was shocked. I happen to disconnect the call but then too He was able to talk with me. I thought He might be a good hacker and had hacked mine mobile, I slept. Quite surprisingly, I waked up pretty early in the morning. I picked mine mobile and checked mine last call. It had same weird symbols. I asked mine roommate to check mine last call. I was startled by his answer, he said it was someone from common friends. I took the mobile from him and asked him to see the last call received. He replied the same answer again and again. I asked several other hosteler to check it and they all replied the same.

So now it was pretty much confirmed that I was the only person who was seeing those symbols. It also confirmed that I had received a call from someone mystic. I called mine service provider and asked them to check and tell me from there database that when and from which number I received the last call. They told me exactly the same time but said it was really astonishing that they can't locate the place from where the call has been made. They told me that there system is robust and can detect any number. It can never get corrupted. They also told me that there system was displaying something very strange. The call has been made using very high frequency. This can't be done in this Earth, even the frequency range from which I received the call exceeded that used by the space telescope. I was frightened.

It all confirmed that the GOD had called me and I'm soon going to die. All things were changed now. I was not crying, but yeah I wasn't smiling though. It was 10:55am by mine watch and I had exactly 12 hours left to live in this world.

The second part will contain how the life gets changed when you know that soon you are going to die. Read it here.

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  1. Wow...awesome!!! Its so nice..... i would go out and spend sometime alone if i was to die in the next 12 hours.. :P Is it fiction? or something that actually happened?


  2. Tanvi: you read the second part??? don't say you never found one...
    nn of-course it's a work of fiction... I'm not that much pious to get calls from God.

  3. Thanks a lot... i got this award for the third time.. lol :D heehee :D :P and you deserve it too..:)


  4. Tanvi... it's a girl world.. It was my first time.. :P

  5. wow.. thanx for the award Rachit..I must say it felt really good. It is my first 'on blog' and second otherwise... ;) n 'Sudden Death' is very interesting... Hope to find a sequel soon.. :)

  6. Avantika : It was a pleasure passing on the gift.. congrats..:D

    And, look at the archive.. there is a sequel of sudden death... u will love reading it..:)

  7. Oh oh… already? Ill just find it out..! :)

  8. Shail: Thanks for such appreciative words.. :)Keep coming back..