Saturday, December 25, 2010


Oh mine God... I'm going to die in few hours! There were hundreds of questions left unanswered, and tons of things to do before I die. I bunked mine class and went straight to Gurudwara. I thanked God for letting me know mine death time. I sat there for half an hour. Mine past sprang in front of me, all good and not so good memories were flowing like a rapid river in front of me. I visualize all of them. Suddenly a thought came in mine mind, I can't waste this opportunity. I sat and pen down all things I still wanted to do in mine life. Then, I carefully selected the most important of them and planned mine last hours.

I selected 3 things which I had to finish anyhow. First of them was to call all mine friends and foes for the last time (I had spent mine life valuable time with and on them). There were times when tears came in mine eyes while I talked with mine friends. Mine foes thought that I had gone mad when I said I'm sorry for all wrong I did. It's strange, the previous day if anyone would have asked me to call mine foes and say sorry to them, I would have given him a tight punch. But, today I'm myself doing it. Life is unpredictable or rather death.

Second on mine to do list was to help the needy, at-least one, and bring smile on there face. I searched mine wallet and found a total of Rs. 550. As it was winter season going on, so I thought of gifting someone a blanket. It could save someone from the harsh and chilly breeze. I bought a blanket for few bugs and from the rest got some food. I began mine last hunt, and saw hundreds of poor fellows on the roadside. For the first time in mine life I felt that how much hard and cruel can life be for some. I distributed the food among them and gave a fellow in his teens the blanket which I bought. It really made me felt good.

Third thing which I wanted to do was to call mine parents. I was living away from them and it was not possible to go back home. Also, the two task had taken enough time from mine last few hours left. I dialed mine home number; Mine mummy picked up the phone. I asked her to take care of herself and for the first time asked her to hand over the receiver to PAPA. The call went for hours.

Now, there were just 15 minutes left.

Note: The above post is a work of fiction, which has no relationship with reality.

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