Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Chai.... the Hindi translation of English word Tea. I can't imagine a life without it, hard to even think of that. This post is all about my love towards the India's most loved beverage.. the Chai.

I got the habit of drinking chai from my very early childhood, all thanks to my grandmother. My mother keeps on telling me her initial reluctance but finally gave in to my grandmother sturdy demand and I got my first sip of Chai, in the long run I become a chaicolic ( chai+alcoholic=chaicolic).

Now, even to wake up I need a cup of Chai.  So, you can easily make it how deep the habit has inculcated in me. A cup of chai in the morning and evening is must for me. And, in between those I can have plenty of sips.

You might have heard this.. chai chai, if you have traveled through the Indian Railways. Few years back even the Railway Ministry caught the value of chai, they used it as a medium to sustain the dieing Indian earthenware industry.

Interestingly, the Indian tea industry is the second largest employer in the country.

Image source: http://www.google.co.in/


  1. I've had the opportunity to have some of the best varieties of tea in Taiwan.
    It is of course not Chai!!
    Interestingly, Tea is called 'Chá' in Chinese like man of the Indian languages.

  2. Also in India you may get different varieties of chai varying from place to place. And, the best way to experience it is to travel by Indian Railway.

  3. I love drinking tea too and prefer it over coffee. My favorite kind is the green tea. Interesting it is called Tsaa in Philippines, so much it sounds like the Cha of the Chinese.

  4. I am also a tea lover myself! I love the health benefits I get from it especially as it keeps me looking young. I will see to it to never miss drinking Chai by the time I get to visit India by mid year.

  5. India as always waiting to greet you with lots of tea:P

  6. oh yes, tea is something i m addicted to too after internet-ing! what is a life without it?

  7. Deepika.. can't imagine a life without tea...!!

  8. Oh my my... too much is not good for health though.. so watch out...two cups is more than enough.. not more. :)


  9. Tanvi: 2 cups??? are you joking..>?? I will rather die than abiding by that funda..