Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weakest Two Hours

I’m sorry Weakest LINK that I’m not been active for a while now but I know as a loyal wife you won’t mistook my unavailability as an act of indifference. Today in the presence of blogging friends, first timers & trespassers I proclaim Weakest LINK as my loyal wedded better half :D.  I always wanted to craft a post on the theme “Two extra hours” since the day I saw the mail from IndiBlogger, yet time compulsions. :(
So what if the good God reads my Weakest LINK or the atheist’s theory of everything gets spirited by this post. May be then the Earth would shift some light years away from the powerful Sun and eventually we will end up having 26 hours a day in our pockets to spend. Isn’t that divinity at its best?

Many-a-time I cursed the heavens above for only providing me with nothing but 24 hours. But then noble people at Surf Excel came to my rescue, they spectacularly discovered the secret of adding 2 hours more in your busy lifestyle. And that obliged me to reveal my plans for those weakest yet important two hours. 

At the end of the day I end up getting less sleep, I normally sleep by 3 or 4 am in the morning, which eventually makes me to either bunk class and keep sleeping or to do attendance a favor sleep in lectures. Both the ways makes me to miss the golden chance of peeping out on the adjacent class beauties. So given those two additional hours I will definitely end up sleeping. Wow… more time to sleep now!

But, nay… that’s just being like Imitiaz Ali, wasting the euphonious Rehman in Rockstar. So, I won’t waste those hours by sleeping as of now but will used it constructively. I would better dedicate them in building my entrepreneur venture News Not Making News & artistry reshaping the Weakest LINK. For quite a while now the placements drama and the examination fever have kept me at bay with these two things I love the most. So, I would love to devote those two weakest yet significant hours to the creativity of entrepreneurship and art of blogging.

On a second thought, or third, there are still few things left I never find time to dwell at, like socializing. Yeah I find it quite hard to take out time from my daily schedule for those weekend parties and rock shows. It’s not like I hate mingling with people around but the time constraint forces me to keep a distance from such social activities. But then Surf Excel grandeur 2 hours would grant me with some leisure time to spend out with friends partying all night. Yippee..! 

I’m still unsatisfied… poor fellow.:(. 2 hours more will permit me to live my passion. I could rove around enjoying the diverse multicultural country. Might be I may end up knowing the essence of being humane. And, on a lighter note… 2 hours more would have allowed me to submit this post at IndiVIne.

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  1. Oh! Nice idea! 2 more extra hours in a day!
    I wish God reads your Weakest LINK... :p
    24 hrs are too less to live it up like we want...I mean...we still want to do so much...
    I wish I had some extra hrs...I would love to read....and work on my writing skills...hang out with friends!

  2. Very nice....all the best for the contest.

  3. 2 extra hours, lol the mere thought of it brouht a big smile on my face :D

    Those 2 hours will really add some more quality in our lives.
    All d best 4 comp !!

  4. Wanting more hours means that you are busy and happily occupied.You want more of life...hope it remains like this always...

  5. Oh we really need 2 more hours..
    So welcome back ?

  6. Great..its always a pleasure to read u so these two hours of urs is in our interest too :D
    And enjoying the diversity is one of my interest too..hope u r able to incorporate all ur passions in those 24 hours in REALITY :)


  7. That's such a planning! I really don't wish to get 2 hours in weekdays! that's already too long :P Rachit, the busy guy...huh

  8. Manju M. : Welcome to Weakest LINK and thanks for commenting over here... yeah we all wish to live at Mars for those 2 extra hours a day :P

    Seema: thanks :)

    Jyoti: yeah that was funny yet singnificant:) Thanks.

    Alka: nay.. not like this.. everyone complains now... that I have become arrogant with no time.. even the WL :(

    AS: thanks :)

    Red Handed: nay not really... we humans can't be satisfied easily :P

    Sarah: Thanks sarah for those encouraging words :) Will give you the chance to come here again soon :D

    Gargi: ahh... I'm never busy for the friends.. just a click away at FB :P

  9. i want more hours too:(
    i hope these surf excel guys would actually deliver:-)
    you are a very noble soul Rachit-you want to do all good good things:-)
    all the best for the contest!

  10. Rachit, I loved the post. All the best!

  11. All the best for the competition...

  12. Poor sleep deprived, Rachit. I am actually trying to get Hermionee's Time-Turner to get more hours in a day. If I get it, I will surely lend it to you for a few days.

  13. I discovered your blog site on google and check a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the very good operate. I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading more from you later on!…

  14. two hrs isn't enough....i want more!...
    all the best

  15. Suruchi: thanks for calling me noble.. lets see how far this noble deeds takes me:)

    Saru: Thanks :)

    Rahul: thanks.. keep coming back :)

    The BluntB: thanks :)

    Rachna: Will wait for the much needed gift.. :D

    Sub: Thanks :)

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